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Fall Skincare Routine

Fall Skincare Routine

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Happy first day of fall! Summer was both long and short at the same time. I’m not sure how that works…perhaps it was the heat? Regardless, I’m now ringing in autumnal equinox in Paris! We took the train over from London yesterday and I can already say Paris is always a good idea. I’m not sure why, but I always seem to be traveling at the start of a season. It’s fun to see the new weather (and wonder) in another place. It makes me appreciate it even more when I arrive home, some sort of magic if you will!

There’s a lot going on with my skin, so let’s go ahead and get into it. Keep reading for some new products and supplements I’m trying, how I’m prepping for cooler weather, and of course my classics that I have been using for years.

Sharing some photos from London (Notting Hill) for this post, but don’t worry. Come back later and I’ll share Paris pics or just check them out over on Instagram @ellemulenos.

Buru Dress (old, 2021) | Show Me Your Mumu Trenchcoat | Madewell Socks | Alohas Sneakers

Some updates…

For some reason, I stopped using my humidifier the past couple months. Partially because it came unplugged and it is really annoying / hard to plug it back in, but also because it has been so humid in LA! We have had so much rain and a warmish heat that isn’t really common here. Either way, I do plan to (make Nick plug it back in and) start using it again as everything cools off. I haven’t had it on in the twins’ room either, as we only have so many plugs and it has been so warm / we have needed all the fans. Side note - my humidifier brand now has a shower head filter and I really want to try it! I think it would be good for skin and hair health.

Last time I mentioned that I stopped taking my UC meds. About mid-July I got back on them because I was experiencing a lot of pain. Well, last weekend, I decided I was going to pause them again. I see my GI doctor in October and will ask her about options then. It tends to make me feel really bloated, in pain, and messes with my skin. You would think it would be opposite because it is helping my gut? Not 100% sure. If you’ve been with me on this journey, I’m still taking the enemas, just pausing the mesalamine pills again.

I did have my hormone results read by my OB and my panel + AMH wasn’t great, but I’m glad we are keeping an eye on it. I just wish I could balance everything out! Between my UC and my hormones, I’m still struggling with acne, specifically on my chin. I’m still not taking a collagen supplement anymore and have added in Organic Olivia’s probiotic. I am also trying out her “liver juice” 8-10 days before my period. I am still completing a yoga class and pilates class a week and my body enjoys the movement. I will probably start back up my Diastasis Recti Program in October. I also plan on getting another Physical Therapy prescription from my OB in December and starting that back up in the new year to see where I am at on both the diastasis recti and pelvic floor front.

While I’m still not consistent enough with my NuFace to bring you a review, I am consistently using my facial cups. I love them!! I pulled my NuDerma High Frequency Wand out of the back of my cabinet and have begun re-incorporating that into my routine as well. I am also testing out the Solawave, but haven’t formed an opinion it. At the very least, it feels good to use! I think I’ll finally try my Frownies on my forehead soon, so be on the lookout for that. I know I need to wear them nightly, but I often have product on my face, so I’ve been trying to figure out the best time to wear them. Ooh! I also recently purchased the Primally Pure Bian stone and it is so good! It is similar to their jade gua sha stone, but has a heavier weight and a different shape.

My skin has been so angry lately, I’m trying to give it a break. I’m going back to just using the Badger SPF 40 Sport on my face, because it has minimal ingredients and doesn’t seem to iritate my face. I’m still using the Educated Mess Golden Hour Vitamin C Serum and am actually on my third bottle. I like it, but I think I’m going to give Ursa Major Mountain Glow Golden Serum a try? I have a tester packet that piqued my interest. Something my skin has been LOVING is Primally Pure’s new Everything Balm. I purchased the small jar, just because I didn’t know if my skin would like it, but ooh man, it does. They also launched an Antioxidant Balm which I also like, but probably prefer it more as an under eye cream. They just reformulated their plumping serum to include bakuchiol and I am so excited, I actually haven’t finished my Follain firming serum yet, but had to start testing it! I’m using it on my face and on my décolleté. PP also recently launched a body wash and it is wonderful!! They coordinate with their body butters, which I also switch to using this time of year (instead of oils.) Remember you can use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off every Primally Pure order you place. I am also testing out the Renee Rouleau Anti-Bump Solution and so far I am really impressed!

If you’re interested in more, I recently posted my favorite Goop products, so give it a look! I just got my hands on their colorblur glow balm and it is so soft and creamy! Speaking of makeup, I stopped using bronzer. I’m not sure why, but I did. I love blush and am leaning into that. Right now I’m alternating between the colorblur glow balm, Ilia Multi Stick, and Lily Lolo Pressed Blush.


  1. Primally Pure Soothing Bar. Use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off. I wash my face with this bar! I used up my entire clarifying bar and wanted to try a new one. wet my face and wet the bar and go from there. Makes sense, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve used an actual bar of soap, so thought I’d mention it. I have this soap dish and really like it. For the longest time, I have used this foaming cleanser. I still really like it, but reserve it for trips and vacation purposes, as a bar of soap does not travel well.

  2. Educated Mess Golden Hour Vitamin C Serum. As mentioned, I’m not on my third bottle of this.

  3. Goop Vita C Eye Cream. I’m still trying to see if it * actually * does anything for me, but so far I like it and it feels good under my eyes. I’m so tired these days, so anything helps!

  4. Renee Rouleau Anti-Bump Solution. I pump a small amount onto a q-tip and apply as needed.

  5. Sunscreen. I’m not really using a daytime moisturizer right now, so my sunscreen kind of acts as one. My skin loves zinc!!

PM Routine

  1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Oil Cleanser. I only do this if I wore makeup or sunscreen that day, otherwise, I just use the bar alone vs double cleansing. I also really like the Primally Pure cleansing oil as an option too. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  2. Primally Pure Soothing Bar. Same as AM!

    *Okay so I used to switch off with Corrective Skincare LA 5% Benzoyl Peroxide and Corrective Skincare Peel Pads around twice a week, but I think I’m going to take a pause on them. When I’ve used them lately, I have woken up with angrier skin.

  3. Follain Firming Serum. I added this into my routine because it is a phyto-retinol, containing bakuchiol. It’s supposed to firm skin, reduce wrinkles, etc. (As mentioned, I’m toying with Primally Pure’s updated plumping serum as it now inludes bukuchiol as well.)

  4. Yaara Honey Oil. I added this into my routine because the ingredients just seem so nourishing. I have enjoyed using it for facial cupping and gua sha-ing. Use code ELLEMULENOS for a discount on the facial tools.

  5. Everything Balm. I switched out my Primally Pure Baby Balm for this! It is brand new and oh-so good. It is like baby balm, but on steroids! Just a completely natural kind, haha. Use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off.

  6. Primally Pure Antioxidant Balm. I have been using this as an under eye balm!

  7. Renee Rouleau Anti-Bump Solution. I pump a small amount onto a q-tip and apply as needed.

  8. Lip Balm of some kind. Lately it has been Primally Pure lip balm or BKR Paris Water Balm.


  • Face masks. I need to buy more of the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel full strength - I miss using it! I also try to use Primally Pure face masks once a week, usually on the evenings I do the full night routine, before I do all of the steps… It is basically my prep. I have all 3 and mix and match what I use. Lately I’ve been using the clarifying one everywhere though. I reviewed all the masks here. Get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS. For a more of a budget friendly mask option, use this one. I am also still loving 100% Pure’s Bright Eyes mask. If you like sheet masks, I like this brand and prefer to travel with them!

  • Facial Tools. I still like my facial dry brush. I also use my gua sha stone and facial cups several times a week. I reach for my NuDerma High Frequency Wand weekly as well. I’m also incorporating the Solawave and my new Bian Stone.

  • Facials. I’m trying to get facials every 4-6 weeks to maintain and prevent angry, clogged pores. I’m also doing light chemical peels again! I see Skin by Maddie in Brentwood or go to Corrective Skincare in Santa Monica.

Enjoy your autumn! Ours will be packed, but we hoping for a fun kind of packed Cheers to crunchy leaves and lots of apple flavored goodies. I guess pumpkin too ;)

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