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How I went from PC to Mac

How I went from PC to Mac

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If you have been following me at least since my wedding, then you remember this photo. Literally the day after we got back from our honeymoon, Nick took me to the Apple store and bought me a new laptop. Surprisingly enough, this was not the first laptop he bought me. I have had 4 laptops in the last 9 years -  he bought me my 4th, and now 5th one, which just so happens to be my first Apple computer. Side note- I didn't get my first iPhone until 2011. Needless to say, I'm not an early adopter in the technology field!

Okay now to the good stuff. How the heck have I transitioned, having used a PC for the last 25 years?! It's not easy, but I think I'm managing;) 

My Mac Struggles:

-Work. Welllll I still have to use PCs at work. It is hard to work all day on one form of computer and then work all night on another type of computer. You'd think that since my work computer is a PC that I would have that down pat, but my brain gets confused sometimes even after using one for forever. 

-Keystrokes. Having to relearn shortcuts SUCKS. Sometimes I forget what I'm doing and have to ask Nick. I think I finally have the search feature down!

-Snip It. I use snip it and LOVE it. I know that Apple has a built in similar feature and has had it for a while. It's helpful, but I love being able to write or highlight on the photo. I also don't like how the photos save to my desktop... it is a Type A person's  nightmare!

-Cost. Well, Nick technically paid for it, especially since we haven't joined bank accounts yet -we are working on it!! I'm trying to change my name first! It's on my to-do list. The cost was the main reason I didn't want him to buy it for me!

-Corners. Nick actually turned this off for me, because it drove me insane!!  I now have the 4 finger thing down and would probably be able to manage it, but let's not test my limit...;)

-Dongle. Isn't that a funny word?! Say it 5x fast. If you're not laughing, I don't know how else to make you smile! So, the only port in the computer is for the charging cable. You have to buy what's call a dongle, to allow other things to be inserted. This is similar to the one I have.  It has an SD card reader, USB port, and a spot to plug in the charger! It's annoying to have to remember this little gadget, but it does work, so at least that's good.


My Mac Pros:

-Arrangement of downloaded files. Okay so I don't know if this is just default, but I love how the most recently downloaded or saved item is at the top of the folder. I love it when the default of something is the easiest possible configuration. Who wants to search for a downloaded file amidst a sea of other downloads? #timesuck 

-Size. I honestly thought I wouldn't like this tiny computer, but it's actually fine! It doesn't even bother me like I thought it would. It is perfect for shoving in my big purses too! Not too clunky or big. I can drop it in my Neverfull (carefully ;) ) and still feel chic!

-Weight. This was probably my favorite thing in the beginning and still is! I would carry my big PC in my purse or carry on and always  thought my arm was going to fall off.  I don't mind lifting weights, but if it involves my laptop, that's an issue!

-Lack of viruses. I thought that bugs and viruses were just a way of life. They aren't!! I think I complain more to my IT department than I ever did before, simply because I know "it doesn't have to be this way!". I have to constantly reboot my computer and work and start a task manager way more than I should on my PC at work. None of that at home though!

-Life. So yes, Mac's are more expensive up front than PC's; however, if you calculate how much it costs per day over it's lifespan, not even including the fact that is saves you frustration from lack of errors, it comes out cheaper! If this is confusing, see my post on Cost Per Wear. It is similar!

-Texting features. I love being able to iMessage from my laptop; however, my favorite is being able to airdrop from my computer to my phone. I do this a lot with photos, since they lose integrity if you email them to yourself. 

-Speed. I think this was the number one thing that annoyed me about my last computer I like to run Lightroom to edit my large photo files, have Hulu on, all while having a million tabs open...annnnnd not have it affect my computer's speed. Thanks to Apple, I can ;)

My overall consensus: I think that PC's will always have a special piece of my heart - it's what I was raised on; however, with how much I blog, online shop, and travel, the Macbook is defintely the right choice for me. Thanks, babe. You were right ;)

Are you a computer converter too? Have any tips for my current struggles or just want to weigh in on the woes? Let me know!!

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