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Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

Very J Dress (s/o, similar here, here, here, here) | Riffraff Hat** | Nordstrom Over the Knee Boots | Kendra Scott Earrings | Frye Bracelet | Essie Nail Polish

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I love summer, but am thankful that God created different seasons! Just as I get tired of my summer clothes, I get to transition into the greatness of flannels and football. 

So what are you planning on wearing this autumn? There are definitely some carryover trends from last year, but there are some new fads this go-around! Here's what I'm seeing, by category:


Booties- These are the increasingly popular transition shoe. We have been seeing them for a couple years now, and I'm definitely not tired of them yet! I am planning on snagging these Haku Booties this season. I have them in plain leather, but think the suede version would be the perfect addition to my shoe collection!

Over The Knee Boots- They have been popular in previous years, but last season was the first time in a while. You'll still see a lot this season! I waited to buy the ones in this post until after Christmas, so I got them for a STEAL of a price. If you're going to partake in this craze, I'd invest in a basic pair over a super trendy pair, so you can put them away and wear them again when the go out/come back in style later on;)

Ankle Boots- The new trend on the block for sure. I don't think you'll see too many this season, but I expect them to be lining the shelves next fall/winter. I have these Frye boots that I love, but other than that, I don't own any. Maybe I'll luck out and get a good "after-Christmas-sale" on anther pair!


Olive Green- The last time this color was super trendy, I was in middle school. As a ginger and a Baylor fan, I wear this hue anyway, but am so glad it is on trend! You'll see it in everything from wedges, to vests, to pants. This is a perfect "fall neutral" that you can pair with anything! I am especially liking it with leopard prints.

Marsala- The Pantone Color of the year, is one of my favorites in a while. Only a few more months before they choose a new one! Who am I kidding? I wore it before and I'll wear it after; however,this fall, it will be particularly big. I love wearing wine colored clothing, but am particularly loving it for lipsticks and nail polishes!


Leather. This started trickling back in style a couple years ago,  but made it to the masses last season. I avoided it for a while, but took the plunge last year. I'm still going to be sporting my leather stripe tuxedo pants, as well as my pleather jeggings, and am betting we are still going to be seeing it on the streets.

Fur. This came back in the same time as leather. I definitely have one of those big furry vests and I plan on getting some more! With all of the faux fur options available, you have no reason to anger PETA;)

Suede. I've seen so many suede skirts and vests recently, especially with fringe. I think that some people can pull it off, but I don't know how I feel about it; nevertheless, it is a for sure a trend to watch for. An easy way to partake in this, without too much risk, is via shoes.  There are a lot of cute booties, like these, that will let you be in-style, without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Tie Dye.  We saw this during the summer, but I didn't really buy into it, until I saw the fall colors! Like the dress I'm wearing, a lot of the tie dyes I am liking don't look like your traditional tie dye, but more of a mineral wash. So, that's a reason to love them, but so are the darker tones! The blacks and rusts help it seem more "grown up" and cool, if you know what I mean.


Felt Panama Hat. If you followed me this summer, then you know I was obsessed with this straw panama hat. Just in time for winter, they updated it to be felt (here) , and I can't get enough of it! I have it in several colors and you will probably get tired of seeing me wear them, but hey...a hat is the perfect way to add a little "something-something" to your look. (My boss saw the hat from this post and said it looked like I was going on an African Safari...I think I'll still wear it;) )

Blanket scarves. I began to notice these a lot last season and jumped on the band wagon. I love bringing them on an airplane or football game and actually using them as a blanket! They are also really big, so you can tie them into a trendy vest.

Ponchos/Capes. I am very specific when it comes to ponchos, because I was scarred by them in middle school. You have to be careful not to let it engulf your entire body. ex: this one is fantastic, but Anthropologie can do no wrong. I am also loving all of the capes I've seen (like this), but I don't think I could ever wear them, because I  am always carrying a big purse of sorts.

What Fall trends are you seeing? What trend are you most looking forward too?

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