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5 Tips to Rocking the Fashion Sneaker Trend

5 Tips to Rocking the Fashion Sneaker Trend

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The last time I remember being into tennis shoes was in the 7th grade. It was when the Adidas Originals were trendy and I had tricked mine out with some Strawberry Shortcake laces. What can I say...I was super cool;)

Anyway, the fashion sneaker trend has been around for a long time, but  I don't think it has been as broad of a trend (in reference to how many people are taking part) in a long time. I have been on the fence about this fashion statement, because I honestly didn't know if I was cool enough to take part, but I'm glad I did! I've been doing a lot of traveling that involves a significant amount of walking  and I don't think I would have made it even with my best pair of flats. I definitely needed a good pair of tennies!

The first pair I purchased were these (as you saw on this post) and I LOVE them. They go with virtually everything and I always get compliments on them. I thought that they were as far as I'd go with the trend, but I won a halloween contest at work (with this costume) and got to choose any pair of Nikes I wanted! I took that as a chance to dig deeper into the trend. These make me feel pretty fly  for a white guy, if I do say so myself;) When I wore them last week at the airport, I literally got stopped 5-6 times asking me where I got them! 

Before I got either pair, I went through several steps to decide what to get. Are you thinking about getting some or maybe just a new pair?  Here's 5 fool proof steps to getting you walking on the wild side:

1) Define your neutral. For me, I stick to normal neutral hues like blacks, greys, blushes, and burgundies. Find out what yours is and shop in those hues. Chances are that you won't be buying these at Payless, so you'll want them to be as versatile as possible.

2) Mind your budget. Pretty much self explanatory. Don't outspend yourself.

3) Pick your brand.  This is important to do after you pick your budget. Not all brands' prices are created equal, but they will often times offer different price levels. I am a Nike girl through and through, so I really didn't have a hard time choosing, but there are a lot of good kinds for you to consider.

4) Push your comfort zone. I have to admit that these did push my comfort zone. With all the detailing and fabric textures, I didn't know if they were too much; however, I did know that I liked them, so I just went with my gut and it paid off!

5) Wear Confidence. If you like them, chances are you feel good wearing them, which exudes confidence...and that money can't buy;)

Thinking of buying some for yourself or as a Christmas gift? Here are some of my faves that I've seen. Just click on the image, and it will take you to the retailer!


So, how do you feel about the trend? Do you rock them? What's your favorite pair?

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