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Agolde 90's Mid Rise Loose Fit Jeans Review

Agolde 90's Mid Rise Loose Fit Jeans Review

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My favorite shorts and jeans the last several years have been Agolde. Their soft, cotton pants are somehow timeless, of the moment, and extremely nostalgic. Earlier this year I added their 90’s Mid Rise Loose Fit Jeans to my wardrobe in both Black (Photogram is the exact color name) and Blue (Snapshot is the exact color name) and needless to say am obsessed. Finding your fit in Agolde can be tough, which is why I have a post dedicated to How Agolde Jeans Fit. The 90’s jeans are newer so they aren’t included in my post, plus I thought that they deserved a post of their own.

I actually shot these back in February on our road trip to Yosemite, so I’ve had and worn these jeans for almost 6 months! Keep reading to see my thoughts on how they fit and more.

Agolde 90’s Mid Rise Loose Fit Jeans in Photogram Black | Buru Open Car Coat in Quilted Fawn | Buru Beaded Hearts Headband | Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater Shirt | Veja Sneakers | American Eagle Sunglasses


This is the hardest part of buying Agoldes!! However once you know what size you are, generally speaking you are good to go moving forward.

I wear a size 26 in shorts and size 27 in jeans. Most descriptions for these 90’s jeans say to size down because they run large. I do think they run a bit large, but I’ve tried on both the 26 and 27 in these and actually prefer the 27. So I wear my normal size! I believe that the looseness / nature of them adds to the vibe. I actually asked my husband which he preferred on me and he liked the 27 better too! That being said, if you want them to fit tighter, do size down. Otherwise, keep them as is. I just wouldn’t size down if you buy a black pair! I’ve never actually heard anyone else say this, but in my experience the black jeans and shorts fit smaller than the blue jeans and shorts. I have no issue with this because the black jeans are a little bit dressier, so it works. I like a size 27 in both the black and blue pants.

I don’t typically wash my jeans /short after every single wear, but I do like to wash the blue version of these jeans a little more than normal so they aren’t too loose. I hang my other Agoldes to dry, but these I actually throw in the dryer. The waistband does stretch out more than other jeans and shorts from Agolde.

Because I’m typically asked…

Pre-pregnancy my waist was around 28”. Postpartum is is more around 31” I think. My hips have stayed the same for the most part - around 40” ish inches; however, a lot of my jeans fit differently. These do not. I’m still able to fit into my Agolde jeans as well as any jeans with a good amount of stretch. Those with a smaller amount of stretch + zippers, especially in lower waistlines do not fit me anymore.

Pro Tip: When you are trying to figure out your size, wear the denim around your house and see how they wear. Agolde Jeans tend to stretch as the day goes on, but tighten back up with each wash.


I tried on and compared these 90’s mid rise loose fit jeans to the 90’s pinch waist versions of the Agolde loose jeans and I prefer the regular 90’s mid rise look featured in this post. It was something about the length / fit of the leg for me, though the jeans do appear very similar. I liked the more tapered waist of the pinch waist and didn’t mind the slimmer leg, but it is +/- 1/2 inch longer than the loose waist version which causes them to look more full. The mid rise I’m wearing here cuts more at or before the ankle, which is my preferred look. For reference I have a longer waist and shorter legs, so that might have something to do with my choice as well.


Agolde offers lots of different silhouettes and colors of the 90’s jeans silhouette. They offer a black wash, a distressed black wash, a light blue wash, and a medium blue wash. I purchased them without holes or rips, but they offer slight distressing, as well as large knee slits and shreds in all washes.


These range from $178 to $228, with a average price of $198 not including markdowns.

I discuss what I think of their price and as well as if the cost is worth it here.


I’ve said it before, but Agolde 100% cotton jeans are the most comfortable I’ve found. Their fabrics are so soft and wearable. These jeans run a little loose which make them even more comfortable.


Because these are baggy, I like wearing them with a more form fitting top. If I do pair an oversized top with it, I make sure that I wear a tighter top under it. For example, I love wearing this top with the jeans, but I wear it open with a tube top so my figure doesn’t get lost in the mix.

As far as shoes go I do wear sneakers with them, but I also like pairing daintier heels or sandals with them as it creates a nice dichotomy.

Overall I think these jeans are great - the quality and style echo that of the Agolde jeans before them. I think they are totally worth the buy and the best 100% cotton 90’s style jeans I’ve tried.

If you want to see the blue denim version on me, I am wearing them in this recent post. I’m honestly surprised I don’t have any instagram posts with them on, because I wear them all the time.

Oh and I know it is summer, but if you are in the market for shorts, I love the longer length Parker Long Short!

P.S. The only Agolde Jeans I’ve ever not liked are their criss cross jeans. I like them on other people but think they don’t look very good with my bodytype.


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