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Fewer, Better Gifts

Fewer, Better Gifts

Cuyana Carryall (c/o) | Ark & Co Crop | Pleated Midi Skirt (steal or splurge) | Kimchi Blue Heels (similar here) |  Kendra Scott Earrings |  NYX Electra Lipstick | Lisa Stewart Wrap

Happy December! Holiday season is in full swing. Whether you have or haven't given anyone your Christmas wishes or finished purchasing all the gifts you're giving, you are going to want Cuyana on the "to-buy" list.  If you're a seasoned reader of Southern Elle Style, then you know I have been a Cuyana fan for quite some time. I admired them for afar before purchasing a bag, then finally caved and bought a long tote a couple years ago- It is seriously one of my favorite bags ever. I featured it on the blog, about a year ago, here

Cuyana appeals to me for many reasons. I enjoy small businesses, I adore handmade goods, and I LOVE investment pieces. This summer I let y'all in on my Top 3 Things Every Girl Should Invest In and let me tell ya...I could write a whole 'nother post about that and only use examples from Cuyana if I wanted to!

Cuyana has a mantra of "fewer, better things", which I can get behind 100%. My family often makes fun of me, because a lot of the time I will classify a big purchase as "okay" because it is an investment piece. But, I honestly and whole-heartedly believe that spending a little more goes a long way in the end. We live in a time where excess and exuberance is the norm, but it doesn't have to be. Buy quality products and treat them well, and they will do you a lifetime of good.

Last year, Cuyana launched a campaign called "Fewer, Better Gifts" - A thought that suggests asking for a couple quality items, instead of a lot of things that will just break or get thrown away in less than a year. Our social norm suggests that we should buy, buy, buy, so I was stoked when they asked me to be a part of their campaign this year and push for a difference! Now, I'm not saying that buying a cheap, trendy piece is bad or suggesting that you spend you college tuition money on a designer pair of shoes; I'm just trying to help give you a new mindset in regard to gift giving and receiving!

Now to the goods...I had been eyeing Cuyana's holiday shimmer collection for a while, and when they introduced their new Caryall bag, I knew that's what I had to have! If you aren't a bag girl, they have plenty of other options for you in apparel and accessories (and even items for your guy) to choose from! Here are some of my favorite picks for their website:


Oversized Carryall Tote | Weekender | Travel Case Set | Cinch Shoulder Bag | Classic Tote

Not sure how your loved one will know what you even want? Cuyana thought of that, too! They have a way for you to send a hint to your family, so they can get you something you really want this year! Simply click the "send a hint" button beside any item, and fill out the form.

To learn more about Cuyana, visit their Website. To keep up with them, follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Shop their Holiday 2015 Collection here.

Are you familiar with Cuyana? What is your favorite tote?

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