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Coat of many Colors

Coat of many Colors

OnTwelfth Leopard Jacket (s/o, similar here, here, here) | Black Tee | Pleather Leggings | Black Boots | Rayban Rounded Wayfarer Sunglasses | NYX Lipstick | Kendra Scott Earrings

Statement coats go all the way back to the Biblical era! You've probably heard of Joseph and his coat of many colors, but if you haven't, it's about a favorite son. Joseph was one of 12 brothers, but his dad loved him the most. His father Jacob, gave him a very colorful coat, which enraged his brothers, causing them to sell him into slavery. Back then, clothing with a lot of pigment in them were very expensive, so it not only showed favor, but it showed wealth, as well. I always loved learning about the history of fashion, so to be able to trace trends and such back to B.C. is so cool! 

If you talk to my mom (or just look in my coat closet), she'll tell you that I have an obsession with coats. I have one in most tones- yellow, royal, blackwatch plaid, black, khaki...did you fall asleep yet? Anyway, I thought my coat of the season would be this pretty thing (seen in this post); however, that was before I found the coat from this post at ShopRiffraff! They are sold out now, but as soon as I saw it, I grabbed it! ( I linked 3 similar options here, here, and here)

You may think, "Lauren, you have a billion and two coats and live in Texas...go back to school and learn about your climate". I know, I know, but having a statement coat is such a good thing, especially in the winter! Here's why:

1) They instantly dress up your look. Whether you are wearing jeans or even leggings, statement coats are somewhat "fancy", so they bring your whole look up a level. Versatility is key when you buy, especially if it is more on the expensive price range. I could literally throw this coat on with some lululs, my Uggs, and oversized sunnies and call it a day. 

2) You can wear more than once. No, I'm not a brat...I seriously keep clothes and shoes forever; however, I don't really like to wear the same exact thing more than once, especially if it is a formal dress for a big event; however, coats are different for me. They are more of an extra layer, so it's okay to sport them as I please. This is a big plus! Cheetah faux fur may seem like a coat you would see in the "Thrift Shop" music video, but I seriously get so many uses out of it and compliments on it!

3) They are perfect for party season. When you head to a fancy get-together, what do you wear to keep warm? Chances are that your dress alone isn't going to do the trick. As much as I love my black pea coat, it just isn't always fit for the occasion. The right statement coat can help you look top notch from your car, to the event and beyond. You shouldn't have to bare the cold, just keep your look together.

4) You stay warm AND chic. Imagine you are wearing a cute outfit, but even the cutest of winter outfits, isn't going to keep you warm, when outside. The problem with the winter, is that sometimes it is just too cold to take your coat off. Then what are you going to do? No one will even see your cute outfit and at that point, it's only good for wearing the next day, as no one saw you have it on (haha). A statement coat allows your outfit to look cute, regardless of if you ever take it off.  That is a huge plus in my book!

Now the word "statement" is relative to the wearer. If you already dress "loudly", then your statement coat will be different than someone who only wears their quilted Burberry. I'm all about classic coats, but in a lot of cases, a statement coat is just as pertinent. Do you have any statement jackets? 

p.s. Isn't this J.Crew coat the cutest? It comes in several colors!

Random side note, Dolly Parton's "Coat of many Colors" is on Hulu right now! It tells the story behind her song "Coat of many Colors" and I recommend it, especially if you like Dolly!

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