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Are Sarah Flint Shoes Worth the Price ?

Are Sarah Flint Shoes Worth the Price ?

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Several years ago I learned about the brand Sarah Flint via Instagram. Admittedly so, I clicked through to learn only to see the price and immediately clicked out. Yikes! It was not in my budget at the time, nor was I looking for any heels. I worked in a casual office where I mostly wore flats or sneakers, so there really wasnโ€™t a need to purchase them. Fast forward to now and I like to wear a classic heel to special events or just to feel done up. Taking care of twins during the day can take a toll on you (love you, C + O) and nice shoes make me feel happy. My husband likes them too;) Sarah Flint invited me to become an ambassador for the brand, so I thought Iโ€™d take you along with me.

Keep reading as I share my honest thoughts about their shoes, what makes them different, and if they are worth the price. As of July 2023, my discount code is now SARAHFLINT-CCLAUREN3 and gets you 15% off!

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Sarah Flint Perfect 100 Pump in Navy Suede (c/o, use discount code SARAHFLINT-CCLAUREN3 for 15% off) | Hutch Navy Floral Malia Gown (wearing a 6L from rent the runway, similar here, here, and here) | Aerie Sunglasses

Before I get into brand and product specifics, I just want to take a moment to admire the Sarah Flint brand. They create beautiful shoes that are somehow of the moment and timeless. Take a look at these Perfect 100 Pump in Navy Suede that I am wearing. They are just plain gorgeous with a quality that is hard to beat. Sarah Flint shoes have been seen on the likes of Amal Clooney, Kate Hudson, Meghan Markle, Scarlett Johansson (and more), so donโ€™t just take my word for itโ€ฆ though you can read on for my thoughts and opinion!

are sarah flint shoes worth the price, perfect 100 navy suede pumps heels stilettos, hutch design floral dress gown, lments of style, la blogger, pizza, stoop

Sarah Flint Perfect 100 Pump in Navy Suede (c/o, use discount code SARAHFLINT-CCLAUREN3 for 15% off)

History of Sarah Flint

Who is Sarah Flint? Unlike Victoriaโ€™s Secret, sheโ€™s an actual person and is SO lovely. I havenโ€™t met her in the flesh, but I have been on a Zoom call with her and she is a delight. She believes in design that inspires, quality and style that endures and comfort that keeps you moving. She doesnโ€™t sell anything that she herself wouldnโ€™t wear. When I was on the call with her she mentioned that she was wearing a certain pair of shoes on vacation and noticed that the shoes were somewhat slippery and asked our opinions / if we had experienced that. It is so refreshing to find someone who tests things herself and puts in the work to make changes for the better!

Hailing from Massachusetts, Sarah Flint founded her namesake brand in 2012 with its first collection presented in fall of 2013. She has always had a fondness for shoes, but paired her love with drive from top fashion schools like Parsons before switching to FIT. Launching a brand at 25 is no easy feat, let alone lasting 10 years past that is substantial. Iโ€™ll admit that Iโ€™m not surprised though as it speaks to her quality and craft. For reference, Sarah Flint sources and produces everything in Italy and utilizes the same factories as top designers and fashion houses like Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. SF shoes are handcrafted and stitched with the utmost care.

The Sarah Flint brand is based in New York City with retail locations in Nashville and Dallas (long-term pop-ups). If you canโ€™t make it to a store, they offer virtual appointments to learn more, present styles, and ask any questions. They also have fun pop-up events which you can keep track of and learn about here. Otherwise you can purchase Sarah Flint shoes on their website as they are a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand.

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What makes Sarah Flint Shoes different?

Besides the fact that Sarah Flint shoes are made with aesthetics AND functionality in mind, they are also 100% created and crafted in Italy. This is significant because a lot of brands with produce the goods and stitchings elsewhere, then only assemble in Italy. Italy has been a long standing symbol of quality crafted shoes and the Sarah Flint brand is a wonderful representation of that.

The Sarah Flint brand redefined luxury with these 5 values values:

  1. 100% handcrafted in Italy

  2. Made with quality to last

  3. Created with comfort to be part of your everyday life

  4. Offered without the traditional retail mark-up to bring you exceptional styles at up to 50% savings every day

  5. Created by a company and individuals who care, love what they do and how they do it, and who have clear values, commitments and principles to one another, to you, and to our world

There are certain aspects that make a Sarah Flint shoe a Sarah Flint shoe which can be found across all of their styles:

  • Wider Toe Box: Think about the widest part of your feet, basically the base knuckle joint of your foot. Most designer level shoes run very narrow and crowd the foot. You can aid this issue by sizing up, but that only helps so much and still causes discomfort. All SF shoes come with a wider toe box for your comfort. Side note - SF shoes are built on a medium last versus a narrow, which is why they donโ€™t fit like narrow made designer shoes.

  • Anatomical Arch Support: Can you sense the comfort theme? The arch of the foot never rests unless you help it relax. The inner part of SF shoes has wonderful padding to help you make it through your longest day or lengthy celebration. You may think of this as only a heel feature, but it is great to have this type of support in all of your shoes, even flats. As mentioned, all SF shoes carry this feature. It is actually built into the shoe last which further separates it from the pack in regard to other shoes!

  • Extra Foot Bed Padding: Each SF shoe is given 6mm of padding on top of the regular sole for extra cusion.

  • Outsole Forepart: The heels have a nice, textured fabric along the front / bottom of the shoe and a rubber footing version on flats. This helps with walking and slippage.

  • Supported Heels: Obviously this is only in regard to heels, but they have steel rod stilettos and inset heels in other styles that ensures durability and creates security.

Where can you Purchase Sarah Flint Shoes?

This is another factor that makes Sarah Flint different, which I mentioned above. They are mainly direct to consumer via their website, meaning that they are not available at other markets. Selling directly to you cuts out the middleman meaning there isnโ€™t any wholesaling, so the prices are lower. You get to spend less while still receiving high quality shoes. They do have pop-ups and one day events, but they arenโ€™t permanent, which keep overhead costs low, still contributing to your lower price. Right now you can visit long-term pop up stores in Nashville, TN and Dallas, TX.

Use my Sarah Flint discount code SARAHFLINT-BALMENTSOFSTYLE for $50 off your Sarah Flint purchase! Perfect 100 Pumps in Navy Suede

How do Sarah Flint Shoes run size wise?

How do Sarah Flint shoes fit? This was a question I asked myself too and I couldnโ€™t find the answer I needed. Thatโ€™s honestly how I get most of my ideas for posts - sharing information I couldnโ€™t find myself.

For me, Sarah Flint shoes run exactly true to size. I wear my regular size of U.S. 8.5 // IT 39. I tried on the size U.S. 9 // IT 39.5, but my left heel slipped out a little before the shoes had even stretched. This would have likely led to blisters, so I kept the 8.5 / 39. My right foot is a little bigger, so thatโ€™s why I considered the size up. Sarah Flint shoes will stretch a little in the toe box area, but not in the length. If your toes are crammed in the front, you should probably size up.

I have found that they do not run small in general, but run small in comparison to other designer shoes which historically run small. For reference, I wear a U.S. 9.5 // UK 39.5 in Christian Louboutain heels.

Are Sarah Flint shoes comfortable?

The headline is yes! I will then clarify that by saying as comfortable as 4 inch heels can be. I am wearing the highest heel that Sarah Flint offers. Anything that high will eventually make your feet feel a little tired; however, my feet felt the least tired in these. They require zero down time to break them and did not cause any blisters. The first time I wore them I paired them with a pair of baggy jeans to go on a date with Nick I walked a couple blocks in them and was fine! I had to go a little bit slower because they are in fact 4 inches (100 mm); but, it wasnโ€™t because my feet were rubbed raw or anything like that.

I chose to shoot my pumps with pizza on a patio, because it felt very New York City, which is where the brand is based. I also felt very Moon River / Audrey Hepburn / Breakfast at Tiffanyโ€™s. I think if she was still with us, she would wear Sarah Flints too. I shot with pizza, because I feel like pizza is a comfort food and Sarah Flints are basically the comfort food of heels. Capiche?

Are Sarah Flint Shoes worth the investment?

Overall I say yes, Sarah Flint shoes are worth the price! They are very high quality and you can tell a little more time and money were spent on them upon wearing. I was recently on a call to preview the fall and winter collections and one of the special editions has over 100 hours of specialty work. The craftsmanship in these shoes are insane and I feel like the price is fair. It is probably even a little unfair in the sense that we are able to buy them without having to pay retail markups.

A caveat to that just because they are worth the price, it doesnโ€™t mean you need to buy them. The styles range from $375 - $600 on average, with some boots and specialty styles going well above that. All that to say, they are an investment, so I recommend saving up or budgeting for them if you are in the market. I have several shoes that are trendy and/or of lower quality which end up being a waste of money in the long run. Investing in a pair (or two!) of Sarah Flint shoes will serve you better in the long run. By doing so, you are buying less, supporting a woman-run business, and master crafters that have upheld generations of craftsmanship. Itโ€™s a win-win-win if you ask me.


Sarah Flint shoes stand alone and need no comparison to other brands in order to sing their praises; however, Iโ€™d like to compare them to shoes you know and might already have. Compared to those designer labels, I think Sarah Flints are more comfortable and a better bang for your buck. They are cheaper, but not cheaply made. Youโ€™ll be wearing your Sarah Flints for years to come.

Do I have any cons of my Sarah Flint shoes? No brand is perfect and I like to mention some things that may not be my favorite so I can keep the review honest and complete. I donโ€™t have any deal breaking issues, but Iโ€™ll mention that suede shoes are hard to care for. I knew that when buying them, but I was reminded of it when much to my dismay, my Great Dane got slobber on them. Again this just comes with the territory of owning suede shoes and not a reflection of Sarah Flint. I also know their price is high, but I also completely understand and support it. If you think about it, the price is actually on the low side if you compare what you would pay for a major designer brand of the same or even lesser quality. Donโ€™t forget, I have a discount code where you can get 15% off. Just use coupon code SARAHFLINT-CCLAUREN3 at checkout.

I had to rack my brain for those two things, so overall I really like the shoes and recommend them.


  • wear thick socks and don your heels around your house doing chores

  • if you still need help breaking them in, take your heels to a cobbler who can stretch the toe box

  • if your shoes are suede treat them with a suede treatment like leather spa water stain protector before wearing and brush them after each use

  • have a cobbler replace the heel counter every 3-6 months depending on wear

If you arenโ€™t into heels, but still would love to try the brand, Sarah Flint makes sandals, flats, and boots alongside their pumps. If you need a bit more spice, youโ€™d probably like the Mihaela 120 or anything in leopard print. Brides, be sure to check out their wedding shoe shop too!

Personally, I would love to try the Sarah Flint Perfect Round Toe Pump 70, Perfect Bock Sandal 60 with the strap and anything in their gunmetal lame next. Their Natalie flats are supposed to be amazing and I wish I had somewhere fun to wear their Perfect 85 Sandal in fuchsia. The preview I saw of the seasonal styles to launch in the coming months are amazing, so those are definitely on my wishlist too.

are sarah flint shoes worth the price, perfect 100 navy suede pumps heels stilettos, hutch design floral dress gown, lments of style, la blogger, pizza, stoop

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helped you. Let me know if you have any questions that I didnโ€™t cover or if I can help in any way. You can use discount code SARAHFLINT-CCLAUREN3 for 15% off your Sarah Flint purchase. Happy shopping!


Want to see more / in person? Check out my YouTube Sarah Flint Shoe Review!

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