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Honey and Vinegar Nontoxic Liquid Lipstick

Honey and Vinegar Nontoxic Liquid Lipstick

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ο»ΏFall is literally a month from tomorrow! I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest transitions from summer to fall for me is that I go from wearing as little makeup as possible, to being my most glam self - lipstick, eyebrows, and all, several times a week. It calls for football games, parties, and tons of get-togethers. It’s always important, but when you’re wearing lipstick so often (especially when you’re eating), it is extremely important to use a nontoxic lipstick.

Honey and Vinegar Lipstick in Sassafrass | Madewell Pocket Sweater | Frame Flares | Cognac Mules

Enter Honey and Vinegar! I first introduced you to them back in January 2019 on my post featuring cruelty-free and nontoxic lipstick made w/o coconut oil. I shared them again on my February favorites, and thennnn summer basically hit and I didn’t wear lipstick that often again… until now! Since I first shared Honey and Vinegar, they have had some big changes!

They rebranded (my lip color shown here is the old packaging)

They were rated as 1 on EWG (YAY!)

They have launched more colors and other products (eye liner and body oil!).

ALSO, they now have me as an ambassador! Basically all that means to you is that you get a discount. Just use code ELLE25 for 25% off your purchase!

So what makes Honey and Vinegar different? Personally I love that the products are handcrafted in Texas, by girl boss Elise Kennedy! She started H&V when she battled some crazy illnesses and doctors told her to be careful of what she put on her skin especially makeup. WHAT? I mean I’m now aware of how some of our most used products can be harmful, but the fact that a doctor told her that and it isn’t common knowledge is crazy to me. Most of our products in the U.S. aren’t really regulated and the FDA doesn’t really ban ingredients. SO, people like Elise have taken the problem into their own hands and have created a solution.

Honey and Vinegar lipsticks rate the lowest score on EWG and are naturally-derived, gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of any potential toxins! They do have a tiny bit of beeswax to help with solidity, so they are not vegan. They use mica for coloring - no artificial dyes! Andddd they don’t use coconut oil, which make my whole face happy. (It makes me break out. Read more about my experience here.)

H&V liquid lipsticks apply like a lip gloss, but remain like a lip stain. I do have to re-apply after eating, but the bulk of the color is still there! ALSO, they are affordable. They retail at $26, but with my code ELLE25, you can grab them for $20! I know it’s not a drug store price of $5, but the tube lasts a while, it has wholesome ingredients, and you are supporting a small business. Elise pays her employees a living wage AND she manages to give back. $1 of every sale goes to a charity of your choosing. Right now she has options of Global Lyme Alliance, International Justice Mission, Austin Pets Alive, and Longview Community Ministries. Now that (and the fact that crunchy leaves and fall is coming) is something to smile about. Just make sure it is a lipstick-ed smile ;)

You can find Honey and Vinegar in a couple stores in Texas and Oklahoma, but other than that, shopping her online store is the way to go. Start shopping and learn more about H&V here. These would be great to stock up with for holiday get togethers or for little Christmas goodies for your BFFs. Spend $40 (2 lippies!) and get free shipping while you’re at it!

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