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4 Reasons Statement Jewelry is Worth the Investment

4 Reasons Statement Jewelry is Worth the Investment

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I will be the first to admit that I was very hesitant to hop on the statement necklace trend that began several years ago. I didn't really want to pay for something that I couldn't imagine it going with very much. Now I realize that having a couple good statement pieces can turn your style up several notches! Here's my thoughts on why they are a good buy:

1) It adds instant pizzazz to even the most plain-jane of an outfit 

Take this dress for example- it is cute standing alone, but the Loren Hope Necklace makes it magnificent; It transforms the dress, because all the pink pops have come out to play! I would usually never have considered buying this necklace, but ever since I have, I've been amazed at what it pairs well with!

2) It gets you noticed

Seriously. Would you have noticed my/my dress without the necklace? Whether it's big earrings or a stunning cuff, statement pieces are impressive. They are also easy conversation pieces. If you're going to an event where you don't know anyone, try wearing a statement piece- it will work as a great ice breaker!

3) It can easily dress up or down an outfit, depending on the occasion

Got a t-shirt dress? Throw a strand of oversized pearls on. Have a solid button down? Pair it with a large rhinestone necklace. Want to dress down your work dress? Try some of those casual fringe earrings that have been so popular recently. Use statement pieces to your advantage and make your outfit work for you!

4) It comes in all price ranges

This is the best part! You decide what you want to spend. Was this LH necklace more on the pricey side? Yes, but it isn't going to turn my neck green. I felt that I could get a lot of future use out of it, so I took the plunge. If you're worried about something not sticking, just go cheap! You can always invest in it later if you decide you like it. There are also programs like RocksBox that let you rent jewelry. For just $19 you can try everything out and decide if you want to keep it, risk free.

No matter what you invest in statement jewelry, big or small, it is worth your time to figure out. what works for you and your wardrobe. Once you do, you are all set to start working your makeover magic and transform all of your favorite outfits!

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