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The Number 1 Way to Style your Blanket Scarf (PLUS 6 Other Looks)

The Number 1 Way to Style your Blanket Scarf (PLUS 6 Other Looks)

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I shot this look about a month ago. Being in Texas, this means that I was wearing a blanket scarf in 90 degree weather. I mean, where else would you find someone sporting a scarf  with a maxi dress, in the middle of fall?!

I was inspired to create this post, after a follower said that she liked my blanket scarves, but didn't know how to wear them. In her defense, the blanket scarf gives you a lot to work with, so it can be a bit intimidating!

I thought about posting my thoughts in-between each styling, but that just confuses me/I accidentally scroll over words on others' blog when that occurs, so  here is my top 7 in descending order. ( Pictures are in same order, above!)

7) Classic. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - right? I will never get tired of this version, and neither will anyone else. Hold the scarf by its ends, and let the ends fall into place in front of you. Take the smaller ends (without gathering the big ends) and wrap them around opposite shoulders, then pull comfortably down to meet the rest of the scarf in front of it.

6) Shawl. This version can help dress up or down an outfit, plus it keeps your arms from getting chilly!   I also think it is the easiest to style, because it's literally a throw and go look.

5) Straight. This is a pretty easy/popular way to go about styling your scarf. I love the simplicity of the fabric hanging, but there are ways to modify this look as well. You can knot the ends, for a more finished look, or even belt it! I'm not that into belting, but my friend McKenna of Style Waltz styled it perfectly here!

4) Cardigan. While grunge is in, the prep look still is too. What is this, the 90s? Could have sworn were all channeling 70's style! Place the scarf over your shoulder, with loose ends in front. Be sure that the back has a diagonal edge showing, to give it the preppy look. Knot in front, as desired.

3) Twisted. Similar to the classic, but instead of letting the large layers fall, you roll them up. This helps if your clothing already makes a bold statement, and you just need an accessory. To style, just twist, place center against your neck so that the two loose ends are on your back, then bring them over each opposing shoulder.

2) Knotted. I like to wear my  scarf this way when I pair it with a vest. It keeps the warmth near your neck, while helping not look frumpy  with extra scarf piling around your waist. To wear, fold your scarf in half, then drape the "half" around your neck. You should have a looped end on one side, and two loose ends on the other. Place one through the hole on  via the top entry and the other through the same hole on the bottom entry. Pull tight and you're ready to go!

Now, the one you've been waiting for...

1) Vested!  I think this way is just SO cool...I mean obviously that is why I listed it as numero uno! You typically see it done with summer scarves, but when the winter rolls around, most seem to forget this option. You can seriously change an entire look, with just a couple of knots! Also, It's great for layering, so you don't look too "marshmallowy" under your coat. (Because that's what we look for when trying to keep warm, right?!?) Now, it's a little more tricky than the others, so Here's a step by step picture guide, and here's a video if you need more guidance.


The blanket scarf is pretty much a blank canvas...how do you like to style it? The possibilities are endless! 

P.S. You can always style the blanket scarf as a blanket...I didn't write about it in my Airport Style Post, because it was so hot, but they are PERFECT for bringing on a plane, to wrap up in. Also, I found some other ways that I liked a blanket scarf!  Carrie  of CS Gems styled it with a vest here and Amanda Miller of The Miller Affect listed a couple of ways as well.

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