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August Favorites

August Favorites

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And just like that, August is here. June and July were packed full of fun and events, so the summer slowdown is for sure coming for me. Not to mention I am entering my 3rd trimester pregnant with twins, so that is a lot in and of itself. Itโ€™s my birthday month, so I guess thereโ€™s that to look forward to! However it is the beginning of the month, so it is pretty much here today, gone tomorrow.

  1. Lululemon Align Shorts. I was surprised I hadnโ€™t listed these before! Iโ€™ve styled them for you, but havenโ€™t placed them on a favorites post. Iโ€™ve spoken a lot about the align pants which is the fabric and style, just in pant form. I thought Iโ€™d be living in the leggings while pregnant, but since it is summer, I wear the shorts more. They come in several lengths, but I prefer the 6โ€. They are the best length for my body and I havenโ€™t found any that compare to it. Love them and wear them at several days a week. Currently I have them in black, burgundy, and in a shadow camo. I think I need more ;) For reference, I donโ€™t pull them over my bump, but push them under it.

  2. Apple Airpods. I finally graduated to these and I canโ€™t believe I waited so long. I got some for free with my laptop and I am loving them. I have no issue with the traditional headphones and in fact still use them, but these are so nice whenever Iโ€™m doing laundry or moving about. They arenโ€™t even the most updated version and I canโ€™t say enough good things!

  3. Fair Harbor Swimsuit. I shared these on Instagram and plan to do a review on the blog, but wanted to mention them on this favorites post first. They are so good and Nick loves them. They are unique in the sense that they are actually comfortable and made for active motion in addition to leisure. He has two styles - the anchor and the bayberry and likes them both.

  4. Pharmedoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow. I recently bought this pillow and it has been so helpful for me in helping with hip pain. I know it is marketed as a pregnancy pillow, but it can really help those with ailments and feels like a really nice cuddle. I wish I had purchased it sooner!

  5. Ugg Genuine Shearling Slipper. This isnโ€™t a revolutionary favorite, but I had to mention them because they are currently on sale. I had a pair of the scuffette slipper version for 5+ years, but threw them away earlier this year after I vomited all over them due to morning sickness. They had seen a lot and I had been meaning to replace them anyway. I like these more than the scuffette style, because the sole is more supported and in turn more comfy. Love these and canโ€™t wait to use them more come the cooler months!

  6. Silk-Like Scarf. Iโ€™ve had two of these scarves for over a year now and just wanted to say how much I love them! I shared how to style it regarding the scarf top trend last year, but I use them more than that. I typically use them as a headband / to keep my hair off my neck when I go to the beach or the pool, but they also work as a sarong type wrap over my swimsuit. I love the hues I have, but am considering buying a third, just because of how much I use them.

  7. ManiMe Miracle Base Coat. (c/o) Iโ€™ve been speaking about Manime for over a year now. You can find my first review here. Fairly recently they launched a base coat and I have just started using it. Iโ€™m not sure that it increases the longevity of my manis, as I already have that around 2+ weeks by using a top coat. Why I like the base coat is because I feel like it is strengthening my nails. So much longer and stronger! You can get 20% off your ManiMe order with code ELLEMULENOS. Side note - I donโ€™t like using it with the ManiMe stickersโ€ฆ I have found that it lessens the length of my mani.

  8. Show Me Your Mumu Johns Button Down. I purchased this on a whim for my surprise babymoon and it is even better in person than in the photo. I have the green melon color, but it comes in several different options. I bought a M because at the time that was the only size left, but I could for sure have worn a small. Is is THE perfect oversized shirt that works as a beach coverup or layered out. I tried to find a dupe version, but havenโ€™t had luck. It is on the pricier side, but it is made in America and honestly has the perfect drape. Worth it!!

  9. The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. This was the first book in a while that I havenโ€™t been able to put down. I love a good book with twists that keeps me guessing. I also probably liked it because it takes place in both California and Texas. I am currently on a wait list for another one of her books called Eight Hundred Grapes.

  10. Hatch Noelle Jumpsuit. This was a splurge before the babymoon as well, because literally nothing looks good on my right now. I am lucky to have a Hatch boutique nearby and it is one of the only places Iโ€™ve been / tried on clothes that makes me feel chic even when Iโ€™m this big. I justify spending this much because I literally canโ€™t find anything else and their styles are wearable into the fourth trimester and beyondโ€ฆ most of them being nursing friendly. I wouldnโ€™t spend this much on strictly a maternity style, but the Hatch items I have purchased honestly donโ€™t look like maternity styles and Iโ€™d wear them regardless. If you want the cream color I have, I found it sold here as well - it has some stock left and is on sale. I also found out they have a line at Target?! This jumpsuit is pretty similar to mine and a fraction of the price. The fiber contents are different and I canโ€™t speak to the quality, but their styles are so chic and that is honestly what is missing in maternity these days.

Next up, hereโ€™s some of YOUR favorite things over the previous 31 days.


  1. Half Slip (I wear this under my sheer nap dress)

  2. Summersalt Sidestroke Swimsuit

  3. Hunza G Swimsuits

  4. Senreve Aria Belt Bag

  5. Agolde Jeans


  1. Nordstrom

  2. Summersalt

  3. Shopbop

  4. Senreve

  5. Asos


  1. Everything Spray

  2. Charcoal Deodorant

  3. Blue Tansy Deodorant

YOUR FAVORITE SENREVE BAGS: (get $50 off with discount code ELLEMULENOS)

  1. Aria Belt Bag

  2. Maestra Bag


  1. Clean Greens

  2. Piรฑa Greens

  3. Tart Berry


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  • Virgin River (newest season)

  • Too Hot to Handle (lol)

  • The Hills New Beginnings (lol I can say bc I live here and Iโ€™m trying to keep up?)




See you next month!! Canโ€™t believe the babies could be here then if they so choose to be - hoping for late September / early October though.

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