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Healthy Places to eat in Dallas, without Losing Flavor

Healthy Places to eat in Dallas, without Losing Flavor

Hayden Los Angeles Dress (c/o Back East Boutique, out of your size? similar here, here, here) | Steve Madden Espadrilles (old, similar here, here, here) | OPI Cajun Shrimp Nail Polish | Kendra Scott Earrings and Cuff

Hey y'all! I don't know about you, but this week has already been a drag for me. I'm driving the struggle bus this week, so feel free to hop aboard! ...or not ;) I don't know what it is, but let's just say, I'm looking forward to the weekend! Maybe it's because I just booked a trip to Cayman Brac, one of the smaller of the 3 islands that make up the Grand Cayman Islands. We'll be there in less than a month. WHAT. I know, right? #VacationFever Of course I'll be live-time snapchatting and instagramming the trip and then covering it on the blog, but if you want a sneak peak, this is where we'll be staying!

Don't the tassels on this chambray dress just make you want to take a vacation?  I got it from Back East Boutique, and let me tell you, it is a show stopper! Everyone loves it. No doubt, it will most likely end up in my suitcase to the beach.

Yes, I focus on what I'm going to wear to a tropical vacation (I mean any vacation, really), but I also focus on how I'm going to feel...in a bikini that is;) Nick will tell me that I'm pretty no matter what. I mean heck, he tells me it's cute when I have raccoon eyes from not properly removing my mascara. (lies) Yes, I work out, but what I eat makes so much more of a difference in how I feel. Even personal trainers say that more than half the battle of losing weight is eating right. 

I have a pretty busy life. I love to cook and do so when I can; however, sometimes being able to grab something  on the fly is more time/cost effective. Most of the time when I do this, I try to eat some what healthy or at least healthier versions of dishes. Don't get me wrong. I eat chocolate, drink wine, and have queso at least once a week. I'm actually eating a Rodeo Goat burger and cheese fries as I type this. No joke!  But, I try to make room for those meals, by eating better, when I can. Sometimes I just can't handle a heavy dish and need something healthier and light, but still has its flavor. 

A lot of people comment on what I eat and how I remain "thin". My dad will tell you they are his genes, but honestly, I watch what I eat and consider what my calories are worth spending on.  I'm a foodie, so I'm not 100% healthy. I'm "fit-ish", meaning I work out, but I like food;) Anyway, these restaurants are my go to, when I want a meal that I won't still feel the next day;)

What is "healthy" anyway? It can honestly be pretty relative. Dallas has a lot of farm to table options (which I love), but that doesn't make it "healthy". The restaurants I'm listing are health conscious and provide better, body friendly food, that your tongue and your beach bod can appreciate;) Side note, even "healthy foods" can be bad if you eat them out of moderation.

When I have time to enjoy a meal, but want better options, I head to these sit down joints:

True Food Kitchen. Located in the Plaza at Preston Center, you have plenty of reasons to be near this area! They serve fresh, seasonal produce and update their menu seasonaly. What to Order: The kale and avocado dip + one of their seasonal pizzas.

Mudhen Meat and Greens. Part of the newly renovated Dallas Farmer's Market, I couldn't be happier with this addition! They have a large chalk board that lets you know their available vegetables and such, for the day. I know guys don't always like "healthy" places, but this is one they will! What to Order: The pork plantain poutine and the pork chop.

Origin Kitchen + Bar. If you want a "healthier" brunch option, head here! They are GF friendly. What to Order: The chilaquiles and 1 pancake as a side ;)

HG Supply Co. In the heart of Lower Greenville, this place is known for being GF friendly and having a killer roof! What to Order: Their tacos are great, but if I'm wanting to be "good" I like their zoodle bowl, with chicken. Nick loves to get their sweet potato bowl, with ground beef.


When I need something relatively fast, I head to these grab and go  places; however, most, you can sit down and eat at, they just get you your food more quickly, than the restaurants I listed above:

Snap Kitchen. If you follow me on Snapchat (ElleSpann), then you know I love Snap Kitchen! I actually posted about them last November! (read the post, here) Snap Kitchen is THE BEST pre-packaged meal out there. Their food actually has flavor and has options for everyone, even those with dietary restriction. You can heat up your meal and eat it on-site, or take it home with you. They are perfect for lunches, but come in other portions, that are great for dinner. What to Order: My personal favorite is the butternut squash macaroni.

Start. There used to only be on location, but now there are two! I'm so glad, because the newer building is a lot closer to me. Originally from Austin, this company has "healthier" options like sweet potato tots and a grass fed beef burger, but they also cater to those more on the veggie side of life, with things like quinoa. What to Order: The strawberry-spinach salad, add chicken. Oh, and some tots ;)

Zoe's Kitchen. My first job was so close to a Zoe's, that we kind of got Zoe'd out, but I still love it, to this day! They have options that aren't as healthy, but they also have great options. What to Order: The Greek Salad. My favorite is the chicken salad fruit plate, but the chicken salad does have more calories than other options.  Their pita bread and chocolate chip cookies are out of this world!

Green House Market. You can tell by their name that they care about their food! It's relatively new, but I feel like it will gain  more popularity, soon. What to Order: The spaghetti squash.

Modern Market. Another farm fresh restaurant, that creates well balanced meals, this is an easy go-to, for me. I love it when a restaurant offers a good brunch - I enjoy a stack of pancakes, but sometimes I just want something hearty and healthy. Mod Market has that! What to Order: Chili + Eggs for brunch or one of their pizzas for lunch/dinner.

Unleavened. Salads and wraps can be boring, but they are in the business of spicing them up Literally. What to Order: The spicy avocado dip + a hash bowl.


Are you in Dallas? Did I leave off any of your go-to's? Do you look for healthier options in your city? I feel really lucky, because Dallas has a lot of options, that other cities don't have. 

New to Southern Elle Style? Here are my Elle's Essential Eats for other parts of Dallas + my Brunch list.

 Knox/Henderson, Downtown DallasDeep EllumBishop Arts, Design District, Uptown, and Brunch.

Make good choices! You are what you eat ;)


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