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Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

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Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday in. I’ve been binging Very Cavallari and The OC. I’m usually a fan of documentaries (have you watched Tiger King yet?!) and learning, but something about this quarantine, has really made me want to binge reality TV. Hah! I feel like I’m similar in the food department right now. It’s a lot harder to cook with actual recipes in mind, as I’m never sure what will actually be available, thanks to COVID-19 / Coronavirus. That being said, I’m not eating as healthy as typically do, so I try to slip in β€œhealthy moments”.

I first heard of Dandelion Root Tea when Dr. Jolene Brighten mentioned it as something that can support hormone balancing. I have some bagged Dandelion Tea, but I never got around to trying it until about a month ago. We were walking around Erewhon (a grocery store in LA) and they were handing out samples of Lion Dandelion Tea. I liked it and they were only $2.50 a bottle, so we ended up buying a couple! I know that with everything going on, people are looking for easy, healthy things to include in their diet, that don’t break the bank and Dandelion Tea fits the bill! And of course Lion Dandelion Tea is a great way to reap the benefits. Speaking of benefits, here are ways that Dandelion Tea can help boost your life and well being!



  • Aids in Digesting. Dandelion tea is full of naturally occuring fiber and pre-biotics. Through these properties, it can aid in mineral absorption, maintain health bacterial flora, and even your soothe stomach lining.

  • Diet Enriching. Dandelion root is chock full of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, which result in it being rich with iron, calcium, magnesium, folate, and potassium.

  • Immune Boosting. You saw how many vitamins and minerals it contains! It is brimming with antioxidants and anti-cancer cell properties.

  • Hormone Balancing. If your gut isn’t thriving, chances are you have a hormone imbalance and probably estrogen dominance. Dandelion Root is something that is recommended to help in this situation! Read more here.

  • Naturally Detoxing. Dandelion Root is a mild diuretic, which flushes out excess liquid, including toxins! It also supports the liver by increasing the production of bile.

  • Reduces Bloating. By reducing water weight and aiding with digestion, it has been known to help with things like constipation and excess liquid, which in turn decrease bloating!

  • Skin Supporting. The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are all skin clearing and cleansing. Natural anti-aging ingredients for the win!

Have you ever tried Dandelion Root Tea? Any favorite benefits that I did mention? I really like drinking it and think it is easy to incorporate into my lifestyle thanks to Lion Dandelion Tea. I’ve tried all the flavors, but the strawberry lavender is my favorite. Nick even likes them and requests them! His favorite is blackberry rose. If you’re looking for an actual tea bag version, I have these.

As a note, I’m not a doctor and dandelion is sometimes known to counteract with certain medications like diuretics, lithium, and Cipro. Be sure to talk with your doctor and make an educated decision!

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