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Eyelash Extension Series Pt. 3: Should you Get Lash Extensions for your Wedding?

Eyelash Extension Series Pt. 3: Should you Get Lash Extensions for your Wedding?

Amazing Lash Dallas Eyelash Extensions (c/o)  Show Me Your Mumu Beach Cover up (also wore it here!) | Ray-ban Sunglasses | Tavik Bikini (Similar here and here

Sorry this post is late again, y'all! Even though I had an extra day off this week, I just couldn't seem to catch up on my blog posts. I've been focusing on cleaning the apartment! If you didn't see our master bedroom sneak peak, check it out, here!

This is my second to last Saint Lucia post- are you sad? I kind of am! These were take on Sugar Beach, which was absolutely stunning. It is part of the Viceroy property, so it is more of a resort type feel than a secluded beach. Nonetheless, it had the prettiest, sand, waters, and sunset! It was also the day I got the most sunburn. I forgot that you need to apply more often, since you're so close to the equator!  If you want to see my other Saint Lucia posts, view my  honeymoon packing list, New Name, New Purse: Personalized Crossbody Pouch, I wore the Same Workout Clothes for a week and this is what happened, The Art of Versatility: Floral Dress styled for summer and fall ,Thanksgiving Blues, Now Trending: Maxi Skort Romper  Stay in Saint Lucia: Villa Piton Caribbean Castle ,   Stay in Saint Lucia: Jade Mountain Resort, what's the difference between TSA Pre-Check and Global Entrymonogram gift guide/ downtown SoufriΓ¨re, Travel Guide: Saint Lucia, and Premarital Counseling and why you should do it.

This is not the first time I have mentioned lash extensions! The first time I talked about them, I listed them on my top 3 things to splurge on before vacation! If you are newer to my blog, then you probably don't remember that one, but you should remember part 1 (FAQ) and part 2 (are they worth the money?) of my eyelash extension series! 

1) You wake up like this. Literally! Using falsies and there is still glue on your eyes the next day, not to mention you look like you woke up from a night you wore a bunch of makeup! Our flight to Saint Lucia was an early one. It had one stop in Miami and we had to take a shuttle to get to our correct terminal. There was a girl on the train (pun intended) that was a new bride, just like me... and no it wasn't her large, white tote bag that had BRIDE scribbled on it, that tipped me off...She literally looked like she fell asleep in her wedding hair and makeup, and not in a good way. I'm all for saving your hair for the next day, but wedding make up should be taken off. Falsies do NOT look good on the second day, unless you sleep like Snow White...on your back and you don't move around. hah! No judgement there, you gotta do, what you gotta do; however, when it comes to catching flights, I prefer to be comfortable and false eyelashes from the day before are anything but comfy. To each their own!

2) They won't smear down your face. Weddings are emotional - I know I had my wedding day cry! Whether it's because other people are being the "bridezilla" on your big day or your are emotional seeing your soon to be husband, extensions will not shed color down your face. Thank goodness!

3) They follow you to your honeymoon! I think this was my favorite part. If you read my breakdown of cost post on eyemakeup vs lash extensions, then you saw that one of the main benefits is time! You should be focusing on your time together, not putting make up on and taking it off! I did wear a little make up here and there, but for the most part, I went all natural + sunscreen!

4) Beachy destinations for the win. Okay, so even if you don't go to the beach, these are awesome. Let's say your on the slopes...you may have marks on your face from snow goggles, but your eyelashes will be flawless! Whether your sitting in the sun and sand or doing some other adventurous thing like skiing, you shouldn't have to put makeup, but more often than not, women do to be "presentable". Eyelash extensions are always there giving you the upper edge, which makes your daily maintenance routine super low-maintenance.

5) Natural-esque. Don't get me wrong. I love a good pair of dramatic fake eyelashes; however, they remind me of dance competitions. I love that lash extensions look natural enough for people to think they are actually my lashes. Unless you are doing the individual falsie application or just the corners of your eyes, it's super hard to acheive that look. My make up routine is fairly simple, so lash extensions match my lifestyle.

If you don't want to commit for an entire year, I recommend getting them at/around your wedding! Just be sure to get them a couple months prior, so you can know for sure that they work for you. Getting them the month of only, is kind of a risk.  Your wedding and honeymoon are once in a lifetime, so make the most of it!

Do y'all have lash extensions? Did you wear them for your wedding? I think it is a great idea to get them for your big day. Happy Friday, y'all!

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