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5 Things Not to Say to Someone Recently Engaged

5 Things Not to Say to Someone Recently Engaged

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Happy weekend, everyone! You may (or may not have) noticed that I started posting 4 times a week, instead of just 3. Since I began this blog, I have toyed with different posting days and times. For a while I did every other day, then I switched to 3 times during the week. For the past month, I have been posting 3 weekdays, plus 1 weekend post, and I really like it! Shopstyle gave me the idea, as I am part of their affiliate program. They challenged us to write 16 blog posts during the month of January, and in return, we'd get 16% extra commission.  This only required me to post a couple more times than normal, and it has really helped my numbers and commissions. 99% of the links I post are Shopstyle links. By just clicking on them, I make a tiny (like literal cents) commission - no purchasing required! If you're interested in learning more about Shopstyle, I actually have a blog post in cue; but, feel free to send me your questions in the mean time. Also, if you feel like clicking through all my links, that be super helpful too;) I love blogging and that's why I do it, but every dollar I get, helps me bring more cool and creative content to you! 

Anyway, you're probably like...um I clicked on this post and so far you've only discussed making money and showed me some random outfit. No, my friend. This outfit is not random! I chose to pair it with the topic of things not to say to an engaged person, as it reminds me of my wedding theme! This dress is a light color, like my wedding dress and has wine colored hues, just like my bridesmaids will wear! I am also having more greenery for decor than flowers, so that fits in perfectly as well. The photographs are kind of ethereal, which is how I imagine my photos at my venue will be! I just gave you a vendor update last weekend, and nothing has changed since then, so if you missed it, just scroll to the bottom of this post!

Alright, now to probably what you came here for...5 Things Not to Say to Someone Recently Engaged. Let me preface this with it's okay if you have done these things, but now you know - So, act accordingly and share with others!

1) Finally. I honestly got a lot of these and it surprised me. Nick and I really "met" for the first time in December 2013. We had said hello prior to that, but had our first real conversation that December. Our first date was in January 2014, so we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary. He proposed about about a month an a half ago, so I mean we really only knew each other for 2 years when he proposed. I would understand if we had been dating for like 10 years, but we got a lot of "took you long enough"s. I mean how do you know when it is time? I could have just taken this personally, but I felt myself having to defend him when people said this. I feel like the time is relative to the couple. It's not yours to dictate when it is over due. 

2) I knew. I get that most of time this out of excitement and not malicious intent; however, don't ever say this, especially if you weren't supposed to know. That means someone else spilled the beans and you could be getting them in trouble. Also, don't ever tell someone who is outside the circle of knowing. That just gets messy, especially if that person accidentally let's the cat out of the bag. Obviously I realized that the people at my after party knew, but letting the first words out of your mouth be "I knew" is completely unnecessary and takes the attention away from the bride to be...unless you're their hairdresser;)

3) Keep me posted. Weddings are expensive. To assume you're invited, in front of the couple, is just poor taste. It's hard enough having to choose bridesmaids and try not to hurt feelings, but having to tip toe around your guest list is even worse. You can obviously ask questions without putting pressure; however, when you get engaged, people come out of the woodwork, just expecting to be invited and involved when they haven't spoken to you in 3 years. Don't be one of these people.

4) Nothing. Why nothing? Because they have grabbed your hand before they have even acknowledged any other presence in the room. I imagine this is how a pregnant lady feels whenever someone touches her belly without asking. I am happy to show you my ring and even let you hold it, but please at least greet or hug me first. 

5) Me. Well, it's not about you. Obviously when they ask for advice or it fits in with the conversation, it's fine. I get comments all the time that are like "we did that" or "oh, like so-and-so's wedding". No, the answer is like my wedding. It's about me and my fiance and it's like the only time we will ever be able to be selfish, so just let us have this moment! When you compare it to you or some other person's plan, it's like you're purposefully chipping away at ours. Again, because I pride myself on being a creative and original person, I don't like it when someone implies that I'm doing something because of or like someone else. I will say that this is all my opinion, so that could just be me taking it personally...but just know when I do get inspiration from someone, I give credit where credit is due.

Bonus: Don't say anything negative.  I really haven't gotten stressed about anything yet, but negativity never helps anyone, especially when in a high stress environment. This is a given for anyone talking about wedding related things, but especially if you are in the wedding party. You are expected to be the backbone and keep a positive and upbeat tempo in spite of anything going wrong.

So what do you think? Are these just me taking things too personal or have you/do you feel the same way? Did I leave off any of your pet peeves?

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