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July Favorites

July Favorites

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June was a month that both felt like it rushed by, but also dragged on. A lot happened, but a lot also didn’t happened. Am I confusing you or do you agree? Either way, I’m excited for July to be here. Let’s see what it has in store for us!

As always, to start the month off I’m sharing some of my recent favorite things. Everything is linked in the collage except #9. All items are hyperlinked below the collage, along with a little bit of information. Enjoy!

  1. Hammock Chair. I shared this in our small apartment patio reveal! It is such a cozy hammock and a great price. Make sure you have a sturdy spot to hang it or grab chair stand for it.

  2. Now Magnesium Citrate. I have taken these for almost 2 months! I used to take Natural Calm, but they changed their formula. This helps keep me regular ;) You take 3 tablets a day which you can take all at once, but they recommend with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I really like them!

  3. Senreve Pebbled Cream Coda Belt Bag. I’ve shared the Coda belt bag before, but I wanted to share it again, as I just got it in a super summery hue. Grab it for yourself for $50 off with discount code ELLEMULENOS. Read more about the bag / how to style it here.

  4. BaByliss Pro Hair Dryer. My hair dryer died in April and I purchased this in May. I really like it and would recommend it! I have a straightener by this brand, so I had a hunch I would like it, but wasn’t sure. It has been working wonderfully!

  5. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron. Like my hair dryer, my curling iron died too. What luck!! There are really expensive curling irons on the market, but I’ve always had a good experience with budget friendly ceramic ones. I wish I purchased the 1.25” vs the 1” curling iron, but the product works great!!

  6. Fellow Carter Mug. I bought Nick this mug last year for his birthday. IT IS SO GOOD. It is double walled ceramic on the inside, but a travel friendly container on the outside. Most to-go coffee mugs are metal or plastic, which mess with the taste. Bonus is that it keeps your coffee piping hot!!

  7. Humidifier. The dry LA air has finally gotten to me. I bought this last month and it worked wonders for me in such a quick amount of time. No more cracked nose or dry lips!

  8. Mexican Train Dominos. My sister turned me onto this game last month. It takes a long time (you play 15 rounds), but we like to play a couple rounds and then pick back up later or the next day. The perfect quarantine summer game!

  9. Baby Balm. (c/o) Useful for a lot of things, but my favorite is as an under-eye cream. Read more about it / my thoughts here. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  10. Dyson Fan. It is summer here in LA, so our fans are on high! I love this one because it is an air purifier too. Read my full review of it here.ο»Ώ



  1. Charcoal Deodorant

  2. Blue Tansy Deodorant


YOUR FAVORITE SENREVE BAGS: (get $50 off with discount code ELLEMULENOS)

  1. Aria Belt Bag

  2. Maestra Bag



  • Entourage

  • Space Force

  • Queen of the South Season 4







See you in August… my birthday month!!

P.S. Women in the Workplace will be back next Wednesday! Took a quick break to welcome July.

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