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Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes

Wildfox Meow Bodysuit  (also comes as a Baggy Beach Jumper Pullover) | Topshop Joni High Rise Skinny Jeans | Peace Platform Booties | OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window Nail Polish | Kendra Scott Earrings

Happy first day of October! It stands for the first day of the year (for me at least), that really feels like Fall! Not to mention Halloween month! Now...my wedding happens to fall on the Friday before Halloween, so I will not really be celebrating this year, but I always love a good reason to dress up! And no, we will not be wearing costumes at the wedding reception...or on the beach in Saint Lucia! (eeek 28 days!)

I saw this Meow Bodysuit and thought it was the perfect easy and effortless little Halloween costume. Heck, I would probably even wear it when it's not Halloween, just because it is so fun! I didn't add any whiskers or special makeup, but that would also add to the look and be a relatively easy add.  The Masterminds at Wildfox created this body suit and they have several other designs that would be really easy to don on Halloween! I listed my favorites below - just click through the photos. Click on one, if you want to be taken to the exact link!




Traditional Halloween

I love Wildfox! Their products are so soft and comfy, but I do realize that their price tags are on the higher end of the spectrum. While I think it is worth it, especially if you are low on time, I do realize that a lot of us are on a budget! My mom always made our Halloween costumes from a pattern, but even that is more time consuming that some of us can allow for! Here are my top 3 DIY Halloween costumes that I have done before. Yeah yeah, you can always do Risky Business, and Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn (which I obviously love), but I feel like these are unique and wouldn't be something everyone is doing...looking at you, 3 Blind Mice! ;)

Iridescent Fabric | Mini Balloons | Yellow Ribbon | Black Dress | Black Tights  | Black Heels | White Bowl | Jelly Bellys | Red Lipstick (Halloween 2015)

1) A Bag of Jelly Beans. I did this last year and won 3rd place at work! People have done this with clear trash bags, but I didn't want to do it that way. I bought 5 yards of  sheer, yet iridescent fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric Store.  I did a baste stitch along then top and bottom, leaving more fabric at the top, to go around my neck. I then gathered the top and bottom, and pinned the two open ends together, and sewed across them, with a regular stitch. This creates a tube like dress. I eyeballed where my arms were and cut the holes there. This doesn't have to be a really well sewn piece. It's cute without being super precise! I wore a black bodycon dress and black tights, with black heels. I put on the tube like dress, then put mini balloons that I had already blown up inside of the tube, pinned on the logo, and was ready to go! Just added some lipstick and a ribbon on my side ponytail. I also printed out a Jelly Belly logo and put it on a bowl and filled with jelly beans to hand out throughout the day.

Morph Suit | White Felt | White Thread and Needle or Fabric Glue | Bunny Ears and Tail (Halloween 2014)

2) Buggs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Nick and I did this our first Halloween together. I loved it because it was classic, but not overdone. For my costume I bought a morph suit and cut the head out of it. I purchased felt and hand stitched it on the front of the suit, and on my feet. If you don't sew, you could easily put it on with fabric glue! I also bought a bunny set for ears and just pinned the tail on. And yes, I carried carrots around. All about those props! Nick's costume is pretty obvious,  no preparation required.

Leaves | Lace Midi Skirt (pulled up to be super high waisted) | Green Tights | Red Nail Polish | Red Lipstick | Green Flats (Halloween 2012)

3) Poison Ivy. I did this for my last Halloween of college, circa 2012. Except for the guy who thought I was the jolly green giant, everyone loved it! I bought a green lace midi skirt and one of those bras, that actually is more like a dress. So, without the leaves, it looks like I'm wearing a weird strapless dress that is nude on top...anyway! I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of leaves and took them off of their vines. I picked the biggest ones and lined them up in 5 vertical lines, with about 13 leaves in each line. I sewed down the middle of each leaf line, connecting them all, then sewed the 5 leaf lines together, by sewing horizontally, in turn, making this little top! I attached string on the back, so it laced similar to a makeshift corset. I used leftover leaves that were still on the vine, to put around my head, arm, waist (like a belt), and ankle! It sounds really complicated, but honestly, it's so easy. You can't really see the thread on the leaves, so there's no need for utter perfection. You kind of want it to be a messy leaf look!

Andddd just because I love me some Audrey, here’s the Audrey Hepburn costumes I have worn!

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.20.57 PM.png

Just grab an oversized dress shirt and some biker shorts and call it a day! I got my mask from Fred Flare, but you can find some on Etsy! (Halloween 2013)

This is also great, because you can basically use any LBD in your closet! I of course added pearls, gloves, a tiara, and a Tiffany’s bag! (Halloween 2011)

What are you being for Halloween this year? What's your best DIY? I'm already planning for next year... ;)

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