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Top 3 things to bring with you on your beach vacation

Top 3 things to bring with you on your beach vacation

Sincerely Mary Top (c/o) | American Apparel Bikini Top | American Eagle Shorts | Kendra Scott Earrings | Bracelet |  OPI Nail Polish | Rayban Aviators  

Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend- I know, I did! I am hoping that you aren't tired of my Hawaii vacation yet, because here's another post from it! These pictures were taken at Kanaha Beach on Maui, Hawaii. This beach was filled with kite surfers- that's what you see in the background/in the water. People strap these contraptions around their waist, then let their kite catch air, and pull them into the sea. It was very cool to watch!

Anyway, here's another set of things that I compiled for y'all...my top three things to bring to the beach. You've obviously got to have your phone, a good book, and a towel, so these are things that you might not consider to bring. 

1) The Perfect Hat.

The panama hat is in its peak. It may be newly trending, but it is definitely not new. My first memory of this hat is in middle school Spanish. Mr. Karbowski taught me that it may be called the Panama hat, but it is actually from Ecuador! Oh, but the Ecuadorians don't actually call it a Panama hat. Weird, huh? No matter how quirky its origins, it's hard not to fall in love with this piece! This Halogen hat from Nordstrom is my current fave.

2) Sun Repair.

You're probably thinking DUH! But, let me go over this anyway. On this trip, I used Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 on my body and their SPF 30 on my face. Also, my face makup has SPF 15 in it. I really didn't get sunburned, except when I went surfing. I got a lovely burn on my rear + thighs because of the sun, water, and no reapplication. Oops! My life savor on this trip was shared with me by my friend Haylea from Bowl of Happiness. She told me to  buy Clinique after sun rescue balm and boy was I glad I did! My legs were too far gone to help the onset sunburn, but it truly helped speed the healing process and actively repaired any other slightly pink spot on my body! 

3) Polarized Sunglasses.

<I wear which causes everything to be brighter. This makes polarized lenses completely necessary; however, even if I didn't wear contacts, I would still spend a little extra to get that little "P" written on my sunnies! If you have never tried on polarized sunglasses, I urge you to try. They really enhance everything your looking at...and if you're going on vacation, you really want to be able to look at your surroundings in its best light, right? I thought so! Raybans are my absolute favorite and what I wear 99% of the time. These are the newest pair in my collection. Aren't they the cutest?

Trusty Tidbits:

1) When you purchase things from Clinique, you get to choose several mini samples. One of the things I chose was a mini perfume. Not only was it perfect for airport security, but I only wore it when I was in Hawaii. Now, whenever I smell Clinique Happy, I'll be reminded of all of the memories and adventures I had there!

2) Whenever I put sunscreen on my face (ya know, every single day of the trip), I used a beauty secret that I learned from my friend Christina at Fitness and Frills! I would wash and moisturize my face, then put sunscreen on. The problem is, no one wants to look shiny, but they do want the protection from the sun! After applying sunscreen, I put some cornstarch on my makeup brush and swirled it all around on my face. It instantly soaked up any grease on my skin, only leaving me with shine free, protected skin!

Did you like this post? I hope you did! The below image is perfect for you Pinterest boards, so pin away, friends! Also, in case you missed it, here's my post from a week ago about the Top 3 Things to Splurge on before your Vacation! 

Did I leave off anything from your personal top 3? I'd love to know what your must-brings are!

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