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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Crib Mattress

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Crib Mattress

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Having transitioned to more of a natural lifestyle almost 5 years ago, I’m pretty picky about what we allow in our home. Choices that don’t include fragrance and are more on the nontoxic end of the spectrum are a priority for me. It makes complete sense that these type of factors went into what baby products we are deciding to use. I heavily researched and painstakingly picked each and every item on our baby registry as to comply with our more “green” desires, as well as our aesthetic. I’ll share a registry overview post soon, but before I do that I wanted to do a deep dive into the crib mattress we chose and why. I’ve received several messages asking which mattress we went with, so I thought that it would be beneficial to share what to consider when buying a crib mattress. Your baby will likely spend a lot of time here, so it makes sense that this question is top of mind! Additionally I LOVE sharing brands with you, which is why I’m really excited to introduce you to Colgate Mattress.

Keep reading for what makes Colgate Kids different and 4 things to think about before buying a bed for your babies. PLUS use discount code LAUREN10 for 10% off your Colgate Mattress purchase when you buy one crib mattress or use code LAUREN20 for 20% off when you buy two crib mattresses and have a cart value of $250 or more. (Easy to do, especially if you are buying mattress covers!) Had to keep my parents of multiples in mind, as things are sure adding up for our twins! $$$

Colgate Eco Classica III Mattress (c/o, use code LAUREN10 for 10% off an order with 1 mattress or LAUREN20 for 20% off an order with 2 or more mattresses / spend at least $250) | Pehr Poppy Organic Crib Sheet in Celadon


You know I love a good story and Colgate Mattress has a great one! Before I get into that, I can’t introduce Colgate without mentioning my friends at Twiniversity. They are the ones who introduced me to Colgate and I am so glad they did. To be honest, before speaking with them, I had already done my own research and narrowed it down to two mattress options. Colgate wasn’t even on my radar and I hadn’t heard of them whatsoever. I was really surprised, because I fell in love with them after learning about them and was confused why I hadn’t seen anything about them. They are so good! Anyway, here’s a little bit about their brand:

Founded in 1955, last year (2020) Colgate Mattress celebrated its 65th anniversary! Still family owned and operated, Colgate is on its 3rd generation and are very proud to have kept it in the family. Not only are they based in the United States, specifically in Atlanta, Georgia, but all of their mattresses and product are made in the U.S.A. too. They have raised their family sleeping on good, quality Colgate mattresses and are happy to be able to offer the same to families across the world. Read more about the adorable founders Sol and Anne Wolkin here and how they started the company with a $1500 loan. Truly the American Dream!


  • Family owned and operated

  • Made in the United States

  • Quality first

  • Certified with the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (see a full list of their awards here)

  • Lifetime product guaranty (yes really, as long as you are the original owner)

  • Flame and fire retardant free (to learn why this is important consider watching HBO Documentary Toxic Hot Seat and/or researching for yourself)

  • All products are hypoallergenic, odorless and GREENGUARD® Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified safe

  • Energy efficient via Georgia Power Audit

  • Gives back to local community via Trees Atlanta and Atlanta Beltline

  • Waste conscious (uses natural and recycled materials and industry leaders for sourcing new ways and fabrics like NaturesNest™)

  • Dual sided mattresses so they last through the toddler stage

  • Promotes safe sleep via Dream Safe

  • Open about products (acknowledges that “natural” verbiage is not regulated and also provides a glossary for terms)


I received two of the Eco Classica III.

This is actually one of their most popular mattresses! They offer two different lines - their Eco line and their Classica line. The Eco line consists of mattresses that are natural, green, organic, eco-friendly, whatever you want to call it / all of the above. The Classica collection is not organic, but does offer different buying options such as foam, innerspring, and a hybrid of the two. The Eco line only comes in foam, which is what we preferred. There are different pros and cons of foam vs springs. If you’re confused, try researching the two. If you’re still confused, discuss this with your pediatrician and see what they think! Regardless of which collection or style you end up buying from, all of Colgate’s mattresses are hypoallergenic, odorless and GREENGUARD® Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified safe for no harmful emissions.

As far as dimensions go, their mattresses are the standard crib size. You can read more about size and regulation here. We went with Milk Street Baby for cribs (use code LAUREN10 for 10% off when you purchase from their site) and have varying crib sheets. Both fit the Colgate Mattresses perfectly! Regarding crib sheets, I bought two of this brand, this three-pack that is currently on sale, and one more solid one to have three total crib sheets per bed, making washing and accidents easier.


Before becoming pregnant, I had no idea what all to consider when purchasing a crib mattress. I had a general idea of my preference on nontoxic spectrum items, but there’s so much more than that! It may seem silly, but the mattress you choose is extremely important, as your baby will likely spend the hey are on this the bulk of its time (70% !!) here. Not only do they sleep on the mattress, but they also develop there - think strengthening muscles by pushing up and eventually standing. When choosing, the mattress was easy for me to justify as more of a “splurge” area, due to the sheer amount a baby uses it. Luckily, I found that Colgate was among the range I was already considering spending. I looked at one that was $500+ and was like nope. Out of budget! The other two brands I had narrowed it down to before finding Colgate were actually around the same / a little more expensive. To make it a little easier on your pocketbook, use discount code LAUREN10 for 10% off one Colgate Mattress or LAUREN20 for 20% off two+ Colgate Mattresses / an order of at least $250. Regarding price, it also helps that the mattress we went with was double sided, meaning you can use it longer. One side is more firm and meant for infant use and the other side is softer, which is intended for toddler use. This means our mattresses will last for more than just the infant stage! All about spending less over time and getting more bang for our buck. If you’re still not sold on Colgate or perhaps want to just research it for yourself, here are 4 things to consider when purchasing a crib mattress:

  1. Find firmness. Infant beds should be firm (as per the American Academy of Pediatrics / AAP) as they are a source for developmental growth. Colgate mentions “Is it easier for an adult to walk on a wooden floor or a waterbed? That is the same concept when an infant begins to stand in the crib.” This clicked for me, as babies eventually roll over, push up, and stand in their crib. Before knowing this I was asking “why”, as I thought more of comfy, adult sleep, versus growing and learning. The mattress we went with has the firm infant side, but also a softer toddler side, so it has exactly what they need until we transition to an adult sized bed. While it might be more expensive up front than other mattress choices, it can be used for longer, lessening purchases in the future. Two birds, one stone! I’ll speak on it in another section, but you’re getting great quality for the price too.

  2. Look at the label. What’s inside matters! All mattresses are not created equal. For me it was really important to source baby products that used as many natural fibers and parts as possible. I didn’t want any flame retardants, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. This doesn’t just go for mattresses, but for items like car seats and clothes as well! My background is in the apparel industry and I am fully aware of things like the “children’s pajama” law and things like that. I didn’t want any of these harsh chemicals near my babies if I could manage it. I am happy to say that Colgate’s mattresses are flame retardant free, in addition to being hypoallergenic, odorless and GREENGUARD® Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified safe. The Eco Collection (what we went with) uses 100% natural / non-synthetic parts. Definitely do not judge a mattress by its sometimes cute cover ;) and truly look at the fiber contents. Quality comes first!!

  3. Search for size. It may seem like it is obvious, but a crib mattress should fit snuggly in a crib / no extra spaces. If it doesn’t, it could lead to suffocation and/or entrapment. For that matter, everything should be snug in a crib and there shouldn’t be any extras while a baby is in there sleeping. It should pretty much just be the mattress, mattress cover, fitted sheet, and your baby. No blankets, toys, etc as this helps decrease the risk of SIDS.

  4. Buy breathable.* Along with words buzzwords like “ natural” and “organic”, “breathable” is another term that is thrown around in the infant mattress realm. It’s important to prevent suffocation and SIDS. Some mattress companies say that they are breathable, when in reality it is only the mattress cover that is breathable. Colgate uses open cell foam and PE foam engineered with air channels to enhance circulation. If you prefer the spring route, their innerspring mattresses have a natural degree of breathability due to the spaces between coils.

Side note - if you choose not to buy a new mattress, I totally get it. Cutting expenses where you can is ideal - trust me, I know this with everything we’ve had to get times TWO. If you borrow or receive a hand-me-down, make sure that it is from someone you trust and that they kept it clean, hopefully in a mattress bag, in a dry environment. Just say no thanks to a mattress that has been MIA in some garage or attic. It’s not worth the risk for mold and other critters.

For more information, I really like these articles on Health and Safety of Crib Mattresses, Safe Sleep Practices, and Choosing the best Crib Mattress for You. AAP is also a great resource.

Nothing Fits But Kiko Dress in Ichika Print (similar more budget friendly options - this one from Lulu’s, this one from Nasty Gal, this one from Amazon) | Milk Street Baby Convertible Crib (c/o use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off your Milk Street Purchase) | Cuddle + Kind Hannah the Bunny and Elliott the Fawn


Don’t sleep (pun intended) on Colgate’s other products, as they produce more than mattresses. In addition to their beds, we have their Eco Cover-Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Mattress Covers. They protect the mattress and are waterproof, so no other sheet savers needed. We got four - one for each mattress and a back up for each when the other is in the wash. We also have the Eco Pad 2-Sided Contour Changing Pad, which also has a coordinating changing pad cover. You can add these to your cart when you buy your mattress and get the discount off of these items too when you use my code!

*Since I posted this, Colgate has come out with their CuddleSnooze line, which is their only line that is marked as breathable. To learn more about what Colgate deems breathable and how the CuddleSnooze compares to the Eco Classica III, click here.

Very much aware of having nothing in the crib besides a fitted sheet and a baby! Just thought this was cute with the stuffed animals and there clearly isn’t a baby present ;)

Colgate Eco Classica III Mattress (c/o, use code LAUREN10 for 10% off an order with 1 mattress or LAUREN20 for 20% off an order with 2 or more mattresses / spend at least $250) | Cuddle + Kind Hannah the Bunny and Elliott the Fawn | Pehr Poppy Organic Crib Sheet in Celadon | Milk Street Baby Convertible Crib (c/o use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off your Milk Street Purchase)

I hope you found this helpful! Upon my own researching over the past several months, I’ve found that there aren’t a ton of resources that aligned with more natural choices and even less for more nontoxic items with twins! Though I of course welcome and thank you if you are a parent of a singleton. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns that I didn’t cover. Happy to help! Expect a full review of the mattresses, once my twinnies have slept on them. Sweet dreams, until then! XOXO

P.S. Don’t forget you can save money by using discount code LAUREN10 for 10% an order with 1 mattress or 20% off with discount code LAUREN20 for an order with at least 2 mattresses / an order minimum of $250+!

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