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January Favorites

January Favorites

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Hello fresh new year! I hope your 2022 is off to a great start. January is fun now that I live in Los Angeles, as we often get the perfect sunny, winter weather. A crisp January day with warm sunshine is a true delight to be had. We have actually had a lot of rain, which has brought to light some issues in our apartment. While our January is good, we are dealing with a lot of construction, two working parents, and two babies. Never a dull moment to say the least!

I was hoping to include new things on here like my Thousand Fell Sneakers and my NuFace device; however, I’m still waiting on them and I ordered them in November!! They weren’t kidding when they said to place orders early last year. I’ve run into diaper and wipe shipment issues too. Plan ahead!! Maybe we will get our Christmas stocking order by Valentine’s Day…?!

All that to say, here are some of my favorite things. Everything is clickable in the collage by numbers 6-9; however, everything is linked below the image. Enjoy!

  1. Catbird Moon Tiny Dancer Stud Earrings. I’ve recently realized I have a think for moons. I will likely dive into this on a post; however, those are stories for another day. My parents gave me these for Christmas and they are just so sweet. I love them! I guess they were really popular and sold out, so here’s a similar version and a more budget friendly version. I love having statement studs that go with everything.

  2. Ilia Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment. I pretty much love everything Ilia does. They are such a great brand! When they launched the lip wrap, I knew I wanted to try it, just hadn’t take the plunge yet. Santa brought it to me though, so I finally got to try it! It goes on very smooth and is in fact hydrating. I still love my BKR Paris Water Balm, but that is really sticky so I prefer it only at night or over matte lipsticks. This treatment is day appropriate, but I would only put it on once, not multiple times like chapstick. It’s somewhat exfoliating, so anything more than that might irritate your lips. Overall I do like it and find it soothing.

  3. The Disappearing Act by Cat Steadman. I loved her first book Something in the Water and this one is just as good. Such a good thriller that takes place in Los Angeles.

  4. The Comfortable Kitchen by Alex Snodgrass. Her first cookbook is one of my favorites, so I’m excited to cook through this one. It includes my favorite one-pot beef stroganoff of hers, which has been on her blog for a while. So delicious!

  5. BKR Teeny 250ml Bottle. (c/o) I’ve raved about my BKR bottles before, but this was a size I didn’t think I’d use so frequently! I’ve used it for cocktails here and there, but as of late I’ve been using it to store breast milk. It works so well, especially on the go.

  6. Bobbie Formula. More on this later this month, but this is the formula that I supplement with. I like it for a lot of reasons….It is female founded, has great ingredients, but mostly because the twins like it. Use my code ELLEMULENOS10 for 10% off even if you are an existing customer.

  7. Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Kit. (c/o) My stomach double in size when I was pregnant. It makes sense as I carried around 15 lbs of baby alone!! While I’ve lost most of the weight, I still have a slight protrusion and some skin texture issues. Even after just one use, I noticed that my skin was softer both physically and visibly. It’s crazy because it is just silicone, but it actually works!

  8. Belly Bandit Luxe Postpartum Wrap. When I found out I had diastasis recti, I upped my physical therapy and bought a belly band. While I still have a bulge, even just after a week of wearing the wrap, I noticed that my stomach was smaller. I sprung for the luxe version because it is said to be more breathable. Wraps are already somewhat itchy and annoying, so I wanted to get one that was as comfortable as possible. It does occasionally get itchy, especially if I am especially active. Overall it is as comfortable as a belly wrap can be and gives needed support. I like to wear it if I go on a walk.

  9. Custom by Kathleen Rings. I mentioned these here, but still wanted to post these as a favorite. I wear them all the time and am so happy with these soon-to-be family heirlooms.

  10. Silk Satin Hair Ties. My hair is longer and I’ve been piling it atop my head more and more because of the twins. These help with creasing and actually have a version that matches my hair color!! This is somewhat hard for a redhead…

Next up, here’s some of YOUR favorite things over the previous 30 days.


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We have so many plans (both booked and unbooked) this year. I know it will fly by. Excited to experience it with you! XOXO

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