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Follain Favorites

Follain Favorites

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As you know, clean beauty is one of my favorite topics, but I don’t just shop for it anywhere. I trust very few in the non-toxic beauty retail space. Follain is one of my trusted few! I love to shop them online, but here in Dallas, we are one of the lucky ones, as we have a brick and mortar store! I’m super excited to host a night of clean beauty on Monday September 16th from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm, buuuut if you can’t make it or live elsewhere, here’s some of my favorites that Follain carries.

*Update October 2022: Follain has been acquired by Credo Beauty. These products (and more) are still available on CredoBeauty.Com.

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Before I dive in, I want to talk about Follain’s Clean Consultation! Anyone can sign up and it is FREE, but you do have to be in store. (If you’re not in store, try taking their skin quiz! ALSO, if you’re shopping online, use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off!) Back in July I stopped in for a Clean Consultation and it was AMAZING! I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. I already use clean beauty products, but my skin has definitely changed as of late (more oil) and it is always good to hear another opinion! It lasted a little under an hour and a half, but we not only went over all skincare, but did makeup as well!

I came into my consultation without any makeup on, so they could see my skin, but also because I wanted them to try out makeup on me! If you come in with makeup on, no worries! You can actually wash it off in store and try out some of their cleansers! Win-Win! To being the clean consultation, you start at oil based cleansers and glycerin based cleansers. Next up are toners, serums, eye cream, and moisturizers, ending with face masks! Basically the Follain associates walk you through all of the options that are best for your skin type and pick a couple from each section, so you can make the best decision for your body and budget! It might sound overwhelming, but they pull your favorites from the sample wall and then you can decide what you want at the end. I love that they let you smell, touch, and rub their products into your skin. It can be scary to spend money on new products without getting to do any of that! The beauty section of the consultation is pretty much the same process. You get to see products on your actual skin and make your decisions! To sign up for your clean consultation, just contact your local Follain and they will get it scheduled for you!

Moving onto their products, you honestly can’t go wrong with any of their brands. Buuut here are some of them that I’ve tried and loved! I obviously haven’t tried all of their brands, but they have so many more good ones, so be sure to check them out. They also have their in-house Follain brand, which is great too!

BRANDS I LOVE (to see a list of full brands, click here!)

I’ve tried a lot of products just through the clean beauty space and Follain carries a lot of them. Here are some of my current (and lifetime) faves! I like a lot more, but these are my top ones currently. Don’t forget you can try these out for 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS on your first purchase!

FAVORITE PRODUCTS (These are some that I have been using a while, but also some of the new ones!)

  • CocoKind Mai-Light (c/o) This is a high-lighter on the go. It’s in stick form, so it is easy to apply and travels well. Use it on your cheek bones, in addition to blush, and even on your eye lid for some shadow action! Great for travel, but also for when you have hours to get ready! It also has great ingredients that benefit your skin.

  • Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner (c/o) This is in my top 3 toners! It is super refreshing and a great price-point for the bottle size.

  • Ere Perez Arnica Concealer Latte (c/o) This is a concealer that I just tried this summer! It is lighter, so maybe not good if you have lot of acne that is bumpy, but ti works great on scarring and such!

  • Jane Iredale PureLash Extender & Conditioner I’ve been using this since I quit getting eyelash extensions back in early 2018. It is great and I love it! It truly does make my eyelashes appear longer.

  • Ilia Limitless Mascara (c/o) This is the cleanest mascara I have tried and it actually does work well! If you’re looking for a good one that doesn’t have Phenoxyethanol, this is it! It is a lighter mascara though, so keep that in mind if you are wanting a more dramatic look.

  • Osea Hyraluronic Sea Serum I started using this last year when my skin felt really dry. It worked wonders for hydrating my skin!

  • Osea Ocean Cleanser (c/o) I love the Osea brand and this product is no different. It is soothing and the scent is great! It reminds me of a light limeade.

  • Patyka Energising Eye Gel (c/o) This is probably my favorite new thing I tried!! I love how it rolls on and it doesn’t give me milia like other eye creams have.

  • Ilia Multi-Stick Lady Bird (c/o) I also have loved the Ilia brand for a while and this multi-stick was featured in a post earlier this year I just hadn’t had a chance to try it yet. I love that it is multi purpose, so great if you have small counter space or travel space!

  • Ilia Color Block Lipstick I found this lipstick this time last year when I was searching for one without coconut oil. I have it in several colors and love it! I wrote a whole post on non-toxic lipstick here.

  • Ursa Major Shave Cream Nick and I both use this! I think we started using it late last year. It works great and is of course nontoxic!

  • Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream I started using this a year ago. I love how thick it is and coats your skin. Depending on your preferences, you may only want to use it at night, but have used it for both day and night.

A couple of the new ones I just tried (like the Bella FigIura Crema Super Nova Day Cream) I haven’t had long enough to form an opinion on, but will keep you updated! I will say I like the Crema for day wear, as it is super light, yet still moisturizing! Do you have any Follain Favorites I missed? I also really like their candles and essential oils. Don’t forget to come say hi if you are in Dallas on Monday 9/16! The event is from 5:00 pm to 6:30!! If you can’t make it, just use code ELLEMULENOS and get 10% online. It won’t be as good as the 15% off discount in store, but it is better than nothing!!

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