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Boy Girl Twin Nursery Reveal

Boy Girl Twin Nursery Reveal

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I’m excited to finally share our twins’ nursery! While I still plan on personalizing it a little more with some photos and hanging a couple more things on the wall, I wanted to go ahead and reveal their room.

Keep reading to see more pictures, products we are using, and the “why” behind our nursery choices.

Summersalt Pintuck Dress (non maternity, wearing size S) | Wonder & Wise Wooden Walker Toy | Ubbi Diaper Pail (c/o) | CB2 Shelving (old, painted cream, similar here, similar option you wouldn’t have to paint) | Storage Baskets | Changing Table | Wicker Drawers (old, painted, similar here) | Large Wicker Basket (old, this one is similar and so is this one) | Cuddle + Kind Elliott the Fawn and Hannah the Bunny | Soft Basket | Sheep Mobile | Gathre Padded Mat | Wooden Play Gym

Babyletto Changing Table | Colgate Eco 2 Sided Contour Changing Pad (c/o) | Wonder & Wise Wooden Walker Toy | Ubbi Diaper Pail (c/o) | CB2 Shelving (old, painted cream, similar here, similar option you wouldn’t have to paint) | Storage Baskets | Changing Table | Large Wicker Basket (old, this one is similar and so is this one) | Primally Pure Baby Kit | Ubbi wipes dispenser (c/o) | Baby Brush Set


Before going any further, I wanted mention our living situation. Nick and I reside on the west side of Los Angeles, California. We moved from Dallas, Texas at the end of 2019. That being said, not only do we currently rent our residence, but we live in an apartment, not a house. As I’m personally from Texas (Nick is originally from San Diego, though we met in Dallas), most people we know don’t have kids until they own a home. Though is is the “norm” where I’m from, it isn’t across the U.S. and certainly not this way across the world. I wanted to point this out and kind of normalize this. While I wish we didn’t have to lose our office / guest room, we haven’t been able to find a three bedroom within the price we want to pay and the area we want to live. For reference, the barrier of entry for a home in our preferred area is around 1.2M and that typically only gets you 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. This directly translates to how much rent costs. We have plenty of space and are just making it work! We live in a split level with 2 spacious rooms and a full bathroom upstairs, with a large living space, kitchen, and dining room downstairs, along with a half bath. We can’t complain!


Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk fun stuff! The first step we completed when planning the nursery was the color scheme. Both of our favorite colors are green and it makes for a great gender neutral type of look. I hinted at this vibe with this baby shower post, and then again when I first discussed things to consider when buying a crib mattress. I love the natural look of wood, which can translate to a lot of different color schemes over the years, even to when they have their own rooms! The cribs we chose transition to a toddler bed AND an adult bed, so we plan on utilizing them for years to come and wanted to make sure they would lend themself to whatever “theme” we went with down the road.

Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker (c/o) | Storage Baskets | CB2 Shelving (old, painted cream, similar here, similar option you wouldn’t have to paint)


As far as products go, I went over a lot of this in my baby registry tips post, but I’ll dig a little deeper into the products in our nursery since this is a little bit more specific.

  • Milk Street Baby Convertible Branch Crib. I am planning on writing a specific post about these cribs, but until then, I just want to say that they are awesome. They are as beautiful as they are sturdy, made from New Zealand Pine. While they are on the more expensive side, there are still cribs out there that are more expensive and then of course on the less expensive. I found that the less expensive ones had iffy reviews and weren’t considered as sturdy. If they were sturdy, they often weren’t my aesthetic. A bed is a place a baby spends a lot of time, so it wasn’t an area I wanted to skimp on. It was also something I was willing to spend more on this crib specifically converts to a toddler bed and even an adult / twin mattress bed. The versatility fit right into my mantra of buying fewer, better things. While it may be more upfront, it will likely the same or even less expensive in the long run as we will just need to buy attachments and a twin mattress when the adult bed time comes. Our current mattress flips over to be a toddler / softer mattress. Something that was important to me when I was searching was that the cribs were Greenguard Gold Certified. This essentially means that they have low chemical emissions and are more on the nontoxic side of things. Babies put everything into their mouths, so we are trying to be intentional about the items that are around them. If you choose to buy a Milk Street Baby crib from their website specifically, they gave me a code to share. You can use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off.

  • Colgate Mattress Eco Classic III Crib Mattress. (c/o) I went into detail here as to why I picked Colgate, but the headline is that they checked all the boxes in regard being more nontoxic spectrum mattresses, plus I love their story. Similar to the cribs, these mattresses are versatile in the sense that they have two sides - a harder / more firm side for infants. Flip it over and it is a softer mattress, perfect for their transition to a toddler bed. If you buy directly from their site, you can use code LAUREN10 for 10% an order with 1 mattress or 20% off with discount code LAUREN20 for an order with at least 2 mattresses / an order minimum of $250+!

  • Colgate Mattress Eco Cover Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Mattress Cover. (c/o) The mattress itself is built to withstand stains and such, but it is always helpful to use a mattress cover. We have 4 of these - 2 for on each mattress and 2 on reserve when we need to change them. I’ve always had a readily available set of clean sheets and such for myself, but it is extremely necessary now, was we don’t have in-unit laundry. You never know when you will need to change the pad or if someone is already using the washing machine.

  • Fitted Crib Sheets. The ones you see in these images are from Pehr. Here’s the leopard one and here’s the gingham one. They are both organic cotton. I also have this 100% cotton 3 pack from Nordstrom and a 100% cotton one from Mushie, for a total of 6 fitted crib sheets. Same reasoning as above for changing and laundry! While I might prefer organic cotton, my main goal is to use natural, breathable fibers like cotton in general versus synthetic / manmade fibers.

  • Owlet Double Monitor. (c/o) Nick installed these directly over the cribs and they work like a charm. I have plans to write a separate review on these, but basically I let Nick takeover this area, since he cares more about techy things than I do. We wanted something we could check on our phones / not have to carry around a separate monitor. I know that some people are scared to have monitors that connect to WiFi as they can be hacked, but we have a very secure system with firewalls and such in place. It isn’t something we are worried about.

  • Gathre Padded Mat. I love Gathre! We have had their Maxi Square Throw that we use at the beach for over a year now. I knew I wanted one of their padded mats to use in the nursery for tummy time and whatnot. It pairs perfectly with this wooden activity gym, not to mention it wipes clean so easily.

  • Modern Lamp. This is actually a lamp that we had leftover from the office. It works just fine, so we didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. My dad painted the rod for me with an almond colored paint so it matched our aesthetics. If you are looking for one you don’t have to change from black to cream, here is a good option. We currently have this Pehr Mobile (c/o) hanging from it as a sweet little touch as well. It makes it more kid-like for sure.

  • Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker. (c/o) I wasn’t sure we would have room this with two cribs and all, but am so glad we went ahead and got it. I had heard that a rocker of sorts was sometimes something to skip for twins as they don’t always fit two babies; however, this one is a little wider than average, so it should work well. It is Greenguard Gold Certified and fits within our desire to have more nontoxic surfaces and furniture. The fabric is actually stain resistant and water repellant in addition to the fact that the wood is FSC certified (harvested environmentally) and fabric was made with recycled plastic bottles. Honestly, what isn’t to love?!

  • Shelving. Maybe you’re looking for shelving, maybe you’re not. Much like the lamp I mentioned above, these shelves and desk shelf are still bolted into the wall for when this room was an office. We liked the shelves and figured we would need some anyway, so why not re-purpose them. My dad painted these for us as well - the same almond color as the lamp! I really like how they look and how we have made them functional storage. If you want an option you wouldn’t have to paint from black to cream, here is a similar option.

  • Organizing Baskets. Why are baskets so expensive? These were my favorite I found AND I felt like that were a reasonable price. The quality is great as well - very sturdy. I bought 9 total - 3 of each size.

  • Wicker 3 Drawer Storage. Nick’s parents moved early this year and got rid of a lot of items. This was one of those items we inherited. The almond colored metal was initially black, which my dad painted for us. It goes with the aesthetic of the nursery and I love that it serves as more storage. Obviously this one is old, but here is a pretty similar version. Although we weren’t sure it would stay there, I really like the sheep mobile we have hanging above these drawers. You’ll notice this is our second lamb mobile. I didn’t want an animal theme, but I like the pops of sheep. My mom embroidered “When I’m worried and I can’t sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep” which is one of mine Nick’s favorite songs from White Christmas. It works perfectly for the nursery set up. I love it! You’ll also notice that we have some quilts on top of the drawers - those were made for the babies. So sweet! This basket is on top of those and hold pacifiers and teether type toys, along with their sweet Cuddle + Kind Elliott the Fawn and Hannah the Bunny, Sophie the Giraffe and her friend FanFan, among other things.

Storage Baskets | CB2 Shelving (old, painted cream, similar here, similar option you wouldn’t have to paint) | Wonder & Wise Wooden Walker Toy | Ubbi Diaper Pail (c/o) | Cuddle + Kind Elliott the Fawn and Hannah the Bunny | Soft Basket | Sophie the Giraffe and her friend FanFan

  • Babyletto Changing Table. This was the last big thing we purchased for the nursery. I don’t really like changing tables. They are either don’t offer adequate storage, and/or are just ugly. We went with this one as it offered the drawer space and basically got the job done. Plus I didn’t hate the look of it either. The only slight problem is that our changing pad didn’t fit well in it - the pad was about an inch or less to big. We “broke” the bottom part of the changing pad and shoved it in to fit perfectly. It works just fine! At that point we didn’t want to search for another changing table, had already put it together, and were set on our changing pad. We are happy with this as is - no complaints. Note that it isn’t Greenguard Gold Certified, but I couldn’t find one that I liked or that I wanted to pay that much money for. It is however made of wood (New Zealand pine to be specific - a natural material like I wanted) and is TSCA compliant. Additionally it stained and painted with nontoxic materials that is lead and phthalate free and exceeds ASTM and CPSC standards. It doesn’t have any storage on top like some changing tables do, but since it is right next to the shelving, we are okay with that. The wipes dispenser (c/o) is right next to it (I think we will end up using these wipes) and the first drawer of the table is dedicated to diapers. We have baby powder, baby oil, and diaper cream on the desk as well. TBD on if this set up works, but we can always change it if we want to. The other drawers in the table house clothing.

  • Colgate Eco 2 Sided Contour Changing Pad. (c/o) This changing pad is by the same brad as our crib mattresses. Read why we love the brand here.

  • Changing Pad Cover. I was going to buy the Colgate Changing Pad Cover, but they have been sold out. Should be back in stock this fall! Instead I bought two Naturepedic ones that are the same size and organic cotton as well. I purchased two just to have one on back up at all time, though both the pad and the covers are waterproof.

  • Ubbi Diaper Pail. (c/o) I have read that diaper pails were something to skip with twins since it fills up so quickly; however, because we live in an apartment I didn’t think we could skip this and just went for 2 instead of 1. We have to lug all our trash to the alley and figured that pails would work best for us, since it isn’t a hop, skip, and a jump to our dumpster. We like Ubbi because it is made of stainless steal and doesn’t require special bags, though you can certainly buy theirs if you’d like.

  • Large Basket. We have this just for extra storage. Not sure of its official use yet. While we do have a closet, it has our stuff in it, so we don’t have a ton of baby storage right now. This was another grab from Nick’s parents’ house, so I can’t like the exact one for you; however, this one is similar and so is this one.

Wicker Drawers (old, painted, similar here) | Gathre Padded Mat | Wooden Play Gym


A couple other things we have that aren’t really out on display, but do live in the nursery (we have a hidden nook), is this Double Bassinet and two of these Baby Bjorn Bouncers. We also have this humidifier in-between the cribs and these portable white noise machines. We opted for portable ones so we could move them, put them in the stroller, etc if we needed to. We also have two baby shushers so we can keep one in the diaper bag and one in the nursery. Hidden in the closet we have a twin-go lounger and a twin-z pillow. I haven’t purchased it yet, but considering getting this to hold breastfeeding essentials. Will wait and see what I need regarding that though. Right now I’m using one of the storage baskets on the shelving.

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Have any nursery essentials we are missing? We are definitely learning as we go. I hope these images and details give you inspiration for your own nursery! I’m really happy with the way it came out and find it super happy and calming. Hopefully the babies do too!

As mentioned, I’m still going to be adding a couple other personal touches to their space later. Something that is personal and currently in there right now is this vase! It holds the welcome beads and flower bracelet from our babymoon in Hawaii. The bunny tails (small pampas grass) are from a bouquet of flowers I made the day I found out I was pregnant. You can’t really see them, but there are two sea shells in there as well. Nick picked these the day we found out their genders. You’ll also see the two embroideries in frames, which my mom made :) We also have several pieces of Nick’s parents furniture which I find special too. If you look closely you can see Nick’s ceramic baby shoe that has his birthday and birth information on it. So sweet!

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