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Christmas Gift Guides Under $50

Christmas Gift Guides Under $50

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Happy almost holidays! I got started on this pre-babies, just because most of you said you wanted gift guides earlier. I donโ€™t blame you! I start shopping pretty early so I can relax come December. Itโ€™s also nice to spread the expenses out over the year versus all at once.

Speaking of moneyโ€ฆ on the same Instagram poll I asked you about when you wanted the guides, I also asked about price-point. Most of you said to keep it under $50 and I donโ€™t blame you. Thatโ€™s typically my go-to gift price limit, so I totally understand. I have kept everything under $50 except for a couple sections at the bottom. I just looked at my under $50 gift guide from last year and it is still pretty great in my opinion, so if you want more inspiration, itโ€™s a great go-to as well. Most everything is clickable from the image in the collage, though some things I couldnโ€™t link. In those instances, I made sure I included their direct links in the paragraph above the picture.



I feel like this section is often the easiest for me to do / people need the least amount of ideas for; however, if you are in a rut, I hope this helps you out. I made sure to include my favorite nightshirt, along with cool things like a personalized notebook, elevated friendship bracelets, an anti-anxiety ring, plus one of my favorite books that includes recipes!

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Guys are just harder to shop for in general, not to mention there are so many different types of guys. I tried to include something for everyone whether they are into comics (these Marvel socks) or prefer to spend their time outside (this fly fishing wallet). I also included some of Nickโ€™s favorite things like this coffee mug and this ice tray. I also try to make my gift guides shoppable in more than one section; so, there if there isnโ€™t something for them here, there will probably be something in a different section!

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This is the section that is most fun and easy for me! I could fill it up with so many things, so it was hard to limit the offering. One of my favorite makeup brands is Ilia, so of course I had to include some of my most used products and ones Iโ€™m eyeing from them. Personally, I really want this visor for the beach and have been dying to try this lip mask.

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Another fun section, that I could just fill with items for days! Loving this waffle set top and bottom. I have this fanny pack and it is my favorite for hikes or something where you donโ€™t need a fancy belt bag.

Doesnโ€™t link in the collage // has coupon codes:


This was a requested section and it is so smart! Iโ€™m surprised I didnโ€™t include something sooner like this, as it is right up my alley. Nick and I donโ€™t really give each other Christmas gifts and prefer things like trips and other experiences. I know some people still like to give a physical gift, so I tried to include some ideas. Thereโ€™s a paddle for a wine tasting which would be fun to host or represent a trip to Napa. Similarly, I included an espresso spoon to represent a coffee cupping or some type of coffee experience. Cookie cutters for an afternoon baking and decorating cookies together. A candle making kit, as well as a sourdough starter set and a gelato mix. What can I say, some of my favorite memories revolve around the kitchen! Thereโ€™s a weekender bag to represent a road-trip or weekend away as a gift. If you are giving a sporting event tickets or even a concert, it would be darling to put them in a clear / stadium approved bag. Last but not least, I shared hiking boots to represent adventure or a special hike they have been wanting to try. Could also give dance shoes that represent a dancing class they can take or one you can do together! The options are really endless with this section and the memories last forever.


Another new section!! I had to because of the twins ;) Letโ€™s be real. Babies donโ€™t actually need anything, so I tried to include fun toys, books, and clothes. Love this personalized book. You can get cutie matching pajamas for everyone if you buy these. This Santa plate will be a keepsake. What isnโ€™t to love?!


Another hard section, but if none of these ideas work, there is probably something for them in another section. Love these custom dominos, since it is something you can do together and it is special. You can never go wrong with a photo in a pretty frame or a custom puzzle. This wooden game is fun too and something the whole family can participate in.


This works as a great section for hostess gifts too! A return address stamp is unique and useful, as is custom stationary note cards. I need to try this cookbook. This water pitcher / cup is so pretty and functional too.

Doesnโ€™t link in the collage // has coupon codes:


At a glance this section may seem silly, but it is one of my favorites. There are so many cool beverage containers and accessories, it deserves its own section. This mug will keep your drink hot and it fits in your cup holder. Love this tea cup. These wine glass charms are so cute and help you remember which glass is yours. Grab a coffee gift card or a bottle of wine and couple it with one of the gifts below and youโ€™ll have a gift you know they will use and appreciate.


I like to include a section of Christmas themed items, because some gifts just deserve to be holiday themed. This Dolly Parton advent calendar is so fun. I thought this mug was so pretty and this ornament is so sweet and personal.


Something for the fur babies and something for their hoomans. Doing this Advent calendar with your dog along side your own is such a sweet idea. A personalized pet painting is always a good idea. And whether youโ€™re a dog dad or a dog mom, thereโ€™s a hat for both of you.


I like to include this section just for fun, as I know if youโ€™re going to spend more than $50, you likely already know what youโ€™re buying. Nick would love to have this to cover our stovetop. He is obsessed with these swim trunks - I wrote a review here. This blanket is a dream and I shared that here. These platform slippers are so cute and comfy! Plus I have this robe and it is good. I wrote about it here.

Doesnโ€™t link in the collage // has coupon codes:


Just a few things Iโ€™m eying that I thought Iโ€™d share if you need some ideas for your own list. I want these Uggs so I can throw them on to walk around the neighborhood or take them to the beach in the off-season. They are easier to take on and off than my tall ones. Iโ€™ve also been constantly eyeing these sneakers - so good! Iโ€™ve been dying to try this and review it for you. Andddd this has been on my wishlist for a while ;)

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Thanks so much for reading my gift guides and for shopping through my links. It is posts like these that help me support my family. I was lucky enough to get this done prior to the arrival of my twins and am thankful to be able to take a break from writing for a bit, so I can take somewhat of a maternity leave. Best wishes this holiday season and may you feel love and celebrate with those you adore. XOXO

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