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Backpacks are for Adults Too!

Backpacks are for Adults Too!

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If you would have asked me 2 years ago if Iโ€™d be writing about a backpack, I would have told you, โ€œno thank you, Dora the Explorer - youโ€™re lying!โ€ When the designer backpacks (and utility backpacks) came back โ€œin styleโ€, I thought I was going to vomit. Like why?! We spend a billion years in school and youโ€™re telling me, Iโ€™m going to carry something around on my back as a grown adult and oh and my dress/skirt might get caught in it too?1 (lol) Yet, here I amโ€ฆ


Some trends I just take a little longer to grasp. It happened with bandanas and now Iโ€™m on that bandwagon as the driver!! In elementary school and high school, it wasnโ€™t cool to wear a backpack. If you did have one, you better only use one strap, because thatโ€™s what was โ€œcoolโ€. If you were lucky, you had a backpack that was only one strap anyway. Unfortunately, this didnโ€™t work well for me, because 1) I have scoliosis and 2) I had a crap ton of books. My senior year, I literally used a duffle bag, because I didnโ€™t want to use a backpack that badly AND I couldnโ€™t fit my stuff in the cute ones.


I did buy backpacks for college, but since 2012, I havenโ€™t even thought about a backpack. Fast forward to last September at NYFW and I was finallllly ready to entertain the idea of a backpack. It just made sense! I carried around my Cuyana Carry All Tote, which I LOVE; however, when you are carrying around your laptop, dslr camera and a comfy pair of shoes, it begins to hurt your shoulder and if youโ€™re like me, you get markings that look like you were sunburned pretty badly. No thanks!


So beginning this year, I asked yโ€™all what YOUR favorite backpacks were and yโ€™all got back to me with a lot of the same answers, so Iโ€™ll share them below. Ultimately I went with Dagne Dover, because it is chic, yet functional and had great quality, but less than that Tumi budget if you know what I mean!


  • Calpak. Youโ€™ve probably seen their beautiful marble luggage on your socials. They have really cute faux leather options, in addition to your traditional canvas. I was looking for more room and durability.

  • Cuyana. Yโ€™all know I love this brand! I actually adore their backpacks and if I was going for a chic look instead of a purse, I wold totally get theirs . They are on the smaller side and donโ€™t zip, which was a MUST for me.

  • Dakine. These backpacks look great! They are more for sporty adventures/ instances in my opinion and I wanted something a little more feminine.

  • Dagne Dover. The backpack I went with! I love how durable the fabric is, how many pockets and slots there are, in addition to the fact that all my stuff fits in it!! (It really is a miracle.) Itโ€™s a neoprene/scuba type material, so it is susceptible to pilling, but thatโ€™s really the only con unless you look at the budget. At $200 for the larger style, it' isnโ€™t horrible, but it isnโ€™t amazing. Overall, I think I got my moneys-worth. TBH I had seen this brand before it was recommended to me, but I tried to find something similar for lessโ€ฆand I couldnโ€™t!

  • Delsey. I love me some Delsey! Nick and I use their luggage and they recently launched backpacks. hey actually have backpacks that match our chatelet luggage; however, I wanted something I could use when Iโ€™m not traveling too and this just reminded me of my suitcase.

  • Everlane. I actually purchased a backpack from here, thinking it was different than it was. There wasnโ€™t anything wrong with it, but I didnโ€™t really want cotton canvas, in addition to the fact that I wanted more storage space.

  • Fjallraven Kanken. These bags are great. Their flaw? They are usually low on stock in the cool colors. I am also not sure how I feel about how rectangular their shape is, buuuut remember one of the things I was looking for was aesthetically pleasing.

  • Fossil. A brand you probably know well! Their leather backpacks are GORGEOUS, but in the end, I decided against leather, because I didnโ€™t want to worry about rain or weather ruining it.

  • Gregory Mountain Products. My dad actually recommended this one to me :) He got it for camping/backpacking. That being said, they were more sporty than I wanted to go.

  • Hershelโ€™s. Another classic brand! I just wasnโ€™t to keen on cotton canvas this go around.

  • Lo and Sons. They literally just make bags, so you know theyโ€™re good! It came down to fabrication yet again.

  • Osprey. Another more sporty/adventure functional recommendation from my dad!

  • Tumi. Everyone raaaves about their packs, but like I mentioned above, Iโ€™m not ready to commit that much $ to one yet ;) I do like their nylon bags that are durable and super easy to clean though!

At the end of the day, I could have gone cheaper  - I mean Champion brand is back and super popular! (haha) BUT I wanted something that appeared timeless, gender neutral, and great for using on a hike or as a carry on. There are so many zippers and pockets on the DD large Dakota backpack, it could not be more perfect! I traveled with it for the first time to Seattle and not only was it flawless as a carry on, but I used it at Pike Place and at Rattlesnake Ridge without a hitch! This is how they describe their brand, which totally fits my lifestyle. Right?!

Today's fast-paced, mobile lifestyle requires products that go further, that can adapt and perform beyond expectations. By fusing fashion with athlete-caliber function, our products are designed to support you in living smart - even if it's as simple as packing for a commute that goes from home to the office to spin. No matter your journey, stay ready to see the potential in everything.


Do you have a favorite backpack? Let me know! Maybe I need to get another one, for Nick ;) 

Side note - these pictures were taken in downtown Kirkland. Love that city!!

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