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Household Plants + Flowers that aren't Toxic to your Pets

Household Plants + Flowers that aren't Toxic to your Pets

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Two years ago, Nick brought home some lilies for me. Well, really he brought them home as the center piece for our table, as we were having a good bye dinner for our friends moving to Colorado. He said they were β€œsnowy” and represented their new home. So sweet, right?! Cat, our first pet who was almost a year old, had never shown any interest in flowers, so I didn’t think anything of it. A few days later, we woke up and she had yellow smeared across her sweet little kitty mouth. My stomach sank. She had messed with the flowers and it looked like she had ingested pollen. With a quick google search and a call to our vet, we immediately took her in. Long story short, she was never the same after that incident, but she is alive and we love her.

Ever since the floral fiasco of 2017, we are verrrrry careful about the blooms we bring into our house. Usually its a search by search basis, but I thought it’d be great if 1) I could educate y’all on plant safety if you didn’t know already and 2) I could make an easy check list for you. So here you go!! This is not a full list, but a list of the most common household + yard plants and flowers that are safe for your furry friends. As always, I encourage you to do your own research, but this should be a great starting point.


Baby’s Breath








True Jasmine



Aluminum Plant

Bottle Palm



Flamingo Plant

Golden Butterfly Palm

Marble Plant

Parlor Palm


Rubber Plant

Spider Plant








Note that some plants in general can cause upset stomachs, depression, etc in animals so just use your best judgement. Even though I had this list while shopping, I continually searched on my phone during our entire time at the plant shop. Sometimes plants go by different names so they can be hard to identify, but also some strains of the same plant may be toxic, while others aren’t. A good example of this is jasmine! True jasmine is fine, but others aren’t. Confused?! Thats’s why I was googling the entire time!! Oh and side note, I took pictures with the hydrangeas because they are so pretty, but they aren’t a plant I’m going to keep in my house anymore due to them not being pet friendly.

We went Ruibal’s at the Dallas Farmer’s Market this past weekend and picked up some great additions for our home. Emilio was so helpful and she helped us get our little assortment together. We picked up a little Peperomia, a Rubber Plant, a Bella Palm, a Stromanthe and Calathea. We love them already and would highly recommend going to Ruibal’s if you need something. We chose their grey terracotta pots (v reasonably priced!!) and they potted them for us free of charge! All 5 of these potted plants cost us around $150, so not bad at all!! Do you have a favorite that I missed? Let me know so I can add to my list!

P.S. I got most of this info from the ASPCA - just did a little more research on my part. There is a long list of things that are poisonous to pets, but some key things to keep away from your fur babies are lilies, sago palms and tulips.

One of the plants we bought - the stromanthe!

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