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Dallas Wedding Cake Bakeries ft. Annie's Culinary Creations

Dallas Wedding Cake Bakeries ft. Annie's Culinary Creations

Photography: Heidi Lockhart

There are a lot of factors I judge a wedding by, but the biggest factor was the OG factor for me...the cake. (I mean did you see my bridal portraits with cake?!) Yep. I've been judging cakes at weddings since I can remember...which probably started at the wedding I was a flower girl in when I was 7. So...that's almost 20 years of cake judging. I'm basically a pro;) If you're like OMG what if the wedding doesn't have a cake and does something like pie or donuts?! Then I will judge the sweets that they do have! Pretty simple;)

Let's get into the "why" behind my judgement...cake has always been one of the focal points of a wedding for me. I think it dates back to the fact that my mom told me I would dream of the man I was going to marry if I slept with the bride's cake under my pillow. Pretty sure I showed up with a Ziploc to every wedding after that. Not even lying! Though I can't say I remember who I dreamed of, er I mean, Nick of course! 

Anyway, now to my wedding cake. I knew before I even met Nick, that I would use Annie's Culinary Creations for my wedding cakes. We have been going to her since she only had her storefront in Sachse, TX. (you're probably like WHERE?!) Anyway, she is quite literally the best. She doesn't refrigerate her cakes at all, has a billion flavors, and well if you're not traditional, she also offers things like cupcakes, lemon bars, cake balls...you name it!

I have had Annie's cakes multiple times whether it was a family birthday, or at a friend's wedding - I think I have done her wedding tasting 3 or 4 times now? Even though I knew what I wanted, I went ahead and did a tasting for our wedding, as Nick had never had her cake before. On top of her great product, Annie is simply an angel to work with. She was able to squeeze us in on her busy schedule and accommodate us outside of her normal hours, which she is known to do for her clients. She worked with me on getting my cake exactly how I envisioned it and getting Nick's flavor of choice PERFECT. So now, on to the cake details.


Cake Flavor: Champagne

Filling: N/A, jut had the same as the frosting

Frosting Flavor: Champagne Buttercream

Decor: 4 Tier cake with textured icing on layers 2 and 4. Gold shimmer on all 4 layers, but more on level 2 and 4. Topped with greenery from Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe



Cake Flavor: Devil's Food Chocolate

Filling: Peanut Butter Trifle and Chocolate Ganache (think Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!)

Frosting Flavor: Chocolate Buttercream

Decor: The Baylor seal with chocolate ganache drizzle and peanut butter cup lining



You can use sheet cakes: We had sheet cakes for the bridal cake, in the kitchen! When they wheeled it away to cut it, no one even knew that we had pre-cut slices in the back! This is an easy way to save money (and time!) and still have a pretty cake! Sometimes people do it because only one of their cake layers are real and other times people do it because they need more cake than the layers offer!

Have enough cake: I've been to weddings where they run out of chocolate cake OR won't let me choose which flavor I want because of lack of cake?! Um, not a happy guest, haha. Just because I am a girl, does not mean I just want a slice of the vanilla bride's cake! But also on that note... do whatever flavor you want! I would have done a chocolate bride's cake in second, but I wanted it to look traditional and vanilla frosting on a chocolate cake is no bueno. Cream cheese gets an honorable mention...Anyway back to the cake and having enough! I think we did around 150 slices of my cake and almost 100 slices of Nick's cake. It was perfect! I've also been to a handful of weddings where they had several one tier cakes of multiple flavors, so guests could actually choose, then had other little sweet treats as well. I was a big fan of that, because I am such a cake girl!

You don't have to have a topper: I know topper's are super fun, but 1) they can be kind of pricey, 2) they can be tacky, 3) who says you have to have one?! I mean I didn't think twice about not having one for mine! I love the greenery of naked cakes, but didn't want to go that trendy. Flowers are really pretty on cakes too, but I had more of a greenery them than a floral theme, so it just worked! Never underestimate the power of fresh plants! They are often prettier and cheaper than the topper you might have purchased! The toppers that you actually want to keep/that can be kept are a lot more expensive that you'd think.

Mind the time: Have you ever been at a wedding where you wanted to leave, but they hadn't cut they cake yet? Maybe that's just me, BUT! Don't forget to serve it at a reasonable hour if you want people to enjoy it. If the ceremonially cake cutting isn't up your alley, even better! The servers can pass it out once dinner winds down!

Favors: If you don't want to do cake, you can always have something sweet for the guests on their way out! We actually had one of Nick's aunt's make THE BEST Greek Baklava and had that as the favor! I've also seen donuts, cookies, candy, and even s'mores favors! Side note - if you're going to package up goodies, be sure to do so the day before, so they can be fresh! No one is going to touch them if they are stale... #wastedmoney


I think whether you have a cake or not is totally up to you. And by "you", I mean the bride. (hah!) Nick told me "well, I'm not sure I need a groom's cake" and I said "we'll you're getting one, so which flavor do you want?!" I am such a chocolate cake person, so I wanted to have my fill of it, but still wanted a traditional bride's cake! I will say if you need baked goods + cakes and are in Dallas, there is no other place to go but Annie's Culinary Creations. She will work with you on timing, budget, design aspects...really everything. Oh, but just make sure you book her in advance. Most people can't turn around and make you cake for this weekend. There are a lot of weddings in Dallas, so make sure you get your date on her calendar! I could not recommend Annie more! 


Here are all of my vendors and information:

Dress: Blue Willow by Anne Barge, Nordstrom

Hair and Makeup: Grand Slam Glam

Eyelash Extensions: Amazing Lash Garland

Flowers: Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe

Jewelry: Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace and Bracelet, Vintage Diamond Earrings

Nails: Bellacures

Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: Fuller's Jewelry

Shoes: Tory Burch Holiday 2015 Satin Burgundy Pumps

Photography: Heidi Lockhart


Food: Culinary Art Catering

Wedding VenueThe Castle at Rockwall

VideographyBow Tie Media

Rehearsal Dinner: Eddie V's

Snapchat Filter: Wedding Wire

Invitations and Save the Dates: Minted

Vow Books: Etsy (similar here too)

Wine Glasses and Platter: A Finer Impression

Cakes: Annie's Culinary Creations (she doesn't refrigerate her cakes!)

Bridesmaid and House Party DressesBrideside

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