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Favorite Primally Pure Products

Favorite Primally Pure Products

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You have heard me talk about Primally Pure products individually, but I’ve never really done a post on all of my favorite things! Remember you can get 10% off your order w/code ELLEMULENOS. When I share one product, I often get asked what other products I recommend. Whichhhh kind of makes sense, because you get free shipping once you spend $100. Side note, Nick and I are on the subscription service for our deodorant and everything spray. You get free shipping when you do this (without spending $100!), plus you choose the frequency and can even pause it when you need to.

SO what are my favorites? To be honest I still haven’t tried everything, but these are my go-tos.

  • Charcoal Deodorant - This should not come as a surprise. It is my ride or die deodorant and what get me into Primally Pure in the first place. (early 20018!) Blue Tansy is my second favorite deodorant and Lavender is my third favorite. I’ll never be one of those girls who are like oh I don’t sweat and let me tell you, this charcoal deodorant goes to town! It works best for my body and Nick’s too. I actually did a whole blog post on charcoal deodorant here. ALSO PP’s deodorant does have baking soda, but it does not make me break out. It’s a small amount of it and does not irritate my skin, whereas other brands I’ve tried have a lot of baking soda, which made zits pop up in my armpits. #notfun If you have a baking soda issue, I’d try out the smaller deodorant size and see how that works for you before committing to the full size.

  • Everything Spray - This is another one of my holy grails. I use it as my toner in both the morning and evening and have been doing such for almost a year now! I did an entire blog post on how it has helped me and all the things I use it for here. Nick also uses this! He sprays it on his face and beard daily and on his neck after he shaves.

  • Body Butter - I’m not sure there is anything more luxurious than PP’s body butter. I buy the eucalyptus lavender scent, but there are several others to choose from. I love to use it after I dry brush and shower and especially after I shave.

  • Nature Spray - It is mosquito season and because of that, nature spray comes with me for any outdoor activity. We are headed to Mexico next month and you better believe that this is getting packed. If you want to learn more about this nontoxic bug spray, click here.

Annnnd don’t forget you get 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS!!

Here’s a couple other things I have tried and like too:

Blue Tansy Beauty Cream - I love the benefits of blue tansy, so I knew I had to try this out! I love to use this on my eczema and as a hand cream. I like to keep this in my purse for easy use! I recently went back and read the reviews for this product and people rave about putting it on their face. It is intended for the face, but I hadn’t used it there. I think I hadn’t tried it out there because my other blue tansy products (non PP) had coconut oil in them and I assumed this one had it too. It doesn’t!! I recently tried putting it on troublesome spots and truly think it helped calm them overnight! I haven’t done it enough to give a full report, but I’ll keep y’all posted!

Lip Balm - I love love love this chapstick, but stopped using it when I did my coconut oil cleanse. If you don’t have a coconut oil issue, this is your go-to lippie!! Learn more about why I stopped using coconut oil in my facial products here.

Sea Soak - I really do like these bath salts, but to be honest, I don’t take a bath enough for it to be one of my favorites. It is detoxifying and relaxing though!

Beard Oil - Nick really likes their beard oil, but when he consistently uses the everything spray, he doesn’t really need it!

I still haven’t tried Primally Pure’s cleansing oil, which I might add into my skincare routine soon. I recently gave up my cleansing oil due to coconut oil and am thinking about adding one back in. We’ll see. I miss having an oil for double cleansing! I also haven’t tried their dry shampoo, mainly because I was unsure which color to get (comes in light and dark), but also because I’ve tried to cut back on my dry shampoo usage.

Another thing to remember is that Primally Pure does use quite a bit of coconut oil in their products. (Which is really common for nontoxic products.) Though I personally don’t put coconut oil on my face, I don’t mind if it is in things like my deodorant and lotion. It doesn’t affect my other body parts negatively, thank goodness!

Yes Primally Pure makes great products, but why I really love them isn’t because of what they produce. It is because of their mission and mantra… to help bring nontoxic products to the world and empower you to make better decisions for yourself. I love following them on social media and getting their newsletter, because I always learn something and fall more in love with their brand. Oh and they are cruelty-free too!

Have you tried Primally Pure? What is your favorite product?! If you haven’t tried them yet, don’t forget you can get 10% off your order w/code ELLEMULENOS!

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