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Summer Whites + Top 4 Blogging Mistakes I Made

Summer Whites + Top 4 Blogging Mistakes I Made

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I know I'm late to the game, but I am so obsessed with white this summer. It's unusual for me, because I don't think I owned anything all white, until I bought my white skinnies, about 5 years ago. Crazy, right? I think it stemmed from me being scared of what I would spill on something with that blank of a canvas; however, I have come to love the crisp and cleanliness it can add to any outfit! How do you feel about white? Any favorite white summer staple you've found?

Okay, okay, as I promised in this title (and last Wednesday), in anticipation for mynew blog launching NEXT MONDAY, I'm going to tell y'all my biggest blogging mistakes. While I blogged for about 2 years in college, I started specifically fashion blogging around the end of November in 2014, so here's what I've learned since then.

4. Timing. In the beginning, I was so excited about posting, that I didn't pay attention to my follower viewings. I figured that since I was enthusiastic about it, others would be...but that isn't always the case. I now use Iconosquarefor Instagram,which allows me to view my posting optimization + follower stats for free! I highly suggest using it. For me personally, my best postings times vary from day to day, but Instagram is best around 9 pm and Facebook is best around 11 am-1 pm. Keep in mind that your followers might be different and have different preferences.

3. Media. Specifically Pinterest. I still haven't gotten my pinterest act together, but it is on the top of my list. It is such a unique hybrid of a tool, as it is one part search engine and one part social media. I don't think its usefulness has truly been untapped yet. A cool website that I also haven't used to it's potential is Tailwind- it gives you stats, and lets you schedule pins. It isn't free, so I haven't made the plunge yet, as Pinterest started giving stats; however, I imagine that I will start using it soon, because you should be pinning constantly. It is important to look at what people repin the most, so you can start to mold your pins after them! Like I said, Pinterest does your stats for free, so unless you want to schedule your pins, you can utilize the free data it provides you instead of Tailwind. You should also have a pinning button on your blog, in addition to pinning your posts to your account. Another tip is to pin similar images with your URL in the comments. Often these pins are "rich" which mean that they are already hot on Pinterest, so there is more of a chance that they will get shared. One way I spread out my reader maximization is by posting to my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+  the night before I plan to share my post with everyone. I then share my feature on my personal Facebook page and an actual picture from the post on Twitter and Instagram, the following day. I also participate in linkups when time allows. I didn't have a system when I first started, but now I do. If I follow it, I'm golden. But, that's a post for another day;) 

2. Content. I used to keep it short and sweet. I thought that people wanted to just see pretty pictures, but they actually wanted to know what I had to say. Since I've started being more wordy-gurdy, I have seen an increase in views, so I'm going to keep it up. Gotta give the people what they want!

1. Branding. This is my number one mistake. When I first launched, I made my website primarily about my custom bow ties and less about my blog, which has caused a lot of confusion. My bow ties were called Southern Elle, but my blog was Southern Elle Style, and then my website was ShopSouthernElel.com. (Are you confused yet?) On top of that, my blog now stands on its own, so it deserved to have its own site. The confusion, coupled with my growth has pushed me toward my re-stlye, which is such a good problem to have, but how nice would it have been, had I not made the mistake in the first place? I love this site and logo, but I have to make a change to better fit my personal brand. I will still have a tab for bow ties, but they will be moved to etsy. , instead of hosted here. I can't wait for you to see my new site! I think you'll agree that it is much better suited for my blog. You'll be able to access it from SouthernElleStyle.com still, only this time it won't be a redirected link. Yay!

Are you a new blogger? Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help! Are you a seasoned blogger? Any tips? 

Happy new week, y'all! Make this one a great one!

P.S. Here's you "Pin for later" pic if you'd like to remember my tips via Pinterest! Also, here's my account, if you'd like to follow.

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