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Ham Orchards: Texas Grown Peaches

Ham Orchards: Texas Grown Peaches

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Do you have memories as a kid, that just stand out more to you than others? I know I do. One of my favorite memories, is visiting my grandparents in Arkansas and going to a u-pick peach farm. My granddaddy took out his knife and sliced pieces of the fuzzy, plump fruit, which caused it to burst -both in juices and in flavor. The sticky sweetness ran down mine and my sister's mouths and hands and its succulent flavor forever ingrained on our tongues and in our minds.

When I started dating Nick, it was (still is) like I got an adventure partner. We love to travel and do new things, but we also love to do the same things...like go to Rodeo Goat and Chuy's at least once a week;) Ever since we started dating, we have gone to get peaches, during peak season. So, this summer, marked our third time together! 

So...where do we get the yummiest peaches? Ham Orchards! It's not a u-pick peach farm, but they do let you pick your own blackberries, while the patch lasts. I've been to a slew of peach farms (talked about some in other parts of Texas here and here) and Ham's is my favorite experience!

You drive up and there is a large lot, next to a country store, a food shack, and a pavilion, all sitting on a gorgeous plot of land, the family home, and peach orchards. So what do you actually do, once you get there?

1) Pick your peaches. You don't get to literally pick your peaches, but you can pick which ones you take home;) They have a "seconds" section, if you want to pay a little less, for some that aren't as pretty.

2) U-Pick blackberries. If you are really wanting to "pick your own" fruit, you can in the blackberry patch! These don't usually last that long, because the season ends earlier than peach season, and everyone wants to  pick them. Go mid May- mid June, to catch these.

3) Sample all the goodies! The country store has a plethora of peach themed yummies, but they also have their fresh baked bread, fudge, and even a super good chocolate cake, to name a few. They let you sample most everything, so try what you want!

4) Order peach ice cream. Might be my favorite part. Nick and I usually split a cup, because it's so big...though I could probably finish it myself, it's so good!

5) Eat a peach pulled pork sandwich. We haven't ever gone to eat until this year - I'm sad we waited so long to do so! Their meat is amazing and their sandwiches are served on their home-made buns. They have different offerings, but this one is my favorite.

6) Be sad until it is peach season again. Peach season runs mid May - mid August. I know summer didn't officially begin until yesterday, but to me, peach season kicks off the summer!

Have you ever been to Ham Orchards? Or is there a similar peach concept near you? Hope you're enjoying the fruit of the summer!  Though I'm sure watermelon and pineapple would disagree ;)

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