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Girls' Night - Pizza and Wine Edition

Girls' Night - Pizza and Wine Edition

Photography by Beckley Co.

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The weekend! We are closer now than we were yesterday ;) Even if it's not a weekend...No matter the day...It's always a good idea for a girls' night. Brooke, of One Small Blonde, asked me, as well as Sage, of So Sage Blog, and Ellen, of The Perennial Style, over for a girls night, last Wednesday. Of course the company was enough to make me say yes, but when she mentioned that she'd be serving Speak Wine, it was a definite yes!   Does Speak Wine look familiar? I featured them here, last year!

If you know me on a personal level at all, then you know that I love Mary-Kate and Ashley and have loved them since I was younger. I'm not joking - I have a reoccurring dream where they are my best friends. This night was like the adult version of an Olsen Twins movie - pizza, wine, and boy talk! We seriously talked for over 4 hours, on a school night! er, I mean, work night;)

Brooke had pizza from Whole Foods waiting, along with salad (which we didn't eat), and plenty of Speak Wine. It was the perfect combination.

Honestly, I feel like I would host more events, if I felt like my home was presentable more often and/or it wasn't as expensive as every time I host a brunch. I usually go all out, but a girls' night doesn't have to be crazy expensive, or time consuming. Here's some ideas for a pizza and wine night, to help you stay in budget, while thinking outside of the (pizza) box.


For Dinner:

-Make pizza. It's honestly not as hard as it sounds. My fiance and I love to make pizza - it's a quick and easy dinner. Plus, if you have someone who is GF, you can accommodate them. Most of the time, we use this recipe, but cut it in half for one pizza. Even if we are making 2 pizzas, we still make the dough separately. Don't ask me why, it just works better!  I also try to use whole wheat flour, instead of white, or at east half wheat and half white. If you are going to do this, I would suggest at least getting a pizza stone and a pizza paddle. It does wonders for the cooking process. If you notice, the house we were at, actually has a pizza oven, outside by the pool. How cool, right?

-Have personal pizzas prepped with a toppings bar. This is actually something that Nick has wanted to do for a while, we just haven't done it yet. You can either make the personal pizza dough or have them pre-made elsewhere. This is such a cute idea, provides a good photo opp, and let's people have exactly what they want, without having to compromise a topping. My only cautionary thought to this idea, is that you need to have ample oven space to feed hungry guests. No one enjoys getting hangry.

-Buy pre-made dough. Now, I don't mean the pre-baked dough - just the pre-made dough. My favorite is from Whole Foods!  Their white and wheat are equally awesome. We usually half the dough for one pizza, but we prefer thin crusts.

-Get Digiorno. Hah, maybe not digiorno, but any type of pizza that is ready for you to cook! This is perfect for you to just throw in the oven, especially if you don't want any hassle

-Order from a new pizza place. I'm all for trying new things! Who knows, you might even find a new favorite place. I mean who says you have to be at someone's house, either? Girls' night out or Girls' night in. Who cares as long as it happens!


To Drink:

-Set up wine flights. There's something about flights that just make you feel fancy! Not that pizza isn't fancy (or that that's a problem), but it makes it feel high class!

-Buy pretty bottles that your friends can take home as a memento. Those mini bottles of champagne, etc get me every time! They are so fun to set up as name cards, favors, oh, and to drink!

-Have everyone bring a different bottle - assign a region or grape. This is great if you're on a budget, but also good all around, because you get to try different kinds of wine. 


To Do:

Talk. The oldest one in the book. You'd think it is obvious, but being a bunch of bloggers, we are glued to our phones.  We actually took the time to engage in really good conversation and it was the best!

Watch a movie. A chick flick never sounded better. Whether it's a movie, or you are binge watching something on Netflix, make it a good one!

Play a game. A favorite among my friends for the past couple of years is Cards Against Humanity. It's really hard to go back to Apples to Apples, if you play CAH. It can be wildly inappropriate, but is so funny and you can buy card filler packs, once you've gone through them all!

Trivia. Now they have trivia games you can play on apple tv and everyone's phone serves as a buzzer. It's really cool and not your average board game.

Do you have any tips for a pizza and wine night? If you realllly wanted to shake things up, you could plan a breakfast pizza and a DIY mimosa bar brunch. Let me know if you think of any other ideas! I'm a total foodie, who loves a good time!

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