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Favorite Maternity Brands

Favorite Maternity Brands

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I’m going to just come right out and say it… I don’t like most maternity clothing. I think it is for a multitude of reasons, but I’ll narrow it down to two. 1) I feel like most maternity clothes aren’t cute 2) I have trouble buying something I’ll only wear for a short period of time. Though it feels like forever. That being said, over the course of my twin pregnancy, I bought very little little actual maternity clothing. This post is about what I did buy!

Keep reading to see what I looked for when purchasing maternity clothing, along with my favorite pre and postpartum maternity lines.

Nothing Fits But Kiko Dress in Ichika Print (similar more budget friendly options - this one from Lulu’s, this one from Nasty Gal, this one from Amazon) // For reference, I was about 26 weeks in these photos

I think it was so hard for me to buy maternity clothing because I truly try to buy things I’ll wear for a prolonged period of time, if not forever. I tried not to buy one offs pre-pregnancy, so why would I start during pregnancy? That being side, when I decided to buy maternity items, I tried to find items that were made with the 4th trimester in mind… meaning that these items didn’t really look like traditional maternity clothes and I would 100% wear them post birth. I’m happy to say that I found some great lines and I’m excited to share them with you. Let me preface this by saying these are on the more investment piece side, as I do intend to wear them for a while. I’ll sprinkle in some more budget friendly options too!


  • Hatch. I was familiar with Hatch before getting pregnant, mainly because their clothing is actually super chic and something I’d wear regardless of if I was pregnant. I’m actually lucky as I have access to what I think is their only storefront here in Santa Monica. They do sell online, but I really liked going in and trying things on, plus the shop is so cute. I actually purchased my first maternity piece from here, as I had a wedding to go to at 16 weeks and wasn’t sure how much I’d be showing / hadn’t announced the pregnancy yet. Their line doesn’t come cheap, but it was something I was willing. to splurge on, as I really will wear these post pregnancy and I couldn’t find other things I liked. I shared their James dress here (linked here), their Eliza Dress here (linked here), and their Noelle jumpsuit here (linked here). I recently discovered that they have a line at Target called The Nines by Hatch that is very similar in style, but not so similar in price. (!!) I can’t speak to the quality, but wanted to mention it as it is a great budget friendly alternative.

  • Nothing Fits But. My sister found this brand for me and I really like it! I have two dresses from them - one being the dress I’m wearing in this post! The one in this post is the Kiko dress in the Ichika print. I purchased it for my LA baby shower, but of course plan to don it next spring too. I also bought the same print in a onesie for baby girl. Just need to find a coordinating shirt for baby boy! The other dress I bought was coincidentally for my other baby shower. It is form fitting, instead of flowy and super chic. I think it will take me longer to re-wear the Ichikia dress, but I still plan to wear it again. I have a review ready to go of the brand and the pieces I have, but am trying to work out a discount code of some sort with the brand, pre-posting.

  • Madewell. Okay, so not a maternity specific brand, but I wanted to mention them, as I love their maternity jeans. They really don’t look like maternity jeans at all and I didn’t have any “stretched out” issues, which I have heard other people mention regarding other brands. I’m planning on doing another post on non-maternity brands / outfits that fit the bump and will for sure mention them there, as their dresses are stellar for this.

  • Asos. While I didn’t actually purchase anything from them, I wanted to mention them, as I came very close to buying from them several times. Why didn’t I end up doing so? Their stuff sells out SO quickly. They have really chic maternity options. My favorite are the dresses, but they do have a little bit of everything and tend to be on the more budget friendly side. Catch their cute styles if you can!

There’s a couple others that I didn’t buy from, but felt like I should mention. One being Ivy City Co. - I didn’t learn about them until later in the pregnancy and at that point didn’t need anything, but their stuff is darling. I find them similar to Nothing Fits But. People tend to flock to Pink Blush, but I could never find anything I really liked there. Not officially maternity, but Petal and Pup as well as Shop Red Dress have a “bump friendly” section and are on the less expensive side. I have also heard people rave over Old Navy’s maternity section as well.

Had we not been recovering from a pandemic / still in the midst of one, I might have purchased more maternity clothing, but who really knows. I work from home and pretty much have stayed in bed for the bulk of this pregnancy, so for the minimal times I do go out, I really try to wear what I already have. It helps that the current style is more oversized, so a lot of my clothing already worked. Stay tuned for my next post on non-maternity bump friendly outfits and my tips for wearing what you already own while pregnant.

Oh and not really “clothes”, but I can’t end this post without my most worn pregnancy article of clothing… my compression socks! I wore these as often as I could and they really helped with sore calves and swelling.

Have a favorite maternity brand I missed? Do share! People like to tell me I’m “one and done” since I’m having twins, but I say who knows! I might go down this road again ;)

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