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DIY Valentine's Day Guide

DIY Valentine's Day Guide

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Can you believe that February is already upon us?  I feel like it was just Thanksgiving! February is either a month you love or hate. So, how do you feel about it? Personally, I love it. And no, it's not because I have a significant other. I have always liked February and the sweet goodness it brings.

My mom loves all things heart shaped, no matter the month; however, since February is literally a month of hearts, she goes all out. Growing up, she would make us heart shaped food (her waffle iron is actually heart shaped), we'd get Valentine's presents (who needs boys, anyway) and Valentine's Day dinner, would often times include me and my sister, not just my parents. (One time my dad bought my sister and I heart shaped pizzas!)

I understand why not everyone has a good experience with Valentine's Day, though.  More often than not, it is a month that is sugar coated in materialistic pleasures. (I'm pretty sure I was dumped on Valentine's Day, once. Can't remember exactly...bygones be bygones, haha) So, where did V-Day come from, anyway? There are several stories about it, but all revolve around a certain Saint Valentine. One suggests that there was a decree saying that soldiers couldn't marry, as single men were more fit for the battle field. Saint Valentine married the lovers in secret and was later killed for doing so. Another says that he helped Christians flee the Roman rule and was imprisoned for it; however, he ended up falling in love with his enemy's daughter. Before they killed him, he left her a note that said "from your Valentine", which is why we have Valentine cards today.

No matter the story, I'm glad Valentine's Day exists. The world could use more love! Nick's birthday was in November (we went to San Diego - check out my posts in the travel section) , we got engaged in December (read our engagement story here) , had Christmas, had our 2 year dating anniversary last weekend (see where went here), we are going to Seattle next weekend for engagement pictures, and now have Valentine's Day. I brought up how everything was back to back, so we discussed it, and decided to have a DIY Valentine's Day. Now, DIY, doesn't mean don't spend money; however, it does help keep costs low and thoughtfulness high! 

So, without further adieu, here's my DIY Valentine's Day Guide for anyone, regardless of your relationship status!

Valentine's Day Cards: Who doesn't like mail? I love Valentine's Day cards and still send them to my friends. Writing letters is so fun and it is definitely a lost art. As you get older, your mailbox is more bills and less fun, so a cute little note can make someone's day! I bought the cards pictured above, at Target, just last week. I wanted something that was festive and fun, but not too lovey-dovey - these fit the bill perfectly. I also considered a really cute set of donut cards. Maybe next year! Anyway, this is a cheap and easy way to show love to others. Plus, it's a lot less calories than the set of chocolates you gave everyone last year ;)

Galentine's Day Brunch: I love brunch, but I adore hosting brunches. If you watched Parks and Rec, then you know that Galentine's Day is the day before Valentine's Day and you use it to celebrate with your besties. Since Valentine's Day is a a Sunday, I get to host Galentine's Day on the actual date! (Here are some pictures from my brunch last year) You can make this fit your budget to a T. I usually prepare everything, but you could just as easily make it a pot luck. This is the perfect Valentine's Day event for all your friends - single or taken, because hey...girlfriends need love too :)

Professional Party: You spend most of your time at work, right? Well, why not spread the love there, too! We usually have some sort of shindig for every holiday, involving food and fun. For Christmas, we had a white elephant party and I scored these awesome antler candlestick holders. Friday, February 12th is probably when we will have ours, as it is the perfect time to plan some sweet fun, because who doesn't like a little extra fun to kick off the weekend?!  Typically, we create a google doc, and have people sign up to bring different items - both savory and sweet, plus drinks. This can also be a good time to mingle between departments, if you are able to coordinate it as such. It's all about that work-life balance and a good business culture!

Memories: It's easy to do the same thing over and over, so why not seek out an event, to keep ya guessing! Because Valentine's Day is on a Sunday, I reckon that a lot of people won't celebrate it on the actual day. So, a fun event or class could be perfect for you, whatever your schedule may be. The week of Valentine's Day, Nick and I are attending the Chocolate, Cheese, and Bubbles class, at Scardello Cheese. (see their other classes here) Being in Dallas, we are spoiled with anything from cooking classes, to museums or musicals, but your outing could be as easy as a movie y'all have been wanting to see. Anything that creates an experience, will last longer than those trendy pair of boots you wanted, anyway.

Homemade Dinner: Nick and I started dating January 2014. I particularly liked that, because we got to experience all of the holidays together in sequential order; however, I can't say I wasn't anxious about our first Valentine's Day. We had literally gone on our first date only 2 weeks prior. To take the edge off of anything too grandiose, he made me dinner at his loft. It was perfect for that night, but perfect for us now! We actually made dinner together last Valentine's Day too! We love cooking, but don't have a lot of time to devote to cooking a several course meal, as often as we'd like. This combines something we both love, with someone we love, so we will be doing it once again! Not to mention, a lot of places increase the price for V-Day and depending where you go, the quality doesn't increase with it.

DIY Gift: Nick and I agreed to do some sort of DIY gift in addition to our DIY meal...and this is actually where I'm stuck. I have several ideas, but haven't chosen a specific one yet.  This could be a note, a collage, a painting, a shadow box, a mug or calendar with pictures of y'all...something that you are good at, that represents your relationship and/or the one you love.  Personally, I sew, so that offers a lot of good options as well! Nick reads my blog, so I can't give too much away, but if you want to do something similar, my advice is to think of something the other person loves and run wild with it. Google is your friend!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have any DIY gift ideas for me?;)

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