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Top 10 Places to Take Pictures in Dallas

Top 10 Places to Take Pictures in Dallas

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A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon The Grove, a newly added site to Dallas' Harwood District. Upon seeing it, I knew I had to do a photo shoot there. It is literally the epitome of summer in Texas, misting fans and all. They have snowcones (and adult snowcones, I might add), sandwiches, little bites to eat, in addition to what I can only describe as a game lover's paradise. You can play sand volleyball, ladders, bags, jenga, and even lay in a hammock! I mean, can you blame me for wanting to take pics here? This got me thinking... I am often asked where I take my pictures, because some appear to not even be in Dallas, even though they are! So, here are my ranked, top 10 places to take pictures in Dallas:

10. Trinity Groves. This is one of the up and coming Dallas districts. In addition to several fun wall colors and an occasional mural, it is filled with lots of good restaurants and adjacent to a park that overlooks the city. If you want a good picture with the Dallas Skyline in the background, this is your place! Here's a photo shoot I did right after sunset, and here's one against my favorite pink wall.

9. SMU / Snider Plaza Area. This is is such a classic area to take pictures. If you're coming here, it's not for your grunge or edgy looks.  Here's a shoot on SMU's campus, and another right across the street in Snider Plaza.

8.Trinity River Audubon Center. My very first shoot for Southern Elle Style was here, so it is a special place. You can photograph with industrial backgrounds, and still get a nature-esque look as well- perfect for mixing in for the same shoot or staging for two different sessions. After your done shooting, enjoy a picnic you packed- there are tables to do so!

7. Dragon Park. This is probably the weirdest/ best kept secret in Dallas. It sits on this tiny patch of land and crams a lot of different styles into one area.  Nevertheless it looks really neat, having stone lions, dragons, cage-like gazebos and tons of greenery. Check out my photo shoot there, here.

6. The Arboretum/White Rock Lake. I've been going to the Arboretum since I was a little girl- I even had my High School senior pictures done here! I love that it backs up to the lake. Id you're in the need for wedding venue that is scenic- you might want to check it out! Here's a shoot during the Dallas Blooms Festival, and another that backs up to the lake.

5. Harwood District. The pictures in this post is obviously in the Harwood District, but so is this one! You can get a myriad of pictures here- from your summer fun shoot at the grove, to a downtown-esque shoot with the bulls, or even play giant chess in front of Saint Anne's. One of my favorite Dallas restaurants, Mercat, is also nestled into the bunch.

4. Deep Ellum. This is just an overall cool area! There are TONS of paintings, murals, and weird things that will set your photo shoot a part...I can't even list them all! Here's your typical mural shoot, but this is a good brick wall setting, too.

3. Bishop Arts District. This is probably one of my bf's and mine favorite areas to eat in, so it makes photo shoots there a breeze. You will have some wall paintings,but not as many as Deep Ellum and definitely not as weird.  This neighborhood feels a little bit more countryside than DE.  Here is probably your stereotypical shoot in the area, but this is a fun one with the BA mural!

2. Arlington Hall at Lee Park. My favorite shoots have been in this area! (Another great party/wedding venue if you are in the market for one!) There is a beautiful white building, a statue, a terrace, and across the street is a pond, with lots of trees and greenery. You seriously can't go wrong with this location. Here's one with my boyfriend, one themed for St. Patrick's Day, and another regarding Galentine's Day!

1. The Design District.  I dare even give this secret up.  In my opinion, the Design District is the hidden gem of Dallas in regard to photo ops. I take over 90% of my photos in this area. Here's a blue tile wall, a red hot background, what looks like a sweet home in the countryside, and work by a famous artist. I could tell you more, but that would take the fun out of finding places like this, wouldn't it?;) Just don't forget to cross over to the other side of Riverfront...that's where the coolest locations are!

 There you have it! My top 10. How did I find these locations, you ask? Having grown up in the area, it's easy to pinpoint some, but I honestly am always in a "ooh, could I take pictures there?" mindset. We'll just call it blogger brain. I actually keep a list in my phone of places I notice/street crossings if I see something good. My bf keeps telling me to just make a google map list, but that would be too easy, wouldn't it?;)

There are a lot of options right outside of Dallas that I love too (like Garland, Carrollton, Addison, Plano, and McKinney), but that's another post for another day ;) Do you have a favorite spot to take pictures in your area? Did I miss one of your favorite spots that is in Dallas proper?

p.s. if you liked this post, here is your pinnable image!

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