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Colgate Kids Crib Mattress Review

Colgate Kids Crib Mattress Review

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I love a good product review, so today I’m excited to finally be sharing how we have liked our Colgate Kids mattresses over the last year and a half. “What baby mattress to get” is still one of my top asked questions, so I think it will be really beneficial to share why I went with Colgate for people shopping for a mattress right now. It is also a good check in for those who remember me talking about them prior to the twins being born, as I have actually used the product now and can give a full review. If you’re currently in the market for a mattress, be sure to read my post on 4 Things to Consider when Shopping for a Crib Mattress.

Keep reading to see what we think of our mattresses now that my babies are 17 months old!

Eco Classica III Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress (c/o) | Milk Street Baby Crib | Pehr Crib Sheets | Pehr Cottontail Pajamas (c/o) | Pehr Into the Wild Pajamas (c/o) | Owlet Monitor (c/o)

The headline is that my babies love their beds.

They are honestly obsessed. I can say that because they have slept in them since we brought them home and actually sleep better when they are sleeping on them versus other options. When they came home from the hospital, we immediately had them sleep in their cribs*; we never planned on having them in bassinets in our room. I know that is fairly common, but here are a couple reasons why we skipped the bassinet/room transition:

  • The nursery is right across the hall from our bedroom. We didn’t see the point of having to have a station right across the hall. This also kept our room “our space” which was nice especially in those first tiresome months. The changing table, the diapers, etc was all right there, so it felt repetitive to move them around. If I did it all over again, I would do it the same and put them in their room, in their crib.

  • They weren’t exclusively breast fed (EBF). The twins were combo fed since they were a couple of day old, so the ease of breastfeeding didn’t play into our decision. I know this is why some people like to keep the babies in their room at night. I pumped some at night, but would just go into their room to breastfeed during the middle of the night when they woke up. Nick and I took turns, so they weren’t necessarily nursing / getting breastmilk during the night either. We did keep a tally though so each had the same amount of breastmilk as possible. Like I said, this isn’t really even something I had to worry or think about, but I know it is a consideration for some.

  • One less transition. It is fairly easy to make a sacrifice for the “now”, especially when it comes to sleep and you aren’t getting much. I would encourage you to think of the long game. I know children who had trouble sleeping in their own cribs because it was foreign to them / they never slept really slept there and then were expected to be there all the time. Having them sleep in their crib from the beginning allowed us to avoid an extra transition, which is often felt twofold when you have two babies. It’s hard enough when they ping-pong nap, we didn’t want WHERE they slept to be an issue too.

  • Twins are different. They just are! Things that work for a singleton don’t always (and usually don’t) work for double the babies. I really don’t see how having them in our room would have made for any easier time for us at all. It actually feels like it would have been more work because the times they did sleep in our room, it was a lot harder.

*They didn’t sleep in their cribs for 6 week period when they were 3-4 months old because we found mold in their nursery. They slept in a double bassinet in our room during the construction and it was a very hard time, They would wake each other up and it was hard not to have our own space. Outside of the time they slept in it at night, we would use the double bassinet as a baby holder downstairs when we needed it and would travel with it as their sleeping arrangement. Once they hit 4+ months old, we had to retire it as they were too big. Now we use these travel crib pack and plays. I almost wish we had just used the travel cribs from the beginning, because it would have been one less thing to have / buy/ store.


Let’s get to what you came here for! Before we begin, I just want to say that the entire Colgate line is wonderful. For reference my twins use the Eco Classica III Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress from their Eco line. I described why I chose that mattress here.


The Eco Classica Runs around $245. You can find it floating around that price point, but I recently found it on sale here for $195! There are mattresses in the market that are both more expensive and less expensive; however, I know that Colgate is on the higher priced spectrum. Comparatively speaking, I think it is priced very well, especially for the quality and the fact that it is Made in America. Note that if the mattress I have is outside of your price range, they also have an array of prices that they offer. You can find a cheaper option that is still produced by Colgate! Our specific model is dual sided, so the twins slept on the infant (harder) side for the first 12+ months and then we fairly recently flipped it to the toddler (softer) side. Unlike what people tell you regarding twins being two for the price of one (they aren’t), this mattress really is two for the price of one since it is both an infant and a toddler bed. All in all, I do think it was worth the price.

For reference, the CuddleSnooze foam mattress comes in at $129.99.

To help you with the price tag, if you buy directly from the Colgate Kids website, you can use code LAUREN10 for 10% off an order with 1 mattress or LAUREN20 for 20% off an order with 2 or more mattresses. I’ve got you, twin moms!


Our beds have held up so well! I’m not sure what I exactly expected, but babies are in their cribs so much. You never really know how something will handle the stress of use. The twins don’t sleep as much anymore (they do sleep through they night, but are down to only one nap during the day), but don’t worry - the mattresses are still getting use! They are jumped on and have toys dumped on them, so still taking in all the action, if not more. I am very willing to pay more for something that is impeccably made and will hold up longer, which in this case, our Colgate mattresses have held up so well! Cost Per Wear (CPW) is drilled into my brain and since these are used daily and nightly, I very much think their quality is worth the price.


I touched on this in my first post, but Colgate checked all the boxes for me. You never know if something will be as it is on paper and I can honestly say their products are! A few things that were important to me in a mattress that Colgate delivers on is:

  • Lifetime product guarantee (as long as you are the original owner)

  • Flame and fire retardant free

  • Made in the USA

  • Hypoallergenic


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Safe

As a reminder, all of their mattresses have the above features; however, they have two distinct lines - Eco and Classica. We went with the Eco line, because this collection is the more natural and organic route - the foam is made with plant based oils and the covers are organic cotton. The Eco line only consists of foam, whereas the Classica line has foam, hybrid, and inner spring options. If you really want a spring mattress, don’t be afraid if it isn’t “organic’… I mean how can a metal spring be organic?! Just something to think about. Ask your pediatrician if you’re not sure. I for one am glad that Colgate thinks through their labels and markings!

Cuddle + Kind Hannah the Bunny and Elliott the Fawn


A question that I want to touch on is are Colgate mattresses breathable? Having a breathable crib mattress is all the rage right now. I understand the sentiment - I really do. There are so many questions, concerns, and worry, especially when babies are to tiny and we feel helpless. We want a safety guarantee and to feel at peace in at least one area of our child’s life. They spend so much time on a mattress, it makes sense that it is an easy place to start! What I don’t like is that it sometimes feels like fear mongering to me. “Breathable” is not a regulated or really a measurable term for that matter, so what is it we are really buying? Since we got our mattresses from Colgate almost 2 years ago, they have come out with what they label as a breathable line called CuddleSnooze to try and complete in that space. Again, it is such a buzz word right now and because of things like Instagram ads and influencers a lot of people are looking for solely breathable options.

I chatted with the Colgate team about this recently so I could speak more to this on my review. I actually had this discussion with them several years ago when we decided on the Eco Classica and now I have some details to update you on. Basically, some mattress companies say that they have a breathable product, when in reality it is only the mattress cover that is breathable. Colgate uses open cell foam and PE foam engineered with air channels to enhance circulation in all of their foam mattresses . This of course includes the Eco Classica model, which is what we use. If you prefer to go the spring route, their innerspring mattresses have a natural degree of breathability due to the spaces between coils. So as I said, air circulates through their all of their mattresses, even those that aren’t labeled “breathable”, like the one the twins use.

To clarify, the term “breathable” is used to describe air permeability of mattress’ covers/surfaces. Colgate uses the term a bit differently. They actually define “breathability” as a mattress’ ability to allow internal air circulation in order to help regulate temperature and prevent overheating – one of the suspected leading causes that contributes to SIDS. As such, all of their innerspring mattresses (byway of eyelets and/or vents), as well as all of the mattresses in the CuddleSnooze line, allow complete airflow through the mattress. With the innerspring mattresses, air can flow through the mattress borders via the vents, and then freely circulate internally amongst the coils. In all nine of the mattresses in the CuddleSnooze line, all mattress borders are non-waterproofed, also allowing air to freely flow through and circulate. 

To clarify once more because I know it’s a lot - the mattress my twins use (Eco Classica III) is made with open cell foam blocks that also feature micro air channels to allow a degree of internal air circulation. Technically, this makes it breathable; HOWEVER, Colgate does not label any foam mattress outside of their Cuddlesnooze line (including the ones we have) as breathable because they neither feature vents nor have waterproofed sides. They reserve the “breathable” tag for their inner spring mattresses, as well as their Cuddlesnooze line which does feature vents and non-waterproofed sides. The Cuddlesnooze Foam mattress (the Cuddlesnooze line also comes in spring and hybrid, but I’m just comparing the foam) and the Eco Classica III both use Colgate’s EcoFoam, which is made of plant based oils. The difference between the two is that the cover on the Eco Classica is made of organic cotton and is waterproofed. Said another way, the Cuddlesnooze foam mattress is not covered in organic cotton and is not waterproofed. An extra feature the Cuddlesnooze foam mattress has is KulKote Copper® which promotes microbial control (needed since it isn’t waterproofed) and temperature regulation (suspected to help fight against SIDS.)

This also brings me to another point… if your mattress is “breathable” (by whatever the company deems that to mean), this could mean that the mattress is, but the cover isn’t or vice versa. ALSO, your mattress and cover could be breathable, but if you’re putting a waterproof mattress cover on top of it, you are cancelling out its breathability. I use waterproof covers on the twins’ beds, so no shame there. I just want to paint he full picture for you and make sure you are aware.

So the question is what is important to you? For me it was to pick the mattress that was the “cleanest” option, while also being easy to clean. For you it could be peace of mind and a fight against your anxiety to have a breathable mattress. I’m all about empowering decisions and hopefully this makes your mattress search a little bit easier.

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I receive a lot of questions about why I didn’t choose a certain mattress… It is a popular one that I hear a lot of influencers talk about. I’m not saying I always run in the opposite direction of an item if a lot of people have it; however, just because a lot of people have it, doesn’t mean I’m going to buy it. It does often mean that I’m going to judge the item more harshly, because I never want to buy something simply for the reason that everyone has it… especially if it is on a claim that isn’t regulated like breathability. I’m not for scare tactics! …especially when it can be cancelled out by any water proof mattress cover. Just some food for thought!

I feel like this review fell flat in comparison with my other reviews (I am my own worst critic), but I truly don’t have much to say because 1) I included so much of it in my first post and 2) Colgate delivered on everything I thought they would be! It’s as simple as that. We love our mattress and would buy it again in an heartbeat. I just wish they made mattresses in adult sizes! Dear Colgate friends, can you make us a California King?!


Colgate Mattress: We love our Eco Classica III Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress! You can use code LAUREN10 for 10% off an order with 1 mattress or LAUREN20 for 20% off an order with 2 or more mattresses.

Colgate Waterproof Mattress Cover. We have 4 total, 2 total per child so we can change it to a clean one and wash the other if we need to. They have worked well for spit-up, throw-up, pee, and poop.

Milk Street Baby Crib. I love how we can use the cribs as bed frames for a twin bed too! Use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off your Milk Street Purchase

Favorite Crib Sheets. I have purchased several brands and if I did it over again, I would get all of them from this brand! They are so soft and I love the muslin texture. I think they feel a lot more expensive than they are.

Owlet Dual Monitor. We have their dual system and both are wall mounted. We love it! It does connect using WiFi, but we haven’t had any issues / no worries with hacking because of our firewall.

The twins slept in Love to Dream swaddles until they could roll and have been in Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper sleep sacks since then. Their favorite pajamas are Burt’s Bees Baby, Angel Dear (cotton, not bamboo), Pehr, and Lake Pajamas.

Don’t forget about another possible mattress for your baby - their changing pad! We have the Colgate Eco Pad 2-Sided Contour Changing Pad, which also has a coordinating changing pad cover.

Want all of this information in live form? I recorded a YouTube video for you. Enjoy!

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