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Favorite Double Jogging Stroller for my Twins: Bumbleride Indie Twin

Favorite Double Jogging Stroller for my Twins: Bumbleride Indie Twin

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I remember when I was registering for my twins… I spent weeks creating a spreadsheet and comparing all of the items I thought I might need. A stroller was obviously a the top of the list; however, I was a bit lost on what to even get. While there are so many options out there, there are less options made with twins specifically in mind. Somehow it was still difficult to decide?!

Keep reading to see how we chose the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller for our babies and how it shakes out amongst the other options. See all the places and terrains we have pushed the stroller here.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Jogging Stroller (c/o) | Amanda Uprichard Hera Bodysuit (I own it in floral print and magenta too) | Agolde 90s Mid Rise Jeans | Veja Sneakers | Polarized Sunglasses

Before I get into Bumbleride specifics, I want to speak a bit on me and my family to paint you a better picture. We welcomed fraternal twins (di di, boy-girl twins) in October 2021. We wanted to be as prepared as possible; however, we live in a condo in west Los Angeles, so we don’t have a ton of space to house gadgets and gizmos. That being said, we made decisions with that in mind. It may sound weird that in addition to Bumbleride Indie Twin, we also got the Contours Elite Tandem Stroller and the Britax B-Free Single Stroller. We kept the Indie Twin in our apartment to use on walks / easy home access. We have a 2 car garage; however, it is not connected to our home and you have to unlock several doors, small doorways, and stairs. We kept the Contours stroller in our car. Our infant car seats only fit / clipped into the Contours stroller (with clip on adapters), so it made the most sense. You can read about our car seats here. We got the Britax single stroller because we were told it might be smart to have should we need to take the twins somewhere separately. Our infant seat(s) clipped into this one as well. We actually haven’t really used the single stroller, just because we haven’t needed to. I think our story might have been a little different if one had NICU time or needed treatments the other didn’t need to tag along for. All that to say, I have tried other strollers and am not just comparing this stroller blindly without having tested out other options.

Something else to know about me is that I wanted little to no chemicals in my baby products. I mention it in this post about car seats, but it was very important to me to have better fabrics, cleaner dyes, and lack of use of flame retardant. This knocks out a lot of strollers and car seats for that matter in general. Now take that grouping and consider how few twin strollers are out there and it is an even smaller number.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin jogging stroller is made from a 100% recycled PET and OEKO-TEX certified eco fabric. The black color way we have also uses a dye process that conserves approxomitaly 25-50 gallons of water per stroller! The padding in the stroller is made from untreated, OEKO-TEX certified polyester fill. Another eco fact is that 25% of the plastic frame components are sourced from recycled fishing nets and each stroller is comprised of 28 recycled water bottles! So yes, we have more than one stroller and I would have preferred to have car seats that fit in the Bumbleride and only have one; however, I think it ended up working out. With twin infants, the ability to clip in a car seat is crucial. Don’t let anyone tell you differently… Having one baby is not the same as having two and toting them in their infant car seats is more manageable. Also given our situation with stairs and doors, we really liked having a stroller in the car already, so it all worked out. Spoiler alert though, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is our preferred jogging stroller.

BumbleRide Indie Twin Review

I could have published this article sooner, but now that my twins are 20+ months old, I have a very good idea of what I actually needed for them, what I would do differently registering again, along with which items I would re-buy if I did it all over again. I mean you don’t want a review just after the initial use right? We are talking over 365 days of use under our belts! I am actually working on a blog post to cover this, but in the meantime, just know that I would 100% get the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller all over again. I was first pointed to it by Twiniversity when I mentioned the Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller. People love it, but it is very pricey. They said the Indie Twin basically has all of the same features and is $1000+ cheaper than the Bugaboo model. Note that I think when we got ours back in 2021, was right under $900 and now sits between $899 and $1029 depending on the retailer. The Bugaboo sits right under $2000. We barely were able to get ours back in 2021 because they kept selling out. I can see why - they are so popular, they are kind of hard to keep in stock. We love ours, so we totally understand the craze!

Here are some things to consider when buying a stroller for your twins and how they play out with the Indie Twin:


Do you want your babies to be next to each other or one in front of the other?

Like most of the research I did pre-twins’ arrival said, I agree that I prefer them to be closer to me in a side by side stroller, rather than having one just out of my reach in a tandem. The tandem strollers are really long and are therefore kind of hard to push / handle. It isn’t horrible, but when I’d switch back and forth between my tandem and my side by side stroller (Indie Twin is side by side), I could tell a huge difference. For example, I can easily push the Bumbleride with one hand (and use the safety strap around my wrist of course!), but I found it extremely difficult to steer my tandem stroller one handed or steer it in general. The tandem takes more effort that’s for sure and for someone who is perpetually tired, I’ll save all of the effort I can by using a side by side stroller.

The downside of a side by side stroller is that they can be very wide and therefore hard to get around. The Indie Twin has my preferred side by side arrangement AND it is the same width as a wheelchair, meaning that it should fit in small aisles as everywhere should be ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliant. I have had a hard time at smaller restaurants with the width, but honestly I would have had the same or even a harder time with the tandem stroller, because it is so long and more difficult to turn.

All that to say, with the Bumbleride Indie Twin, the width / size of the stroller is a non-issue for me.

Just a side note - a lot of tandem strollers out there are just singleton strollers with an added seat, meaning they are not made with twins in mind and often work better for siblings of different ages. For example, the back seat often is harder to get into once they are older and you are not the one placing them in per se / they are getting in themselves. You may also run into more fights about who gets to sit where as they offer different vantage points. Again, I also don’t really like having one so far away from me / close to the street. It would be harder for me to reach them / react should something unthinkable occur, so that is just another reason why I prefer the Indie Twin / a side by side stroller.


How will you be using the stroller and what do you need? There are several wheel types out there with pros and cons.

Bumbleride Indie Twin wheels are air tires. This is what contributes to the ride being very smooth. This is a big deal for keeping babies asleep when napping and / or happy while riding, especially for the uneven streets of Los Angeles! We do occasionally pump the tires with more air, but we do this to our bikes, cars, etc as well, so it really isn’t an issue for us to have to do it for our stroller. If this worries you, perhaps keep a pump in the bottom of the stroller and/or a patch kit on hand.

Our tandem stroller has foam wheels coated in rubber, so while it won’t really get a flat tire or have air loss, it is definitely not as smooth of a ride.

Our babies took come naps when we were on the go in their stroller pretty much up until they were 12 months old. They still are able to fall asleep in them now, but usually when we don’t want them to. We don’t really bank on catching a stroller nap and prefer bed naps, but sometimes we do hope for a stroller sleep and the smoothness is always appreciated! The Bumbleride Indie Twin seats lay back too! When they were smaller we used the bassinets which are obviously even more of a lay flat option.

Another wheel option out there are pneumatic wheels which consist of reinforced rubber with air. They are mostly used for jogging. There are also air wheels with sealed ball bearings, which is another good jogging option, but everyday life too.

It’s not really about which is the best, it is more about which is the best for your lifestyle most of the time.


Here are the specifics of the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Jogging Stroller.

Depending on your familial situation, I would splurge for the bassinets, parent pack console, and travel bag. We don’t really have rain or bugs, so that wasn’t really necessary. Next in line for me would have been the snack pack for the kids.



I already told you that we (me, Nick, our nanny) love our Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Jogging Stroller. But why? The stroller is literally a triple threat and then some. It checks all my boxes! It

  • lacks harsh chemicals

  • is high quality

  • rolls super smooth

  • has seats that lay all the way back

  • is side by side and the width of a wheelchair

  • is heavy duty, yet feels lightweight / kind of bounces as you stroll thanks to the air tires

  • can be pushed with one hand

  • has a safety strap to wear around your wrist

I think the biggest thing for me is that I can confidently push this stroller by myself, even with one hand. Sometimes you have to carry a baby and push. The Bumbleride is so smooth and controlled that I can do this! I could literally never push our tandem stroller with one hand. It needs both hands and sometimes even another set to turn! I always wear the wrist strap even when I pushing with two hands, but I love that it is there for safety and comes with the stroller.

I think some of my favorite moments with the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller is when the twins were still in bassinets. They were so sweet and would just look up and coo or sleep. We stopped using them I think they were around 8 months and they started to try to climb out. Even that is a cute memory. I loved the bassinet days!! Plus, it was so easy for them to nap on the go in those. We knew they were comfy and weren’t just shoved in an infant car seat. I would definitely get the bassinets if you can. We also loved using the bassinets to change diapers in on-the-go. Works great when you’re on a walk or even at a restaurant. Around other people and in an establishment, we would change poopy diapers elsewhere.

Don’t worry, I definitely have great memories with the regular seats too. Just like there are two bassinets, there are two seats and they are operated separately, meaning you can lay one back and not the other. This is such a key feature!! Laying down allows the babies to be comfortable anywhere. I love how there is a little flap with netting on the top of the seat cover for airflow. Additionally, the covers come down pretty low, blocking most of the sun.


The only negatives I have aren’t’ really negatives; they are personal.

1) If I did it again, I wouldn’t have gotten the cotton covers for the bassinets. I guess it would have been nice to carry around in a pinch had they had a blowout or something in the bassinets, but I didn’t really use them? The covers it comes with are already lacking in chemicals, albeit they aren’t as cozy as the cotton covers. I also didn’t really use the infant inserts, but I think that’s because we had the bassinets. If you don’t want to splurge for the bassinets, a way around them is the get the infant inserts and lay the seats back.

2) I wish I would have gotten the travel bag. We didn’t really fly with it at first because our infant car seats didn’t clip in. Once the twins outgrew their infant carseats at/around 12 months, we started traveling with the Bumbleride, since we didn’t need to clip the seats in. We gate checked the stroller and while we didn’t witness them throwing it around, there’s some cosmetic wear on the structure of the stroller that could have been prevented with the travel bag. I also wish we had the snack bars! We haven’t purchased these yet / I think we are at a point where they aren’t needed as much.

3) The parent pack is kind of awkward. I think it is just because the Indie Twin has somewhat split handlebars, but the parent pack doesn’t fit as well as I think it should. I’m still glad we have the parent pack, but wish it fit a little better. Just a small issue - not big enough to skip the pack all together.

4) It’s actually a great size, but compared to our tandem stroller, there isn’t as much room underneath the stroller. This makes complete sense since it isn’t as long as the tandem stroller, just thought I’d mention it. BUT there are nice pockets along the backside of the seats which you can put things like wipes, diapers, cups, etc in. Our other stroller doesn’t have that feature.

Ooh one more thing - I don’t even want to list as number 5, because it’s not a least favorite part, it’s just something to remember. If the seats are fully laid back, you should have a blanket or something to drape along the back, as sun often gets in there and can prevent sleep and/or cause overall frustration for the babies.

Is the Bumbleride Indie Twin worth the price? It is a resounding yes for us! Thank you Bumbleride for helping us get to where we wanted to go with relative ease / twins in tow. I want to end on a positive note, so overall we love the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Jogging Stroller!

Want to hear me talk about all of the above and then some? Check out this Youtube video I made, reviewing the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Jogging Stroller. Enjoy!

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