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5 Ways to Wear Holey Jeans in the Winter

5 Ways to Wear Holey Jeans in the Winter

One Teaspoon Freebird Jeans** | Nike Capris | Denim and Supply Top | Matisse Nugent Booties** (if s/o, also available here) | Kendra Scott Skylar Earrings | Kate Spade Bangles | Blowout  Alexan Arts (c/o)

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If you've been a follower for a while, you're probably thinking that I'm trying to be something that I'm not...edgy. Hah! This outfit was so fun to style and I received several compliments from it! Some people say "do one thing everyday that scares you", well  I like that quote but I prefer to use it to push my fashion side beyond its normal limits. 

Distressed/holey jeans are not a new trend. When I was in high school, I remember girls being sent home, because their denim was too distressed and deemed inappropriate for school. (Go, Garland ISD, haha).

I have been wanting to invest in a good pair of distressed denim, so when I stumbled upon these One Teaspoon jeans, I knew I had to have them! I just had one question before I purchased them...how the heck would I wear them in the winter? I could only imagine my poor bare legs shivering in the Texas snow, er, I mean ice. I did some thinking and came up with a list of my top 5 ways to wear holey jeans, without freezing your booty off. Enjoy!

1) With Leggings. This is how I styled them in this post, and my number 1 suggestion to keeping warm with holey jeans! I will say that you should make sure that they are more thin than they are thick. This keeps them from making your jeans too tight.

2) With Tall Boots. Whether they are your run-of-the-mill riding boots, or your ever popular Over-The-Knee Boots, they are going to keep your feet/calves warm and that's half the battle. If you want to keep your skin showing, but be slightly practical at the same time, this is your way to go.

3) With Tights. Similar to leggings...not as warm, but slightly more edgy! A really fun look would be a sparkle or lace tight, giving you an extra dose of femininity.

4) With Tall Socks. Kind of the same affect as the boots, but you are free to wear fun booties or wedges!  Pair a sock that blends in with the color of your jeans to remain inconspicuous or sport a plaid or leopard print to have some fun.

5) With a Trench Coat. Probably the sexiest of all the options, in my opinion! Can you imagine a trench coat like this one, swishing down the street of your city? Your thighs are pretty much covered, leaving you free to pair whatever shoe you want, just make it a classy choice ;)

Do you wear holey jeans in the colder months? How do you do it?

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