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DIY Chic No Sew Beach Cover Up  + $860 Nordstrom Giveaway!

DIY Chic No Sew Beach Cover Up + $860 Nordstrom Giveaway!

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How is it a new week already?! You're probably reading this on a Monday afternoon, wanting to punch me through the computer, because now you're dreaming of the beach. Don't get too feisty with me just yet, because this is my second to last Hawaii post! (Read my first and second post to catch up)  I've tried to space them out so that you don't get hit with a bunch of vacation fever all at once.

This photo shoot was done on  Lanikai Beach, a local beach in Kailua, Oahu. I so wish we could have spent more time here- in my opinion, it was the prettiest beach we visited. In Hawaiian, Lanikai actually means "Heavenly Sea"...you can obviously "sea" why it's called that ;) These photos have not been edited whatsoever!

When I was 15, my family went to Thailand to visit my dad's brother's family. While we were there, we went to the Phi Phi Islands, which are right off the coast of Phuket. Remember the Tsunami of 2004, that The Impossible was about? It occurred right around these islands! You can only travel to them by a ferry boat and there aren't any cars on the island. It is very secluded, but they have the most beautiful beaches I think I will ever get to witness.

While we were on the beach in Thailand, my aunt was wearing these beautiful coverups, that most local women there would wear. My mom ended up buying one, just to have as a souvenir, but my uncle taught us how to make our own when we returned to America! They are seriously the easiest thing ever, as they take little to no time or money to make. Depending on the fabric you get, you can make it for under $10! So, here's a step-by-step process for you, so you can rock a coordinating coverup with every swimsuit you own!

1) Buy Fabric.

  • How much fabric? You will need to purchase 2 yards of fabric, preferably around 50 or 60 inches wide. If something strikes your fancy that is anything less than this width, you will need to get more than 2 yards.

  • Where do I purchase it? I like to buy my fabric from Joann's, if I can. They have a wide variety to choose from and take Hobby Lobby Coupons. If you didn't know, HL has a 40% off coupon that you can use on 1 item, everyday. It just so happens that Joann's takes these coupons too! If I can't go to Joann's, I go to Hancock's or Hobby Lobby. HL as the least variety of fabrics, so if you're looking for a good assortment, don't go there first.

  • What kind of fabric? You can make this out of any fabric you'd like, but for swimsuit coverups, I prefer something light and breezy, that won't show the wetness of my swimsuit like cotton does. This fabric is polyester.

2) Edge Fabric. 

  • Option 1: Liquid Stitch. If you don't want to sew or don't know how, use Liquid Stitch! You squeeze out some of the liquid around all edges of the fabric. It works kind of like glue, by keeping the fibers together so they don't ravel. Make sure to lay some newspaper or a plastic tablecloth underneath the fabric, so the liquid stitch doesn't get on anything, as it seeps through the fabric.

  • Option 2: Sewing Machine. If you're up for sewing, just run a regular stitch around all of the edges and your done! It will probably still have threads come off now and then, but your stitch will stop the ravel!

3) Wear!

  • Sarong. This is the way the Thai ladies wear theirs and is the coolest way to wear it, in my opinion. It is PERFECT for a beach to boardwalk look. Follow the pictures above for step by step instruction.

  • Skirt. This is the most traditional styling...you can never go wrong with a classic! I like wearing it as a skirt when I want to get some sun on my torso.

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