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Hunza G Swimwear Review

Hunza G Swimwear Review

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If you think you have never heard of the brand Hunza G before, I promise you have in fact seen it. Founded in 1984 (then just called Hunza), Peter Meadows brought the brand international fame and recognition. The leggy and crinkle-cut designs were made famous by its feature in the movie Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts wore Hunza’s cut out dress in the Rodeo Drive scene. NOT a big mistake on Hunza’s part ;)

Keep reading to see my try-on and fit overview, plus a YouTube review of Hunza G!


Today the brand Hunza G is spearheaded by creative director Georgiana Huddart. (She re-launched it in 2015.) She wore the beloved crinkle fabric growing up and her passion for that has pivoted the brand to the swimwear brand it is known as today. Hunza G is both sustainably and ethically made in the United Kingdom. The fabric is knitted at a mill in the Midlands, then brought back to central London to be dyed. Every garment is then cut and produced at that same studio. While they do use patterns that optimize fabric usage, they will re-purpose any leftovers into headbands and scrunchies, to limit waste. They use biodegradable / recyclable poly bags, ship using DHL Go Green, and use a minimal printing policy. Most of the garments are made to ship, but they also have a made-to-order line which also helps with waste reduction.

The suits don’t come cheap (~$180), but should last a lifetime if treated properly. Not only do they stretch and grow (or shrink!) with you overtime, but they also give a classic look you’ll never want to get rid of. Hunza G also offers a pretty hefty happiness warranty on their suits. Whereas other swim brands are final purchase or just non-returnable once worn / hygienic strip removed, HG grants a 6 month warranty, because they know you will love it and want you to feel comfortable buying it. This reduces fashion waste, as it isn’t going to be a swimsuit people will just throw out. Yay for conscious consumerism! They are obviously have sustainable practices, but regarding the ethicalness of their brand, their entire production facility (minus the mills in the Midlands) are all in the same building, meaning they can ensure that their workers are fairly treated and fairly paid. Fair trade for the win! Note that their brand employs under 10 people in this office, so by purchasing Hunza you are also supporting a small business.

Classic Square One Piece | Jean Bikini Set | Gigi Bikini Set

Is Hunza Greally OSFA?!

To an extent, yes! The signature crinkle-cut fabric is slated to fit UK sizes 6 - 14 which translated to sizes 2- 10 in American sizes.

They also have released their Nile fabric. The crinkle-cut is smaller, which means is stretches less, fitting a smaller body. It isn’t as thick and the texture isn’t as noticeable, garnering a slimmer fit. They recommend this fabric for UK sizes 6 - 10 and maybe 12, meaning it would fit an American size 2 - 6, maybe an 8.

For larger chests, they recommend the Gigi or the Xandra in bikinis and the Maria or Square Neck in one piece options.

For smaller chests, they recommend the Aneksi, Ariel, Gloria, and Jean in bikinis and the Iris, Nancy, Pamela, or Audrey in one piece options. Though obviously anyone can wear any of the styles - it is really up to personal preference and support desired. You can really and truly make the swimwear your own as the bottoms are versatile in the sense that you can wear them high rise or low rise depending on body type and coverage desired.

I know I’m on the smaller end of the size spectrum, but for reference I am 5’7".5” // around 130 lbs // wear a size 26 in stretchy jeans like Madewell and a size 27 in denim like Agolde.

Is Hunza G Worth money?

In my opinion, yes; however, it may vary based on your situation. Price is a big factor, but I personally try to save more, buy less and support small businesses like this one. I totally get it if it isn’t in your budget. $170 - $180 is a lot of money, especially for a swimsuit. It also depends on if you will use it a lot. I’m all about cost per wear. I live 3 miles from the ocean, so I’m in swimwear a lot. It also depends on if you are going to take care of your swimsuit. I’ll cover care at the end, but if you’re a person who washes and dries their swimsuit in the dryer, this one isn’t for you. These swimsuits are timeless and will grow with you. I know a lot of people use the one pieces as maternity swimsuits, because they grow and shrink with them… no actual maternity suit needed! Side note - they actually have a baby line, which I think is genius, as kids are constantly growing!

Side note - I recently found this swimsuit that is similar to the square neck one piece, which is pretty much sold out everywhere right now. It is crinkle fabric, one size fits all, and under $40! I’m unsure of the quality since I haven’t tried it, but it has rave reviews. Worth a try if you are in the market!

Are Hunza G’s swimsuits see-through?

Yes and no. Lighter colors are always going to be more susceptible to being sheer, especially when wet. The stretch factor also comes into play, as the more something is stretched, the more sheer it becomes. When I tried on the pink top / orange bottom combo, I could imagine how the orange would become lighter, though I didn’t think had any see-through issues. The Hunza G website does warn against white and blush tones, especially or larger chested women so keep that in mind. Their swimsuit are not lined, so just be aware. The majority of their swimsuits are not see-through though and none are made purposefully to be see-through.

Are Hunza G’s swimsuits supportive?

Again, yes and no. It depends on the type of swimsuit you pick. There is no lining, nor are there cups in the tops, but the crinkle fabric is tightly woven and supportive in that way. I’m a 32C and actually felt supported in the bandeau style due to the nature of the fabric. I didn’t feel like I was going to flop out or anything, but it is obviously not as supportive as an underwire bikini or even one with soft cups.

Where to buy Hunza G?

If you shop from their website, they have a wider array of products and also offer international shipping and free returns. Keep in mind you have to pay for shipping / duties/ taxes. They are small production and therefore go out of stock quite frequently / quickly, so I prefer to buy from other retailers. I prefer not to pay or shipping when I don’t have to. Here are some U.S. options (thought also ship elsewhere!):

  • Net a Porter (carries unique options / not basics and free shipping, if it is your first purchase, you can get 15% off!)

  • Shopbop (use your Amazon prime account for free / fast shipping)

  • Revolve (SUPER fast 2 day shipping)

  • Intermix (free shipping and takes other payment options like Apple pay)

  • Saks 5th Avenue (the newest retailer to carry them!)

  • Everything but Water (if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a $15 off coupon and Hunza G isn’t excluded! If you have issues, you can call and they will take the $15 off after you place the order.)

Hunza G Fit Review:

Let’s take a look at the swimwear! Here’s what I ordered and tried. Note that I am 5’7".5” // around 130 lbs // wear a size 26 in stretchy jeans like Madewell and a size 27 in denim like Agolde.

** UPDATE JULY 2023** I added a try on of the Ruby and Jamie bikini sets here on Instagram.

  • Classic Square One Piece (cult favorite):

    Price: $170

    Color I’m wearing: Black, but comes in multiple colors (here it is in pink!)

    My thoughts: This was the first one I tried on. I felt very chic and cool wearing it, though the feel was something I had to adjust to. The fabric is tight, so it kind of felt like it was pulling on me, but I later realized I could adjust it to how I wanted it to fit. I LOVE the thick straps and the backline is so pretty. This was my favorite suit!! I think it is the most practical and also feels like I’m getting the most for my money, since it is a one piece. I really want to try the Xandra bikini which is the same square neck as this one piece. Dreamy!!

    **The bandana // headband I’m wearing is linked here

  • Gigi Bikini Set (straps):

    Price: $180

    Color I’m wearing: Red, but comes in multiple colors

    My thoughts: Loved this! I adore the color and thought it was a wonderfully sporty chic suit. I like having the straps and even though I like the look of the thicker straps on the one piece, I didn’t feel a pull like I did on it… though it’s probably not a fair comparison as a one piece fits / pulls differently.

    **The bandana // headband I’m wearing is linked here

  • Jean Bikini Set (bandeau):

    Price: $180

    Color I’m wearing: Bubblegum Pink / Orange, but comes in multiple colors

    My thoughts: Just to be upfront, this was my least favorite of the 3 I tried, as I think it is the least flattering of the 3 I tried on. It felt fine on / didn’t hate it, but compared to the other two it loses. I think this is optimal for those less endowed.

    ** The head scarf / headband I’m wearing is linked here

  • Some thoughts…

    I think the suits are great. The only negative thing I have to say is that they are obviously expensive. The other thing only is an issue if you have pets or don’t clean that well (lol). I put the swimsuits on a bench where my cats sometimes lay and the hairs got stick in the crinkles of the fabric, making them harder to get it. This really showed up on the black one piece. I guess just don’t go swimming a pool full of kittens? Hah! Just wanted to note this. Obviously wear whatever you want / feel comfortable with, but I just wanted to mention that I don’t know if I would want to wear the bikinis with a behind much bigger than mine…just a personal preference. I would personally just opt for the one piece, but you do you! The bottoms might scare you when they first come out of the box because they are SO SMALL, like a children’s swimsuit, but know they do stretch and are comfortable. Additionally, I will say that if you are looking for a push up swimsuit, Hunza G is not it - haha. You can kind of see how it slightly pushes my chest down.

How to care for your HUNZA G Swimsuit

Hand wash your suit and lay flat to dry. They suggest only washing with water / no detergent and certainly no bleach. Do not ring it out or roll it up. Let it dry completely before storing. Put on your sunscreen first and let it dry completely before putting on the swimsuit. I do this anyway to make sure I get every spot, but also do this as I use natural sunscreen which contains zinc and is kind of hard to get out of fabrics. Stains on these suits will likely be hard to get out, as you aren’t supposed to rub or scrub the fabric, which could adjust the natural scrunch of the knit. Certain soaps could also light then fabric.

My Overall Thoughts for Hunza G

You know I have a soft spot for brands that are taking the harder route that is better for the earth and love supporting their initiative. I think their OSFA strategy is not only inclusive, but also brilliant regarding inventory. With my apparel merchandising background, too much inventory / broken size runs are a nightmare. This makes it so much easier for the buyers and consumers. I also really like the OSFA, as some women have issues with sizes and the mentality behind the number. I like that the bikinis are sold as a set, but OSFA so you are guaranteed a color that goes with the top, but also know that it will stretch to fit. I typically buy small tops and medium bottoms, so sometimes I run into availability issues, but with a set that fits regardless I’m in the clear! Note that for this reason you can’t make your own bikini set per se, but obviously can switch them around if you buy more than one.

With Hunza G, the quality is there, the style is there, the versatility is there. It’s an A+ for me! Would recommend if you can swing the price and take care of it! Happy sunning and swimming, friend. Bring on the warmer months!


Want more // want to see the swimsuits on? Here’s a YouTube video going over everything here and more!

I haven’t tried these, but if you are looking for a cheaper version Show Me Your Mumu has this scrunch one piece and Asos has this crinkle one piece as well.

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