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Airport Style: The art of being comfy + chic

Airport Style: The art of being comfy + chic

Piko Tunic | Birkenstock Sandals | Tiffany and Co. Diamonds by the Yard Necklace and Bracelet | Diamond Studs | NYX High Voltage Lipstick | Halogen Panama Hat | Sam Moon Cheetah Bag** | Essie Nail Polish | Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

** I seriously have had this since I was 7 and it has come on all my trips with me. If it ain't broke, don't fix it;)  But, I wouldn't complain if it was this Elizabeth and James Duffle;) This Candie's tote is an affordable option.

Today I am off to Hawaii, so I've been packing for the past couple of weeks. (Who am I kidding. I've been thinking about packing for the last couple of weeks. I didn't pack until this week).

Anyway, even the best of airports can present all sorts of problems, so I thought I'd share the things I think about, as well as the tips and tricks I use when I'm getting ready for a plane ride.

1) Dress comfy chic. My go-to for a cute, but relaxed look is the PIKO brand. If you have been following me since the beginning, you'll remember this Ode to PIKO post. Have you ever tried them? I'm absolutely hooked. They come in different necklines, sleeves, and colors, but all of them are great. They are perfect for when you want to feel pretty, don't feel like trying, feel bloated, or even want to dress to impress + they are literally like a t-shirt, so they don't wrinkle. You can also dress them up with the change of a shoe and an addition of an accessory. Can you say PERFECT for a plane ride?! 

2) Easy Access Shoes. You know the drill. Take off your shoes, put them in a bin, and walk on the gross floor with everyone else and their athlete's foot. You don't want to be that girl, clogging up the line because she have to squat to buckle your heel strap. Plus, who can run in those? These Birkenstocks are actually from when they were popular the last time (what can I say...I keep things forever!) They mold to my feet, so they are super comfy, they are easy to get on and off, and they are super in! Win-win-win, if you ask me. No matter your shoe, just make sure that you can walk in it and it won't be a hassle to take on and off.

3) Desire hat hair. I love to do my hair, but airports don't care. I'm not saying be a grease monster...I obviously have washed and curled my hair in this picture, but I didn't tease it. Airports consists of napping, laying around, sleeping on the plane, bumping your head on the over head compartment, etc. Now you know how I like my volume, but the airport isn't the place for it. First of all, you don't want them to have to search inside your bouffant, second of all, you're just going to mess it up sleeping, anyway. And, if you don't mess it up, you probably didn't sleep very comfortably. Hats allow you to get as comfortable as you like, without losing your look. Take off your hat for a quick air snooze and put it back on when you exit the plane, and you'll look as good as you did when you first stepped on it! Also, it doesn't get smooshed in your carry-on either! This hat is the best and comes in several different colors! 

4) Cool it on the accessories. You'll notice that I am wearing very little jewelry, but my Diamonds by the Yard  necklace and bracelet still make a feminine statement. You can wear those Kendra Scott statement earrings you've been dying to show off, but you're probably going to have to take them off and put them in a bin to be run through security. What if one then gets stolen, lost or broken? In my opinion it isn't worth the risk. Plus, you probably can't nap with those honkeroos on your ears. You're welcome ;)

5) Save face. I'm literally only wearing powder and blush in these pics (Thanks Amazing Lash for my fab eyelashes!) Don't bother putting on a full face of makeup- you can do that when you get to your destination. I recommend just popping that lip color at the airport. Not only are you saving yourself the embarrassment of wiping off one of your cat eyes on your unsuspecting neighbor during your snooze, but you are also saving makeup! Once your plane lands, apply that lipstick and you'll transform from someone who looks like she doesn't care, to someone who rocks the latest trends. I'm kind of obsessed about NXY's High Voltage lipstick in Wine and Dine. You'll see this red/purple hue all around if you look for it.

Trusty Tip #1: Freeze your liquids. I'll leave you with this little factoid: So, you can't carry liquids over 3 oz, but you can carry solids. Freeze your liquids, so that you can get them through security. I have a frozen Vim+Vigor #4 that I took with me and it's just the best. Why pay airport price for something that isn't as good?Why pay airport price for something that isn't as good? Don't forget to open your water or juice bottle and take a sip before freezing it. Ice expands! 

Trusty Tip #2: Bring essentials for 1 day in your carry on. Even if you don't like travel size shampoos (I know my thick mane doesn't) just do it!  My dad taught me that you never know if you will be stranded without your luggage or be stuck sitting around the airport without your bag. Make sure you're prepared with a fresh change of clothes and clean underwear, whatever your flight fate may be. The ability to wash your face and take out your contacts won't make your flight delay go away, but it will help ease the pain! 

Do you have any tips or tricks that you take part in when riding on a plane? I'd love to hear them!

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