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February Favorites

February Favorites

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Each year February proves to be one of my most favorite months of the year. It is this literal short and sweet spot where there’s lots of love and wonderful memories. I’m hoping this February is the same! We have several fun things here in LA, but will also be spending some time in Colorado with family. I have really gotten into a new rhythm and for that I’m thankful! It includes actually moving my body consistently and cooking more. I’m hoping to be more in the moment and enjoy the little things more.

Speaking of enjoying things, here are a few of my favorite things as of late. Everything is linked in both the image and the text under the collage. Enjoy!

  1. The Book Club Blue Light Glasses. I used to wear blue light glasses, but when I stopped playing in spreadsheets all day, I kind of just stopped. I recently went back to them and they help so much when I on the computer. They have come a long way in style since I first wore them - much cuter now! I love this pair, but they offer other colors and styles too. Don’t just limit them to work though - I like to wear them watching TV too.

  2. Gap Organic Cotton Vintage Crew Neck Shirt. This is my favorite basic tee! I have it in basic white and a couple others as well. It is great for layering this time of year and perfect as we enter the warmer months. Nick loves the mens version too. I purchased several of the toddler versions as well.

  3. The Siete Table Cookbook. Yes, this is the Siete brand you know and love! They recently released a cookbook and I received this for Christmas. Everything looks so good and includes their family recipes. I can’t wait to try the barbacoa!

  4. Olive and June Quick Dry Nail Polish Topcoat. (c/o) I still use Manime stickers on my nails, but I paint a topcoat on them to keep them for 2+ weeks. I’ve tried a lot of clear paints, but this is the best one I’ve tried in a while. Besides the formula, I also like the shape of the brush. It is rounded and paints so clean - not clumpy at all!

  5. Hair Clips. My hair clips always go missing and/or break. I recently purchased these and thought they looked a bit more formal. I am loving the ivory one for winter / spring.

  6. Minted Valentine Cards. (c/o) I love sending valentine cards each year! I couldn’t find a mailable version that I loved, so I went with this customizable one and it was perfect. It definitely works for a non-valentine theme too. I love Minted’s stationery!

  7. Jupiter Hair Mask. (c/o) I received this last year and honestly forgot about it. Early this year I grabbed it and decided to give it a go. Wow! It really made my hair look and feel so much more clean and soft. I think I’ll continue trying to use it once a week and see how that goes. Will keep you updated!

  8. Ready Set Food Packets. I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned these before! We used them for the twins starting around 4 months through about 10 months for consistent exposure to the top 3 allergens. We have also used the β€œgrow” option, which contains the top 9 allergens. It’s super easy and effective. Use code MULENOS10 for 10% off.

  9. Minted Custom Aprons. These were Christmas gifts I purchased for Nick and the twins! Nick loves aprons and always wears one when cooking. They make cute kid versions of the aprons too! They were perfect for the Cyprus and Olive, since we gave them a toddler kitchen. I even bought myself one. So cute and practical!

  10. Buru Knit Wide Leg Trouser. I have been trying to be better about buying items that are cute and practical, and not just another pair of leggings. These pants look really formal, but are a knit, so they are super comfortable. They have an elastic waistband and pockets too!

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January is long, but February is short and sweet quite literally. Take in the last weeks of winter and enjoy all the moments you can! XOXO

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