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5 Ways to Keep  Your Hair Out of Your Face Besides a Headband or Hair Tie

5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face Besides a Headband or Hair Tie

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I donโ€™t know about you, but during this pandemic, my hair has been mostly in some sort of ponytail or piled in a bun atop my head. Heck I didnโ€™t get a haircut for almost a year, so can you blame me? While top knots may sometimes be fashionable, it isnโ€™t good for hair health and honestly gets boring. I want to wake up and โ€œdo my hairโ€, but most days, this feels like a waste of time. Sure I can wear it down and straight, how my hair naturally is, but then Iโ€™m annoyed with it being in my face all the time. Once I realized this work-from-home thing wasnโ€™t going away anytime soon, I began to brainstorm chic ways to keep my hair out of my face. Yes there are headbandsโ€ฆ They are actually having a moment right now / their biggest surge since Gossip Girl brought the trend back to life in the late 2000โ€™s. My issue with headbands is that they often give me headaches. Iโ€™ve been a long time sufferer of both migraines and headaches, so I donโ€™t need any added pressure in that arena. My go-to has typically been a little braid, but I typically reserve that for dirty hair, as those strands will inevitably become wavy, while the rest of my hair remains straight. Whatโ€™s a girl to do?

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Here are 5 of ways to keep your hair out of your face

  • Clip. My family called this a โ€œchip clipโ€ growing up, but I know others called it a โ€œbutterfly clipโ€ or โ€œbananaโ€clip. The XL ones are actually on trend right now, but I prefer the smaller ones. Iโ€™ve actually continued to use them even though they havenโ€™t been as trendy. I love how functional they are and donโ€™t leave a mark or crease in my hair. Sometimes I put all my hair up, sometimes half up, sometimes just the front hairs on top of my head. This clip is so versatile and one of my go-to options.

  • Bandana. Think of this like an alternative to a headband. I LOVE doing this. It gives you the look and functionality of a headband, but doesnโ€™t give you headache. My personal favorites are Madewell bandana scarves, but any will work. Just roll them into a skinny line and tie with a square knot. Tuck the ends or leave the bunny ears out. For a larger / more dramatic look, I love this silk-like scarves from Amazon. I have it in color 1 (pink / purple) and color 8 green / brown).

  • Silk Hair Tie. If Iโ€™m going to use a pony tailer and I just washed my hair, it is going to be silk. Silk doesnโ€™t leave a crease and is also better at preventing breakage. My favorite is this Lunya scrunchie, but it has been sold out everywhere for months. Another good option is the Slip brand.

  • French Pin. Also known as a U pin, Iโ€™ve seen these before, but recently saw them on Tiktok and decided to try it myself. I was surprised at how easy it was to use! Not going to lie, I watched this YouTube video to learn how to do it, but basically you want to end up with the curved side against your head. Start out with the curved side facing out, then flip it across and not only will the curved side face your scalp now, but it will also tighten and hold your hair in place. I opted for a smaller size since my hair is shorter. I have thicker hair and it worked fine! Mine are 4โ€ and work well since my hair is shorter, even though it is on the thick side. Hereโ€™s one that goes up to 5.5โ€ though you could probably make it work with 2 4โ€ ones. You do whatโ€™s best for your hair! These are great because they donโ€™t cause creases and prevent breakage. My hair does end up holding the twist shape, but that is mainly because my hair is straight. Not a deal breaker though!

  • Spiral Bobby Pins. I heard of these because one of you recommended them to me. I was very skeptical of the spiral bobby pins, so I was shocked when they actually worked! Iโ€™m actually wearing the spirals in my hair in this post, no pony tailer at all, I promise! They work so well, just be sure not to get them intertwined while in your hair!


These arenโ€™t life changing, but they are things I use on the regular.

  • Bobby Pins. Always useful to pin a piece of hair out of my face! Where do they all go though? Iโ€™m always losing them ;) Here are some regular sized ones I like and larger ones I like to hold more hair.

  • Small Braid. When my hair is dirty and/or when I have along day ahead and I want to make sure my hair is out of my face, I like to do a small braid to keep my dominant side part away from my eyes / forehead.

  • Headband. I typically steer clear of headbands since I am prone to headaches, but Iโ€™ve been wearing this one a lot and it hasnโ€™t given me any trouble. Hereโ€™s a velvet version that is also really cute. I LOVE these Buru beaded headbands too. They are so pretty, look expensive, and donโ€™t hurt my head.


Do you have any favorite ways to keep your hair out of your face? Do tell! Always look for new and easy-chic ways!! I love using these 5 ways to not only keep hair out of my face, but to also conserve my clean hair until my next wash day.

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