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Buying a New Robe

Buying a New Robe

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Earlier this year, I polled you on Instagram to find out what your favorite robe was. I had this fuzzy robe that I loved and Nick hated. Maybe because he saw me wear it so much during the pandemic? Could also be that it was 5 years old and needed to be retired. Either way, I agreed with him, as it is very warm and would often cause me to sweat. About time to upgrade to a more breathable option that wasn’t as ratty!


I had my eye on a couple robes, but took your suggestions into consideration. Ultimately I wanted an option that was a natural fiber and possibly organic, but overall, my main requirement was no synthetic fibers. It’s the man-made fibers that are often keeping you too toasty! The most popular ones you recommended to me were:

  • Cozy Earth Bamboo Robe. A lot of people love this brand and say it is so soft. I don’t doubt it! I’m not against it, but it isn’t natural fibers which is what I was looking for. A lot of brands use bamboo and people assume it is good for the planet, natural, etc ; however, it is spun into a viscose which is a manmade fiber and does produce a lot of waste. My point in saying this isn’t about Cozy Earth but the bamboo fabric market in general. It has been green washed and often not what it seems. So no, I didn’t go with this one just because my main requirement was a natural fiber.

  • Lake Pajamas Robe. Another one with a cult following that frequently goes out of stock. These are really nice and are 100% cotton for the most part. I didn’t find one that was my current style, but I kind of stopped searching since every piece I somewhat liked was out of stock in my size.

  • Skims Robe. A lot of you mentioned the cozy knit robe and that it was like a Barefoot Dreams robe. They carry some that aren’t fuzzy, but all of them are made of synthetic fibers. I loved my previous robe, but was looking for a non-fuzzy one so it could be worn year-round.

  • Ugg Robe. I LOVE my Ugg slippers. Most of their robes are made with man-made fabric though. There are some made with cotton, but are mixed with synthetic fibers. They would for sure be good in the winter, but even then, Southern California doesn’t get that chilly, so this wasn’t my top priority.

  • Weezie Towels Robe. These actually look great. They are organic cotton and look very luxurious. They come in long sleeve and short sleeve options too. Ultimately they were a little more than I was wanting to spend, plus the bulk of their inventory is white. My community laundry room is not nice to white fabric and with the price tag, I didn’t want to risk ruining it.

  • Odd Bird Robe. I loved these robes! I really like their brand mission and vision too. They aren’t as expensive as the Weezie robes, but they aren’t far behind. They are mostly cotton and linen blends and are so pretty. Not to mention, they are made by hand! When I was shopping for them, most were sold out, so it was hit or miss for inventory.

  • Parachute Robe. This was the initial brand I considered, because their bedding is. so nice. We have it for both of our beds. All of their versions came recommended, but the waffle and the cloud were most mentioned. Love this brand!

I ended up going with the Parachute Cloud Robe and have been LOVING it for the past 6 months. It’s getting a little small for me now that my (twin) pregnant belly is protruding, but it’s still great. I ordered a size small and medium to see which I liked better and the small won out. I debated on color as well. I really liked the amber (yellow), surplus (olive), and bone, but went with burgundy since I liked the color and it wouldn’t really show stains or hair. It does have pockets which is great, but if I was able to add / change something, I’d add an inner tie that connected the wrap so it wasn’t just held together by the outer tie. Overall though, no complaints! And Nick likes it too ;)

Thought this would be a perfect post to share as we transition into fall and the weather gets cooler. Fall does officially begins week. It works great as gift inspo for those special people you might want to spend a little more on. OR you can opt for a cheaper robe (or slippers) for that matter and pair it with a gift card to a spa. A super easy way to make a gift card more personal. Stay cozy this season!

P.S. If you are looking for a short sleeve robe, I love my Sudara one!

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