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August Favorites

August Favorites

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As a parent, I feel like all the days slip by faster than they used to; however, thereโ€™s something about the summer months that make them go at rapid pace. Perhaps it is the heat?! You tell me. July went by and I did so much and had a ton of fun, but Element of Fashion definitely took a backseat. I donโ€™t regret it, but it does make me sad. This was my original โ€œbaby,โ€ and now I have two babies and other โ€œbabyโ€ brands too. I have a lot of posts in drafts, but the clock just keeps ticking away. All that to say, I canโ€™t believe I havenโ€™t posted since my last โ€œFavoritesโ€ post, but I know I wonโ€™t look back on life and think โ€œoh I should have posted more.โ€ Though my income is directly tied to this, that is another story.

Iโ€™m still testing out and trying products to share with you, so letโ€™s get into those. Everything is linked in the collage below except for the lip balm. All items are hyperlinked under the images along with a brief description. Just click through. Enjoy!

  1. Lovevery Free Spirit Think Kit. (c/o) We have been obsessed with Lovevery since the twins used their play gym (itโ€™s the only one Iโ€™ve found that they can both fit on.) Their kits are so fun, but more than that, they are intentional. This Free Spirit kit is perfect for both my toddlers to play with, as they each have a favorite part of it. My daughterโ€™s favorite part is either the puzzle or the key in the van. My sonโ€™s favorite part is either the van / key or the number box. I also love this brand because their toys offer advanced versions of play with everything, so they use it longer. Could not recommend them enough! Great for a birthday or Christmas wish list.

  2. Leoโ€™s Loo Too by Casa Leo. (c/o) Our lives are forever changed thanks to this automatic litter box!! Not only is it actually cute, but it reduces the work we have to do in our litter box and doesnโ€™t smell. It is honestly a cat loverโ€™s dream come true. You obviously still have to remove the waste, but it is from a basket and is already sifted for you.

  3. Down Alternative Pillows. (c/o) We upgraded our pillows for the first time since we got married. Nick likes to sleep on down, but it makes my nose itchy. I finally got him to switch to theseโ€ฆ it only took 7 years!! We grabbed the king size and they are so fluffy and nice.

  4. Kinfield Liplock SPF 15. (c/o) This doesnโ€™t launch until mid-August, but I wanted to go ahead and share so you could sign up for the wait list. I am outside so often and am pretty good about wearing sunscreen, but one thing I always forget is an SPF for my lips. This one isnโ€™t sticky and has a delightful natural scent, straight from strawberries!

  5. Lake Pajamas Tank-Long Set. (c/o) I never understood the hype until I got a pair of Lake Pajamas for myself. Their Pima cotton is SO SOFT. The twins mainly have these pajama sets, but they have the short version too which is great for summer. The softest, coziest set they / you will have! I have their short sets, but this was my first pant set and I really enjoy the comfort. I still love my silk pajamas, but these are a great option as well.

  6. Gigi Pip Seagrass Tessa Fedora. (c/o) Gigi Pip is a household name for Element of Fashion, but something I havenโ€™t really featured from her are straw hats. This one is so lightweight and perfect for summer! They have a lot of straw options, so donโ€™t sleep on those / only glance at the felt hats. There is something for everyone in every style. I wrote a review of the brand here.

  7. Goop Amino Acid Shinebath Conditioner. (c/o) This is the first conditioner I have put on my hair and really felt the strands soak it in. So soft and shiny!! I like the Amino Acid Shinebath Shampoo too, but my favorite is the G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo. The G.Tox and this conditioner is my favorite combo.

  8. Hunza G Jamie Bikini. Hunza G has been my go-to swimsuit for almost 3 years. Something that is significant is that it has continued to be a favorite of mine postpartum, which is saying something. This bikini is high waisted enough for me to feel comfortable, but still feel cute. I wrote a review of the brand here.

  9. Ancient Greek Eleftheria Sandals. I have been on the hunt for a new thin sandal and it has taken forever because chunky sandals are in. Thankfully, these fit the bill of what I was looking for and I was able to update my old pair. They have other styles Iโ€™ve looked at over the year, but this was the first pair I fell in love with from Ancient Greek Sandals. They are handmade in Greece and such a beautiful, stellar product. They fit true to size for me.

  10. Solawave Wand. (c/o) This is such an interesting too! I need to do keep using it for a full review, but I really like it thus far. Itโ€™s a mixture of all your favorite tools (think NuFace, NuDerma Wand, etc) and packs so well! Itโ€™s light and isnโ€™t glass, so great for your gym bag or carry-on. The warmth is a nice touch / I wasnโ€™t expecting it, but the red light therapy is probably my favorite.

Next up, hereโ€™s some of YOUR favorite things over the previous 31 days.


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