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Gift Guides Mostly under $50

Gift Guides Mostly under $50

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A little later than last year, but my holiday gift guide is finally up! Last year I hit publish while I was in my last Non-Stress Test (NST) for the twins and they ended up making their arrival that evening. If I hadnโ€™t have gotten it done that morning, you probably wouldnโ€™t have had one. Hah! It is still great for inspiration, so take a look at last yearโ€™s if you want more ideas than this guide has.

This year has brought its own set of challenges in my ability to bring you content, so Iโ€™m just glad to be a resource for you again! I enjoy putting together a Christmas gift guide because I love giving gifts. Presents are so personal and I adore choosing the right gift for everyone on my list. If you need help thinking of what to gift and how to make it special, I posed some questions / shared some thought provoking points here on my How to make gift cards personal post. I know in-laws is always a big question mark, so I did include a section on it below, but I also have this dedicated article on the topic here so you can get your mother-in-law and father-in-law something they will love!

When I initially did things I just grabbed random things that were fun / cute, but Iโ€™ve really honed in on the guides in the last couple of years. I only include things that I have / love / want myself. We donโ€™t need more junk! What we really want is effort and time, right? Youโ€™ll find that I included my โ€œexperiencesโ€ section again for that very reason. I combined some areas like wellness and beauty, and then moved on from some (ie from Baby to Toddler). I might bring things back in the future, but I was really just working with what I had time for. Feel free to look at last yearโ€™s for a bit more extensive sections like newborn and pet parent. Iโ€™m also always just a DM or email away and am happy to help you directly. Just let me know. Happy gifting!!

Gifts for Her

I feel like we know what we wantโ€ฆ itโ€™s the other people we have trouble with. We donโ€™t want more things, we want items that we will actually use and more memories. Regardless, here are some good ideas! These silk pajamas are a steal (they have maternity styles too) and these silk hair ties wonโ€™t crease her hair. I want this headband. Gold jewelry is always a good idea. This beanie is cute and functional. This is my favorite water bottle straw kit. I thought these cups were cool. This pouch will come in clutch. Literally.

Gifts for Him

But what to get that guy in your life? This is mine and Nickโ€™s favorite hot beverage holder with a new and improved slider lid. Perhaps pair it with a Cometeer Coffee Subscription?! A wallet is useful and tastefulโ€ฆ can always put a coupon or cash in it! This blanket has intrigued me since I saw it on Shark Tank. Leather gloves are a classic piece. These are Nickโ€™s favorite underwear. I love this brand. This is my go-to shirt fabric - itโ€™s comfy and technical.

Gifts for a Toddler

Cyprus and Olive have these, just donโ€™t forget helmets too. Little climbers will love this. These cars are always so cute to me. I honestly want to play with this. These are our favorite pajamas and they are available all the way to adult sizes. The twins love these kinds of books and it is perfect for the season.

Gifts for In-laws

The tricky section! I love all the games that come in this vintage book. We just got this and I love how cute and convenient it is to make smores. Cashmere is always a good idea. Love these glasses. These socks are the coziest and only $15. When all else fails, grab a frame and print a photo. You can use the photo on a puzzle or ornament too!

Gifts for the Hostess

I combined this with home, because they are kind of one in the same. Somewhere between cute, functional, and of these season is where this section lies. A pretty vase with flowers is always a good idea. I love the idea of a plate with a place the person holds dear. My mother-in-law loves this. This cookbook is on my list. The perfect gift for someone who recently moved. I use this every day! A sweet game for opening up. I want to make this craft!

Gifts for Beauty and Wellness Lovers

Another combination section! This is all one in the same to me, as beauty often feels like wellness. At the very least it is a a grey area. This bronzer is like summer in a tube. I use these eye masks before any special event. This lip balm is so hydrating - it saved me after my c-section. I am obsessed with this color and fabric - I have it in grey. This whole collection is great for workouts at home. I travel with these sheet masks.

Experience Gifts

An encore to last yearโ€™s experience section. We love to make memories, but sometimes gifting an experience can leave someone (especially kids) empty handed in the moment. Gift tea for a tea party to come or a custom tea set. Letting them design a piece of jewelry or pick out something? A jewelry holder works great. Camping or glamping? A Yeti cooler is something they will remember and use. Finally teaching them the secret family recipe or giving cooking classes? Try aprons or cook wear. A spa day or treatment? This robe is dreamy. A winery excursion or tasting? Grab glasses and engrave them with the dates / or something special about it as an added bonus. A trip? Sneakers or a suitcase would be perfect representations.

Splurge Gifts

No one needs to have anyone tell them how to spend money - we know what we want to buy if it is a splurge item, but I wanted to include this just for fun. Every other section has items under or a little over $50, so this is an area where everything is over $100. At the very least it is some inspiration. A girl can dream! These shoes (use code SARAFLINT-BALMENTSOFSTYLE for a discount) are my favorite right now. I literally live in these silk pjs. This weekender is life. I got this for Nick for his birthday. Iโ€™ve been eyeing this workout dress as an easy mom look!

My Personal Wishlist

A little jumpstart on creating my list! These shoes have been on a my list for a while. They just feel so classic!! I recently stumbled upon this brand and want this beanie. I need to replace my slippers asap and you canโ€™t beat the quality and price of these. I want to get this bracelet with the twinsโ€™ names / initials. These are my favorite sheets and I want some new ones, but I refuse to buy them with the current washing machine I have, so Iโ€™m just dreaming of them.

Gift giving can be scary and anxiety filledโ€ฆ what to get, will they like it, and so on. I hope this helped you navigate the next few months. The same mentality I share here can be used an be used for birthdays, valentineโ€™s day, anniversaries, and so on. One other tip that may save you some gift heartache is to make sure youโ€™re on the same page as far as gifts go. Nick and I talk before gifts and set a budget as well as expectations. Also remember what this season is actually about. * hint * it isnโ€™t presents. Happy shopping and gifting!! Thank you for using me as a resource. XOXO

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