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How to Monetize your Blog with Popsugar's ShopStyle Collective

How to Monetize your Blog with Popsugar's ShopStyle Collective

Information on Collective Voice, formerly ShopStyle Collective!

Vince Sleeveless Wrap Vest **| Rag & Bone Jeans **| Tory Burch Elana Sandals | Kendra Scott Earrings | Kate Spade Bangle | OPI Dutch Tulips Nail Polish

**I received these from Trunk Club. See my review and original post about it, here. To try out Trunk Club, use my rep, Sam! I styled other pieces here on block heels and here on Bridal Shower Style.

Happy new week! Days keep flying by, and I am in awe of how fast they go! As of today, it's only 200 days until my wedding and I swear it feels like we just got engaged! 

Side note- this outfit is so fun! I loved the wrap style vest, as it was super chic and super trendy. I actually listed this look as a trend of 2016. Miss it? Check out my post covering this year's hottest trends, here.

Anyway, being a blogger, having a separate full time job, and planning a wedding, life can be super stressful. Honestly, my time is my most valuable asset. I don't always have sponsored blog posts, so it's imperative that I get some sort of commission. Don't get me wrong. I don't do it for the money. I love writing and sharing with y'all and would continue doing so, even if there wasn't a way for me to make money. Being in this day and age, there is a  way to make money, with everything. The main blog monetization tool I use, is ShopStyle.

If you are unfamiliar with ShopStyle, it is a pay-per-click service by Popsugar, similar to RewardStyle. You make a couple cents per every click on your links, whereas with RewardStyle, you make commission based on purchases. So yes, it is listed in my policies, but most clothing links I place are ShopStyle Affiliate links.

I have been using ShopStyle Collective, for a little over a year and have pretty good success with it. The application has made changes and upgrades, and with it, I have learned a thing or too. If you're looking for help with the application, this is more about how to succeed using it; however, I feel like it is pretty straight forward and am happy to help you if you get stuck. Just send me a message!

Here's what I've found to be most helpful in increasing my earnings:

1)Place a link everywhere it makes sense. The more links you place, the higher probability you have of someone clicking on it. I link my looks directly under photos, as well as in widgets, at the bottom of my posts. I will also occasionally link items throughout my post; however, I don't like over kill, so I don't link everything. I like balance.

2)List higher commission items first.  Whenever you are linking items (it's easier to see on desktop), they say what items are higher commission. You can even sort items in the app, by higher commission, to lower commission! People may not make it through all of your clickable opportunities, but they will for sure click the first two!

3)Focus on high commission brands. This goes hand in hand with number two. There are certain brands that are naturally higher in commission earner than others. For example, one brand is Nordstrom. I try to shop at Nordstrom when I can, because not only is it a company I love, but one that I trust and has great products. All of their items rank higher on the commission scale than others, so it just makes sense!

4)Study your analytics. This is something that I don't do enough of. ShopStyle provides amazing merchandising analytics. From what your best performers are, to what the general public's best performers are, they give you lots of great insights. Use these to further you purchases and blog features. Nothing reaches your follower better than something you already know they like!

5)Use collages. I try to incorporate widget collages when I can, because they offer more click opportunities; plus, they further expand on your blog post! I know I can appreciate some things that other bloggers wear, but I am sometimes hesitant to try out the trend. Whenever they offer similar options, I am more likely to try them out, which increase their sales!

6)Post more frequently. This may seem like a no brainier, but it wasn't a reality for me, until recently. Shopstyle created a challenge for its users, in January. If we posted 16 times, we received 5% more commission. It may seem like a little amount, but I got paid out faster. Since then, I have continued my increase in  blog postings and have seen an increase in my numbers and commission. Adding one more blog post a week may be a little change, but it has changed my blogging life two-fold.

7) Pin to Pinterest. Whenever you click on an item (past the "Copy Link" part), you are able choose a "pin this" button. I like to go through and pin trending items that are fun, eye catching and maybe even aren't my style, but that I know people will click on. If there's not something you want to pin directly, you can always copy the link, pin an instagram photo, or even upload one, and paste that link in the photos url. Pinterest is has such an untapped potential. To learn more about tips for using this application, check out this previous blog post.

Do you use ShopStyle? Do you have any questions, that I didn't cover?

I know a lot of people use RewardStyle. I don't have anything bad to say against it; however, I have been rejected three times. Please don't suggest that as an option, as it is not an option for everyone. Honestly, I find that RS works best for Instagram and SS works best for blogging, unless you have a huge blog fan base. I'd love to hear your side of the story! 

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