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Gifts for the Girl who has Everything ft. Lunya

Gifts for the Girl who has Everything ft. Lunya

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As we approach the holiday season (you can shop my full gift guides mostly under $50 here) I wanted to give an update regarding the Lunya brand as they produce such good, giftable items. They are perfect for the girl who has everything or the new mom you want to treat. They are a splurge, but I imagine you already know this if you clicked on my article. About 2 years ago, I shared a post on Lunya Silk Pajamas Sizing and Product Review, specifically regarding their washable silk tank set. I wanted to share new thoughts about them, because I have since tried other fabrics and styles.

Keep reading to see different styles that Lunya offers and my new favorite products! Use discount code LAURENMGIFT20 to get $20 off your Lunya purchase of $100 or more.

Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas Set (c/o) shot at The Bungalows at Calistoga

I am so glad that I’m finally writing this post, because I initially said I didn’t know if I’d ever try new things from Lunya after falling in love with the silk set. Now that I have tried other items, I want to talk about them. When I initially tried Lunya over 2 years ago, I bought the OG silk tank set that started it all. They have since grown as a brand and now offer more seasonal styles and even a mens line. It only makes sense that I share an update with you now. I discuss everything in the video below. Enjoy!

For a little more details, here is some extra information about the items I mention in the video:

  • Silk Tank Set. This was the first set I bought. I was obsessed to say the least. I shared sizing, fit and pricing info here, but basically it is what put Lunya on the map. I really like it, but it is more of a girls trip or an at-home type of look. I wouldn’t really wear it around a group trip if you catch my drift. It is a staple in my pajama drawer.

  • Pima Cotton. I lived in set this postpartum. My twins were born in the height of fall, so I was cold, but I was also sweaty and clammy thanks to hot flashes. These cotton pjs were my jam because they kept me warm, but also allowed my body to breathe thanks to the natural fibers. They were loose enough to where they didn’t hurt my incision from my c-section and they came up high enough to where the waistband didn’t irritate it either. I LOVE the tee and would for sure wear it out with sneakers. Would look cute and casual with leggings and boots too. My exact styles are now sold out, but they still have some amazing cotton styles like these pants and this top.

  • Airy Cotton. I lived in this set this summer, but will continue wearing it this fall and winter...just with Uggs or fuzzy socks! I have paired it with a crop tank and worn it out / on a plane, around the house, as well as a work from home piece. Button it up and throw on a headband for work meetings. It’s breathable, but a little more pulled together than the pima cotton set since it’s a woven piece instead of a knit. If you’d rather not have long sleeve, they offer a short sleeve set. Additionally they have an airy cotton shirt dress too.

  • Silk Tee Set. This is my new favorite! It is less revealing than the tank set because the shorts are a bit longer and don’t have slits up the front. I love how the shirt doesn’t have an opening like the tank set does because it keeps your body a little bit more warm. If you’re looking to extend the wear, I’ve actually worn the top with jeans and heels before. I took it on our most recent group trip to Lake Tahoe and it was perfect.

  • Scrunchie. I had to include this because it is such a great goodie and is more budget friendly than the sets I mentioned above. I love the the pull tie scrunchie and actually own 3 (I only mention 2 in the video). If you prefer a different style, they actually have two more now! You can grab the classic scrunchie or some thin hair band style scrunchies. These are great gifts that are elevated and feel luxurious without breaking the bank. It would be really fun to give one of these with a gift card to get a blowout or a massage. Tangible items make experiences feel a bit more personal and allow people to commemorate their time with something.

I’m so obsessed with the Lunya brand and I hope you are too. It is brands like these that I want to support, you know? I want Nick to love Lunya too since they have a mens line, but I almost don’t want to because I think he will love it as well and we will both be in trouble! Next up on my list to try is their classic silk robe, this beautiful sweater, and these ribbed leggings. Maybe I’ll have Nick try some items too. Until next time… XOXO

Don’t forget you can use discount code LAURENMGIFT20 to get $20 off your Lunya purchase of $100 or more!

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