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Benefits of Blue Tansy in your Skincare Regimen

Benefits of Blue Tansy in your Skincare Regimen

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J. Crew Scalloped Shift Dress (old, super similar Scalloped Trim Shift Dress) | Herbivore Botanicals Blue Lapis Oil

Don't you love it when something is pretty, smells good, AND it works?! Me too. This is EXACTLY how I feel about Blue Tansy. I first heard of it from Herbivore Botanicals, though a myriad of brands carry similar products. I currently use their Brighten Instant Glow Mask that I mentioned here, but they also have a Blue Tansy mask that I really want to try. Originally I thought I didn't need that one because it is super beneficial for acne prone skin, but it's honestly great for everyone. So I've read ;) What got me started on Blue Tansy though is Herbivore's Blue Lapis oil. It is AMAZING. I thought it was a little pricy, but wanted to see how if it  helped the hormonal acne I get on my chin. I was able to find a sample size and was so blown away by it, I ordered the full size before the sample was even done! T H A T  G O O D. (if this sounds familiar, it is because I talked about it on my March Favorites post!)

Before I keep rambling about how much I love it, let's talk about what Blue Tansy is and its properties! Also known as Moroccan Chamomile, it is a rare botanical that looks like that of a weed, but actually has beneficial properties like soothing ones skin. While it may appear that a lot of harsh dyes were used to make the beautiful blue hue, the color is natural and only reveals it self after steam distilling the buds, thanks to the chamazulene found in the plant.

Just a couple things before I get into the properties of blue tansy and such... First and foremost, I am not a dermatologist or esthetician, nor do I know your skin type. Be sure to do your own research, talk to your doctor(s), and spot test before using a product on your face. ALSO, all of these products are cruelty free and are on the nontoxic side of the spectrum. (yay!) The only product I have used thus far is the Lapis Oil, but I truly believe in the Herbivore Brand have screened the products and reviews. (Had to take one off because they use DYES in their oil...) Anyway, here's some benefits of using BT:

  • prevents and protects against fungal + bacterial infections (less breakouts!)

  • good source of antioxidants (age defier for your skin!)

  • natural anti-inflammatory / redness reducer (eczema!!)

  • blemish healer (hormonal chin acne!)

  • calming scent (aroma therapy!)

Now these benefits are only scratching the surface!  There's a lot more in depth things that it does if you want to get really into the science behind it, but honestly these basic benefits are enough to convince me! I love the way it has lightened the hormonal acne scars on the right side of my chin, but even more surprisingly (to me at least) is how it has helped my eczema on my feet! Like I said, I was hooked once I got the sample bottle! 

I scoured the web and found some other products that include Blue Tansy and made a collage for you below. Note that you should never ingest blue tansy, don't use if you have a reaction to chamomile or ragweed, and beware of those whose who advertise Blue Tansy, but don't harvest it properly/use dyes, etc. Like I mentioned above, all of these products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and nontoxic. To shop the collage, just click on an image. If it won't click-through just refresh the page and it should work like a charm!

DΓ©couverte Under Eye Repair Serum - doesn't have Blue Tansy as the main ingredient, hence the fact that it isn't blue, but still an important ingredient to aid with eye bags!

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm - an option for washing your face and  melting away that makeup.

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon - the priciest of these items, but the reviews are so good, I really want to try it!

Blue Tansy Essential Oil - this is great to diffuse and get the calming effects going in your home.

Kahina Giving Beauty Lip and Face Balm - another product that isn't blue, but still has BT. It's perfect for the jet-setter and is under the c/o limit.

Lapis Oil Full Size / Lapis Oil Sample Size - my fave!! I love everything about it, from the ingredients, to the brand.

Blue Tansy Face Mask - next on my list of products to try!

True Blue Blue Tansy Face Mask and Sample Size Lapis Oil - This is a combo pack that lets you try both for a cheaper price.

Khus+Khus Bleu Body Serum - This brand interests me, because it talks about the mental state and how Blue Tansy also helps with this! I also love how it's specifically made for the entire body. Not that you couldn't use other products elsewhere, but this one has the body in mind! It's based in Boulder, CO, which is such a mecca for Yoga (in the U.S.), I'd love to take a hot yoga class, with this serum rubbed in! 

Celeste Botanicals Moondrop Organic Facial Oil - This is very similar to lapis oil, but some different ingredients. I love that is has turmeric, another anti- inflammatory! 

A couple others that I didn't mention above because I wasn't able to link in the above graphic, are by Primally Pure. (side note, I'm actually trying their deodorant right now!) I linked the products below. Use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off any Primally Pure product!

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Deodorant

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Body Oil

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Beauty Cream


Have you ever used Blue Tansy? Have a favorite product you like with it? Let me know in the comments below! My next venture will be exploring indigo, another beautiful hue w/lots of great benefits. I've got my eye on the Tatcha Soothing Triple Recovery Cream!

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