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How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

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I don't know about y'all, but the fall includes lots of trips for me. Whether it be weekends in Waco for Baylor football, weddings, seeing family, or even quickturn work trips, it seems like I'm always on the go. 

I am notorious for over packing. I mean, what if I need that other outfit and those extra shoes...So, I'm actually writing this in hopes that I inspire myself. A couple weeks ago, I was in Buffalo for work and really surprised myself with how well I did! This weekend I was in Waco for BU vs Rice and Tuesday I am off to NYC for another work trip. Should I even bother unpacking? I LOVE traveling, but the packing/unpacking parts are the worst. Am I right?!

Anyway,  here are my tips for packing for a weekend or relatively quick trip! 

So, first I ask yourself these three questions, as they will guide what you need to bring.

How long are you going to be gone?

What is the climate?

What will you be doing?

How big is your suitcase/do you have any size restrictions?

Now, get to packing!

1-3 Pairs of Shoes. I'll start with this one, because it's where I get myself in trouble. Wedges and boots take up so much room, which is hard, because they are always in for fall! So, wear your boots during the "traveling" part, and then pack a smaller pair(s), to ensure maximum suitcase space!

2-4 Outfits. This will obviously depend on how long you are gone and what you are doing. Do you need separate day clothes, from your night outfit, or can you get away with a day-to-night look, with freshening up in between? If you have to pack more than one outfit per day, try to make your day time looks out of interchangeable separates, so you can have more outfits, with less clothes. (ie same bottoms paired with different tops,etc) Again, this will get you the most out of your space, especially if you are flying and aren't checking a bag!

3-5 Undergarments. You pretty much only need 1 bra, unless you also need to bring a strapless. If you're one of those cool people who has time to work out on quick trips, by all means bring your sports bras! I usually bring a couple extra pair of undies, because it's always good to have more than not enough. (Is that me slipping into my old packing ways again? HAH! Good thing they don't take up that much space!)

Toiletries. If you're flying or even just taking a tiny road trip, travel sized items will not only get you through security, but take up less room in your bag...leaving space for more important things, like shoes. duh! No quantities on this category, because with pills, and face creams, etc, why make you put a number on beauty;) Oh, but as far as what makeup to pack, my friend Adaleta, did a great post on what is in her travel makeup bag! (checkout her post here)


1-2 Necklaces

2-3 Bracelets

1-2 Rings

2-3 Earrings

1 Big purse, 1 Clutch

1 Coat

I don't pack my family heirloom jewelry or any piece that is sentimental, so if something gets lost, it won't cause my to have a major breakdown. My favorite pieces to pack are my Kendra Scott jewels, because they pretty much go with everything! I wouldn't bring more than one scarf, if it's a blanket scarf), but it's a great piece to bring in the winter and fall and can be a great add to sprucing up your coat!. As far as bags go, I'd bring one full size, and one clutch. That's definitely not too many, and you can store the clutch inside your big bag!

2-3 snacks. Whether it's a road trip, or a flight, I try to bring a snack a day, per person. My go-to is a granola bar, because it won't get crushed, as easily as something like Goldfish.

I have several trips coming up (Waco, College Station, Abilene, Austin), but my biggest upcoming trip is in November! I am going to San Diego for 4 nights/5 days. Any tips on what to pack? Do you have any tips or suggestions that I left off?

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