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February Favorites

February Favorites

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February is such a fun month. Short and sweet! I love Valentine’s Day and it is even more special now that Nick and I can celebrate with the twins. It also marks the first month in a while where we aren’t flying anywhere. I guess we didn’t fly anywhere in January, but did have a travel hangover from late December. It’s a nice little break, as we have a flight every month through August as of right now.

Last month marked a big change in things at the Mulenos household as 1) we have had construction for a month while we have water damage and mold issues addressed. The twins have been sleeping in our room, which isn’t my favorite, but more than anything, I just want them to have the sweet space back. 2) is that Nick went back to work from paternity leave. He is still working from home, but has his work hours taking up most of his day. We are adjusting and trying to roll with the punches over here, hence the lack of personal content here on LMoS.

That being said, here’s all my recent favorites. Everything is linked in the collage but #8 and #9. All products are linked below the collage. Enjoy!!

  1. NuFace Trinity. I finally got my hands on mine!! I ordered back in November and due to some unfortunate events, it was late getting to me. I obviously haven’t used it long enough to see results or share them, but it is super easy to use and my skin seems to like it. The first time I used it, my skin felt better - I can’t put it into words, but maybe it felt smoother? Not sure. Will keep you posted! Either way, it has been nice to use and a quick β€œme time” I’ve been able to incorporate, despite have twins needing my attention.

  2. Thousand Fell Sneakers. These were another November purchase that I just got thanks to supply chain issues. They are a lot more comfortable than other (more expensive) sneakers I own and they are ecologically conscious. I love the pops of color, but went with the black. They feel a bit more sophisticated and that is what I was going for. I wore these on my recent flight to Dallas and was stopped by a couple passengers, asking me what kind of sneakers they were… an instant hit!

  3. Fortnum and Mason Tea Assortment. My college bestie introduced me to F&M teas by getting me an assortment box for my birthday. The exact box I have ships from London, but I thought this was a good mixed box to share. I really like their apple, elderberry, and jasmine teas. Here is another (U.S.) based assortment box that has more traditional flavors.

  4. Minted Valentine’s Day Cards. (c/o) I send out Valentine’s every year and these were my pick for this year. I use Minted for pretty much all of my paper goods. They don’t disappoint! They also have classroom sized cards for your little ones. A huge selection at that!

  5. Dagne Dover Landon Weekender XL. I had been eyeing this for a while and finally purchased. Wish I would have gotten it late last year when they had it 20% off, but I do think it is worth the full price I paid. Nick and I have their backpacks and our diaper bag is by them too. We have a ton of travel coming up and this bag is perfect as a carry on and holds A TON. With all the baby gear we have been toting around, this works really well and is stylish at that.

  6. Buru Beaded Heart Headband. Okay so I don’t actually have this in my hands yet, but I did order it. I wanted to include it here, as it is perfect for this month! I love the Buru brand and want to buy at least one thing from all their drops. They are so cute and I love their mantra.

  7. Electric Picks x Lauren Kay Sims Rainbow Necklace. (c/o) This launches 02/03. I am so happy for my sweet friend and her second Electric Picks collab. This little rainbow is so sweet and dainty. I also really like the heart necklace and these double hoops. The whole collection is darling!

  8. Worth More Workout Cards. My friend Kami launched these and the messaging / purpose is amazing. They give you an affirmation and a workout move to complete. This is particularly good for me as I don’t have a ton of time right now to commit to working out and when I do I’m stuck at what specifically to do. I can grab these cards and mindlessly do the move… with some actual mindfulness behind it!

  9. Love + Wild Linen Baby Book. I filled out as much as I could in this book pre-baby, but am currently trying to catch up and make sure to document the twins’ lives. I wanted to share it, because it is so sweet. They are growing so fast and I’m trying to remember as much as I can during this sweet time.

  10. Mug Hanger Cookie Cutter. I used this mug buddy cookie cutter for my sister’s wedding shower last month and they were a hit with the hot chocolate bar we had. This heart one would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! They are great to keep around for house guests and morning / nightly coffee. Don’t wait for a reason though - they can help even the most normal of days feel special.

Next up, here’s some of YOUR favorite things over the previous 31 days.


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